Ch 21

Okay I'm not sure what to say I've been in a bad place for a while now but I think I'm finally coming out of it.

Thank you to Lia Walker for your help.

I'm sorry I know I this is really short but I felt like I owed you something after all of this time.

I'm going to try to update all of my stories as quickly as possible.

Much to his disappointment Dean discovered that his tiny stomach could only hold a half of a hamburger. To add insult to injury after he finished eating Sam tried to wipe the ketchup off his mouth. Slapping away his brothers hands Dean wiped his mouth. After jumping down from his chair he followed his brother and Caleb up stairs.

"Maybe we should take of your regular clothes too," Sam said, as he packed his brothers bag.

"Yeah" Dean was sitting on the edge of his bed daggling his feet.

"Here don't want to forget these you cry and can't sleep without them," Sam said, grinning evilly holding up Dean's bunny and blanket.

"Shut up, bitch."

The youngest Winchester smiled and shook his head as he threw the bunny and blanket into the duffle anyways. He still couldn't believe that everything that had happened and now his brothers seventeen year old mind was trapped in his currently two year old body.

"Come on Runt, or I guess I should say runts." Caleb poked his head in from his room.

"Shut up," Dean said.

The psychic smirked before continuing. "Your old mans chomping at the bit you two ready?"

"Yeah grab Dean's bag will you."

"I get," Dean said, jumping off the bed.

"Knock yourself out," Reaves said, nodding towards the bag.

Grabbing hold of the strap of the duffle the toddler began to slowly drag the bag across the floor.

Dean started to wiggle in his car seat as John pulled off the side of the dirt road that ran behind national park.

"What's wrong Deuce, are you wet?"

'Not funny Damien.'

"That her!" One small finger pointed towards the tree line.

"Yeah I see her you boys stay in the car."


"That's an order private."

John was reaching for the door handle when Dean's childish voice stopped him.

"No daddy…" 'Damien tell dad she want hurt us she's going to change me back.'

'Tell Sam to unhook me quick!'

"Deuce what's wrong?"

'Now' Dean screamed as his back arched in pain.

"Unhook him Sammy, now hook him!"

Sam unhooked the straps on the car seat just as Dean's body and limps began to broaden and lengthen.

The impala was filled with Dean's screams he only fell silent when his body stopped growing and he fell unconscious.

He could feel people near him watching him sleep he could hear them breathing. Green eyes opened a slit trying to get a look at who was watching him.

"Come on Deuce, I know you're awake."

"Damien?" Dean's bright green eyes took in the three concerned faces looking down at him. The newly transformed teen was wrapped in a rough army blanket laying in the backseat of the car. Sam was cradling his head, John was sitting with his feet propped in his lap, and Caleb was turned around in the front seat.

"What happened?" His voice was rough from disuse.

"What do you remember?" John asked.

"I remember her." The boy was staring over his father's shoulder.

The other three occupants of the car turned to see the ghost girl had returned she had vanished after changing Dean back.

"Thank you" Dean tried to sit up but was overcome by a wave of dizziness strong hands guided him back down.

"You're welcome it was a show of good faith," Alyssa answered.

"Tell me what happening start at the beginning and don't leave anything out," the oldest Winchester ordered the ghost.

"It sounds like we need to toast your step-father and we'll make an anonymous call to the police. They can use helicopters to get people down into the ravine and remove the bodies," Caleb surmised.

"What about me how are you going to help me?" Alyssa asked.

"We'll sneak into the morgue or coroner's office and we'll steal your bones and burn them," Dean promised.

"My step-fathers names Michael Brunz. Do what you have to but please hurry."

The transformation had left Dean shaky and weak after Dean nearly passed out digging the grave Sam and Caleb had insisted that he sit on a nearby tombstone with the rock salt loaded shot gun.

"Nighty-night daddy dearest you sick bastard," Caleb said, as he dropped the match and lit up Michael Brunz's body.

John had called in the anonymous tip about the bodies to the police while the boys filled in the grave.

"Let's get some food into you I'm buying," Caleb offered.

"I'm not hungry."

Sam put his hand on his brothers' forehead in concern.

The other three hunters had insisted that Dean eat something. The seventeen year old managed to get one piece of pizza down before insisting that he would throw up if he ate anymore.

Sam was sitting on the bed were his brother was sleeping soundly watching him worriedly.

"Maybe we should take him to the local clinic."

"He's not running a fever he's fine, Sammy." John said distractedly as he sat watching the news. The discovery of the bones was all over the news and the oldest hunter was listening carefully for information about where the bones and bodies were being taken.

"Alright boys let's get some sack time we move out in three hours."