Well, I realised that while I'd done several Jigsaw Pieces on this pairing, that mostly fit into the little next gen world I've gradually created, I didn't have a whole story. So along comes this. It isn't exactly a story, I suppose, as it'll just show key moments in their relationship. I've wrote four chapters of this, so I figured I should post it and see if anyone was interested in reading before I put more time and effort in it.

So, the name is because I couldn't think of anything else. This chapter's sort of a prologue, as the next one will be set a year later. For anyone who doesn't know, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander are Luna's sons, and twins, though I don't know if the twin thing is cannon. I've only ever seen them written that way, though, and it works for me. Lydia, Ally and Mitch Longbottom are my own creations, and Neville's kids.

Fire and Ice

October 26th, 2021

The room wasn't very full. The Room of Requirement had been routinely morphing into a large, comfortable room for several years now, providing brightly colour sofas and beanbag chairs that the occupants sank into (and sometimes got stuck in) as well as a large, circular table surrounded by chairs, a couple of feet away from wide bookshelf, which always contained, conveniently, the very book needed. Other things were scattered around, too, from useless but interesting objects which were rarely used (and some of them, in truth, seemed to have no use, other than to sit there and look pretty) to objects that were often needed.

This room was Rose Weasley's bright idea; when she, Albus, and Ally Longbottom had started Hogwarts, they'd been sometimes permitted to hang around with James and Mitch, who were a year above them, and Fred and Louis, who were a year above them, and their friends. While none of them would ever have believed it, hanging around with their cousins, and a few trusted friends, was entertaining, and helped avoid the painstaking process of deciding if someone was talking to you because they thought you seemed nice or interesting or funny, or if they were talking to you because you happened to have Harry Potter as your uncle, father, or Godfather.

Sometime after Albus and Scorpius Malfoy had bonded over the fact that the people around them expected each to be like their respective fathers, and the fact that the sometimes shy Albus was being showered with attention, while Scorpius was being constantly bullied, Rose had the bright idea of using the Room of Requirement as a kind of den – because Scorpius wasn't allowed in the Gryffindor common room, because older students disliked all the noise they made in the common room anyway (being related to Harry Potter and the Weasleys only got you so far, and for only so long), because teachers were uneasy with them gathering in the corridors, and because the weather was often too cold for them to gather outside. And because Fred flatly refused to spend time in the library.

So the Room of Requirement became their own, private, perfect den, just before Christmas in Rose's first year. This meant that she, and her tag-alongs, were granted place in the group – the group which would later be somewhat admired and liked, but also hated due to its selectivity – unless you were a blood/marriage/honorary member of the Weasley family your chances of getting in were reletivly low – despite James and Mitch's dislike of spending time with their respective brother and sister.

Several years had passed since then, however, and Fred and Lou Weasley had left Hogwarts, while James and Mitch were beginning their last. The loss of two of their founding members, plus the few friends they'd brought into the group, had effected the amount of space taken up in the room. This had been further compounded by the lack of any new members in the last few years – the room's youngest occupants, Lydia, Lorcan and Lysander, were now beginning their third year.

James and Mitch were lounging in one corner of the room, sharing some joke or plot, leaning against or sunken into bean-bag chairs, accompanied by Wood, whose first name was never spoken (few people even remember what it actually was) and a muggle-born boy named Max, both of who were in James and Mitch's year, and had been accepted into the group early on.

Lily, Lydia, Hugo and the Scamander twins were occupying the sitting area in the opposite corner, deep in conversation. Despite the fact that Lydia and the Scamander twins were in the year below Lily and Hugo, and all three were Ravenclaws, their friendship had survived; unsurprisingly, probably, as it had existed since the birth of the younger ones.

Rose, Albus, Ally and Scorpius were sat at the opposite side to James and his group. Though sometimes others joined them, these were the regulars, the core members of the group.

It was raining outside, as displayed by the large window couple of feet away from Lily and the others' seating area, directly opposite the door. Accompanied by a wide, comfortable window seat, it was one of the room's best features, even if the heavy rain currently obscured the view.

