Hey guys! Okay, so this is the sequel to "Something More." The title is lame, I know, but I couldn't think of a better one. Anyone, hope you like it!

Pairings: Mangaquest (obviously!), frantic, possible Special (likely), and possible oldrival (not sure).

Rating: T (for safety...and Sapphire's potty mouth).

Disclaimer: Pokemon is not mine.

"Hey Crys, hand me the remote."

"What's the magic word?"


I sighed, picked up said remote, and gave it to Gold.

"Thanks," he said, switching on the TV. I went back to writing my report.

It's been three years since Gold and I started going out. I was now working as one of Professor Oak's assistants, while Gold helped out too, mainly with the egg hatchings. At the moment, we were at my house. Gold had come over unexpectedly (as usual) and I was finishing a report for the Professor.

After watching the TV for about a minute, Gold turned it off.

"Crys I'm bored…"

"Then go find something to do," I replied shortly. The report was due the day after tomorrow and I had barely started it, because somebody kept interrupting me whenever I attempted to work.

"But I'm bored…" he moaned.

I sighed, turning a page of the heavy book on flying Pokemon I'd been looking at. "Why don't you go play with Ruby?"

"He's out on a date with Sapph."


"Went to see Blue on Sevii."


"On a date with Yellow."

I closed my eyes, slightly from frustration, and slightly from guilt. After all, it was a Saturday night, and most couples tended to be out on Saturday nights.

"Sorry Gold, but I REALLY have to finish this report."

He looked at me from his spot on the armchair to where I was sitting on the couch. "Nah, it's fine."

I continued writing before Gold broke the silence again. "Wanna go out later?"





"Anywhere's fine."

"Italian food?"

I wrinkled my nose. Italian food made me think of (I shuddered) Eusine. Still, if I agreed, Gold would hopefully stop asking me questions. "Fine."


Now Gold was getting on my nerves. "Why not?"

"Horror film or action?"

"Action." I did not like horror films, so it was a pointless question.

"Can we take my bike?"

"Sure." I knew if I just kept answering, Gold would eventually stop bugging me.





"Marry me?"


I looked up from my paper. Gold was sitting in the armchair playing with something that shone in his hands. I stared at the object, to Gold, and back. He glanced at me and smiled sheepishly.

"Marry me?"

Before I could respond, I heard the door open.


Cliffhanger! Yes, it is short...but it's the first ch. and I'm overworked with midterms coming up, but the next ch. will be longer (I think...). So what did you guys think of it? Interesting? Boring? Pleave review and give me some feedback! Thanks!

P.S. "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" will be updated by tomorrow...or the next day...hopefully.