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I picked up the phone with shaking hands, blank for a second, deciding who to call. Alice? No. She'd kill me. Rose? Ditto

That left two options. Who were most likely in close proximity to each other due to the fact that one had borrowed a Brazilian porn movie last night.

I held my breath as the phone rang. "Yo what's up Bellaboo?" Emmett's powerful voice rang out like low clear bells.

"Emmett... Horrible… Need…" I stammered, gasping for air. "I… where are you? I need…"

"Holy shit Bella what's wrong? What happened?"

"HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!" I wailed into the phone, sobbing hysterically.

"Who? James?"

"Nooo not him his…"

"You know what? Come over to my place, Jazz's here. We'll take care of you."

"Thank… you" I gulped.

Ten minutes later I was sniffling on Emmett's and Jasper's laps, crying and recounting the whole thing…

"And and and her had his arm around her and then he kissed her, not a friendly kinda thing either, the kind that just screams sex and it was so HORRBILE!!" I sobbed into Jasper's shoulder, with Emmett rubbing comforting circles on my back. They really put everything on hold for me- I could see the open cover of "Erotic Desires" on top of the TV.

"So let's hold up a second here. Ali and Rose told us you like James," Jasper was doing his rational thing, "But you really like Edward?"

"Yahuh" I hiccupped, the burst into fresh tears. "But he has a girlfriend!"

"Bella, honestly, haven't you even heard of the reputation he has? The guy screws a girl, sometimes two, for a week, then dumps them and moves on." Emmett explained in that blunt way of his. Jasper was holding me now, rocking me like a baby. They were both big enough that I could fit into either of their laps with ease.

"I know that, but…"

"Come on Bells," Jasper soothed, "even if he didn't have a girlfriend at the moment, do you really think we'd let him near you? You're far too good for him darlin'."

For the moment I was content with being treated like a child, but… "What if I don't care? What if I still want him?"

"Then Bells," Emmett conceded, "we'll help. If you think he can make you happy, go for it. But be warned: If he makes you cry, we make him cry."

"Ok Bella?" Jasper carried me over to the kitchen table, and set me down as he made something to eat. "We'll call Alice and Rosalie, and tell them you saw James and not Edward, right? Tell them the exact same thing you just told us, but replace Edward with James."

"That'd make sense, but what if they asked why you didn't call them first?" Emmett questioned, while thoughtfully chewing a bread roll.

"I'll say the phone wasn't connecting, it said they were both unavailable."

"Ok, so keep it a secret then?"

"No shit Emmett."


Chapter 3

Thank God they never told the girls.

Half an hour later, we were at the arcade, and I was jumping around on a dance mat in time to music. I was a lot more relaxed, and I was getting along well with both Edward and James. I'd beaten James in pool, and was currently having a dance off with Edward, which was frequently being punctuated by one of us trying to push the other off the mat. I could feel electricity sparking beneath us, and I wondered if he could feel it too.

I thought I saw a waver in his calm cool demeanor a few seconds before; he reacted strangely when I accidentally brushed my hand against his. I saw his expression change from fun and flirty but untouchable, to something more… I don't know. Serious? No. More like frightened? Cautious? A mix of those. Something that meant that that little action got through to him on a level he chose to keep away from the surface. As if I'd seeped through his armour. Hmm. Interesting. Is it possible that I had reached Edward Cullen on a level that no-one else could? Doubt it, I'm nothing special. I wonder what he thinks of all this…


My God she was hot! That tight little ass was something I'd love to sink my teeth into; I wonder if she has a biting fetish, like I do. My mind was wandering into fantasies when we were introduced. Bella. Her name is Bella. She was introduced to us and well, I couldn't help but turn on the gentlemanly charms that are still deep rooted, no matter how many girls I fuck. I kissed her hand and looked straight into her eyes. I expected a muddy brown, but I saw liquid chocolate, a light brown that captivated me instantly.

As Jasper explained to her the arrangements, I felt a little jealousy rising. I'd have to share her with James. I didn't like sharing. I'd claim her as soon as I could- she will be mine. Remembering what Emmett said about calling her Bellaboo, and I figured if he didn't react kindly to pet names, he wouldn't react kindly to anything physical. Whatever, I dismissed it; there were many opportunities in which to get her alone. James and I linked a single arm through one of hers each, and walked towards the arcade I'd have her for myself before the night was over.


Most of the time at the arcade went without a problem, she kicked James' ass at pool, and I would've watched her skills, but I was too transfixed on the way she bent over the table to play. God that's ass was just so… Stop it Edward! I mentally chided myself, just don't think about her ass, or the way those perky tits moved when she pressed her upper body against the table. I bet they were as creamy as the rest of her skin. Good enough to eat. I bet they'd overflow in my hands, as soft as… SHIT, STOP IT! I mentally screamed, as I discretely adjusted myself. You can't let anyone know you want her. It'd ruin your reputation. Ah yes, I sighed, the reputation that I'd been building up for years. He was a legend among the boys, and a God among the girls. He'd bedded almost every gorgeous girl in his year, the year below him, and the year above him. He would not ruin that by taking an… interest in this plain but appealing girl.

