I have to admit it took me long to figure out a title, but then I ventured into the latin and came across so many expressions that would have made sense, but since this fic is somehow, even if it is not really recognizible in the Prequels, about Jeff gaining back HHH trust, the title offered itself, it can be roughly explained by "one mistake fataly leads to the next one" or at least to me it means that lol, and I really wanted to start posting, so bare with me and the title lol :D, thanx

I checked, there's already fics with that title but not in this section, so basically who cares lol

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, the guys belong to themselves, I don't make money with my insanity, oh yes, and I didn't find any of them under my christmas tree *pouts* so I can't claim any ownership… The WWE belongs to McMahon and the spelling and grammar mistakes to me :-)

I do use their interviews with mostly the exact same words, so I guess those aren't mine either hehehe, not that I'd know what to do with them, you'll understand what parts are meant, they are clearly recognizable as interviews or such, there will be an additionnal note at the beginning of each chapter anyways

One last one for the road, this is FICTION created out of real events, nothing happened the way it is described here, or if it has we just politely are not giving a ssss, as far as I'm concerned none of them are gay and it ain't my business anyways *I may repeat myself, why would I care, I didn't get any under my christmas tree anyways, so nyan*, this just springs out of my sick imagination, I'm bored and it's cold outside, so I've got nothing better to do than to spend my time with writing fictional stories ;-)

Some random thoughts:

This is actually the 4th installment of "The Consequence Series" posted as 3rd since I don't get Randy/Jeff done rapidly lol, unfortunately it so quickly grew out of proportion for just a chapter and a consequence of one match that I decided to make it longer and post it as a fic standing on it's own, it will also give me the opportunity of continuing it as the events unfold ;-), and honestly, it would have been a shame not posting something that managed to grow to 50 pages in a matter of less than a week, I thank all my Reviewers, and especially those who asked for this to be posted and waited quite a long time for me to finish the Prequels (I revised the chapter and it grew and grew and grew lol), I hope you'll love it as much as I do :-), and even if not, I'm not a complicated *coughs* person, I'm tough enough to cope with Criticism, so please feel free to let your opinion come my way :-) *begs for Reviews lol*

Main players: HHH and Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker, Randy Orton, Batista, Kane, Matt Hardy, etc etc etc…

Twosomes, threesomes and foursomes ;-)

There will be a sweet Undertaker/Jeff Hardy at the beginning, so you are warned

Note: Just to remind you, in this fic wrestling is real *ouch*, everything is live, Hunter and Stephanie are divorced (sorry), and so on, you're all big kids and know the drill, the matches aren't scripted, everyone fights his butt off to win, etc etc etc

Chapters, by shows/events, as they will be posted:

Since I always tend to forget such things lol, I thought I post it here too, for those who just like me aren't remembering where the wrestlers were six months ago, it will also be in the chapter's headers, to make sure we all get it :-)

Prequel 01 (split cause it became too big, approx beginning of suspension until well, April or so)

Prequel 02 (the rest until september)

Smackdown (September 5th)

Unforgiven (September 7th)

Smackdown (September 12th)

Smackdown (September 19th)

Smackdown (September 26th)

No Mercy (October 5th)

Smackdown (October 10th)

Smackdown (October 17th)

Smackdown (October 24th)

Cyber Sunday (October 26th)

Smackdown (October 31st)

Smackdown (November 7th)

Smackdown (November 14th)

Smackdown (November 21st)

Survivor Series (November 23rd)

Smackdown (November 28th)

Smackdown (December 5th)

Smackdown (December 12th)

Armageddon (December 14th)

Smackdown (December 19th)

Christmas and Smackdown (December 26th)

… and ongoing of course lol :-)

A/N: I'm still working on the Consequence leading to a Jeff Hardy/Randy Orton (still only slowly getting there, but it comes along, I'm at 5 pages) and a Miz/Morrison (still no plan how to get that one done without doing something that has already been done *pouts and stomps off*