I shook the feelings off, and challenged her to a dance off. As it progressed, I don't know, it just got so much tenser between us. I could practically feel the air crackling, but I couldn't tell if she could or not. We were trying to push each other off, I was trying to ease the tension- maybe if I saw her as clumsy, she wouldn't be so appealing, but then she accidentally brushed my hand with hers. I practically jumped, I felt like I'd been shocked, and my calm façade melted for a minute- I was horrified that she had such an effect on me.

In my moment of weakness, she pushed me and I fell onto the floor. She won by twenty points, because I never got back up. I was quite content with watching her perfect breasts bob up and down as she jumped.

Both James and I ended up trying to win as many tickets for her as possible- she wanted to buy something but she wouldn't tell us what. Ha, it was probably something girly and pink and fluffy. Once the sufficient amounts of tickets were won, James went off to get first dibs on beer with Emmett and Jasper. I was left with Bella, and I was in a state of shock when the assistant handed over a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. I saw lust in his eyes when he wished her a goodnight, and warned him off with my best predatory stare and a low growl. He backed away, and Bella walked ahead of me, completely oblivious to the entire exchange. It's funny really; the only thing she really needs protection from is me.

We went out towards the parking lot, where I swiftly moved to her side, but was shooed away by Rosalie and Alice. All 3 of them were now arguing in hushed tones. Why would they be arguing?

"We brought you here for James! Not that, that… abomination!" Is all I heard from the conversation. That specific remark was from Rosalie. Hm. So Bella was really after James? Damn, she's off limits. Or not… He's completely oblivious to her, and I'll just have to work a bit more charm to get her to fall for me instead. I shook my head in disgust, I was a terrible friend.

And I was an abomination? I'll prove them wrong on that account then. I can be charming to the point of seduction when I wanted someone bad enough. And her I wanted.



"And why the hell are you with Edward? We brought you for James! Not that, that… abomination!" Rosalie screeched.

I contemplated telling her the truth, but imagined a reaction of screaming, yelling, blood, and possibly arm flapping. Maybe not then. So I did my best with what I had: "Well, I figured I could get James jealous!" It was all I could think of!

"Ladies! Do you mind if I steal this lovely siren for a bit?" I felt an arm slip around my waist. "I hope you don't mind." Edward breathed into my ear, and I felt liquid heat run straight through my body to settle on my core.

EEK! "Of course, it's not like anyone else is pining for my company" I replied as smoothly as possible, trying not to moan as his hand cupped my ass.

I knew I was going straight to hell for the thoughts that rushed through my mind.


By about 1am, everyone but Edward and I were totally smashed. Alice was curled into Jasper's arms, fast asleep, while Emmett, Rosalie and James were playing strip poker, minus the poker bit. I'd had a few Guava flavoured Vodka Cruisers- they were pink!- but it wasn't enough to leave me staggering. Edward was lying on his back, occasionally taking a swig of beer. I was sitting beside him, and somehow the conversation was flowing…

"So tell me," I ventured, rather aware of his eyes trailing down my body as I leaned back onto my elbows. "Exactly what's with your reputation? You're worshipped: every girl wants to ride you; every guy wants to be you. Doesn't it… well… affect you? That your basically a player, practically a man whore? That you've broken so many hearts it's impossible to count?"

"Well Bella, you've got to understand something here. I have sex with these girls- I don't make love. Sex is just about as impersonal as I can get. It's mechanical, it means no real tie. I don't kiss on the lips; I don't whisper sweet nothings, because I don't want to fall for anyone. I've seen what love or the equivalent does to a man, my father Carlisle would do anything for his wife Esme. It turns a man to mush, and I don't want to be so… vulnerable!"

He motioned for me to lay down with him; I think it was obvious I couldn't stay upright. I shifted so I was tucked inwards, lips close to the side of his head. "But Edward," I whispered into his ear, "How do you know how it feels. Men are strong enough to make their own decision, and don't you think it makes them happy? Don't you think they enjoy feeling like the whole world has lit up from that one person's smile?" I muzzled my way down the side of his jaw -the alcohol made me more confident- and moved down to the crook in his neck and planted a kiss there when I felt him shudder. His arm moved to encircle my waist, and my breath hitched when he spun me so that I was on top of him.

We were immobilized, chest to chest, hip to hip, my lips inches from his. I used my tongue to slowly trace the outline of his lower lip, and felt his warm breath on my lips.

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