Scorpius Malfoy, for one, wasn't looking out of the window anyway. He was watching Lily, who was talking, her eyes bright with laughter. He knew she was only fourteen, knew she was only just starting her fourth year, knew she was Al's sister.

But she was definitely not Al's kid sister anymore. Though still somewhat short, as he'd always known her to be, she looked somehow older now. And, sat next to the pixie-framed Lydia, she didn't look so small anyway. Her hair had grown over the summer, now to her waist. Her hair was only a shade or so darker than Rose's, and yet, while Rose's hair had always just been Rose's hair, a part of Rose, his close friend but in no way anything more, he found himself mesmerised by Lily's. And then there were her eyes. Bright blue, which he knew were from her Weasley side. Some of Molly and Arthur Weasleys' kids had inherited Molly's brown eyes; the others Arthur's blue. The same colours were scattered among the grandkids, though he knew Rose's eyes were her mother's brown, rather than her grandmother's, and Al had his father's eyes.

But Lily, it seemed, had got her maternal grandfather's blue eyes. Hers were big – and when he'd first met her, when he was twelve and she was Al's little ten year old sister, they'd seemed slightly too big for her face, in the way children's eyes sometimes are, but now they fit in perfectly – and her light skin was dusted with faint gold freckles across her nose and cheekbones.

He'd always got on well with her, liked her, been amused by her, and admired the sarcastic way she dealt with her brothers, as well as her fierce loyalty to her family and friends. Lily Potter had always been someone he'd liked, and they'd had countless conversations over the years.

And now – now he found himself watching her, thinking about her, more often that was strictly normal for a guy to think about his friend's sister. Especially when that friend's sister was his other friend's cousin, and his other friend's little sister's best friend. Lily was tied to him in several ways, and not one of them should have him watching her so curiously.

"Hey! Hey, Malfoy, what the hell do you think you're looking at?" The call came from across the room; snapping his head round so quickly pain shot down his neck, Scorpius found himself watching the greatly annoyed James Potter striding towards him. His first thought was "Uh-oh." James was a year older and several inches taller than he. And when James stopped in front of him, Scorpius remembered that he was still an inch or so shorter than most of the guys in his class.

Suddenly, his average height seemed like a very big problem, though he couldn't quite work out why.

Albus stood instantly. "What's wrong?"

James glared, first at Scorpius, then his brother. "You're little friend here was staring at our Lily, Al."

"Staring at Lily?" Al repeated, sounding almost confused.

"Yes, Al." James snapped. "Staring at Lily. In that way. The way Wood stares at Annie McCormack now she's...developed."

Wood's protest was ignored.

"Don't be ridiculous." Al said quickly, but shot Scorpius a look.

"I'm not. And he had no right looking at her like that – she's only fourteen!"

"I wasn't!" Scorpius protested, quickly enough for it to advertise his guilt to the room. He didn't look at anyone other than James or Al, but he was aware that looks and murmurs were shooting around the room. For a small group, they murmured loudly.

He chanced a look at Lily, with the vague, empty hope that the whole incident was escaping her attention. No such luck; she was watching, her mouth slightly open.

"Stop looking at her!" James cried, and moved forward. Scorpius braced himself for the blow, already knowing that he wouldn't blame James for it, even if he wound up with a black eye or a split lip or even a broken nose.

"James, for God's sake calm down." Al snapped, grabbing his brother's shoulder and pulling him back. "You're embarrassing yourself." In a lower tone, he added, "You're embarrassing Lily."

"I don't care."

"You're not going to hit him, you idiot." Albus said firmly. When James turned a blazing look on him, Al forced his voice to keep calm. "Stop it. You look like mum."

This had shock breaking through the anger, and then insult. "I do not."

"Yes, you do. It's kinda creepy. Go sit back down. I'll sort it, OK?"

"Al -"

"I'll sort it." Al said flatly. James deliberated for a second, then nodded.

"Fine. He's your mate. Fine." Then he turned back to Scorpius. "You stay away from her. She's just a kid." With that, he walked back across the room. Albus waited until James was sat back down before turning to Scorpius.

"I think we need to talk."

"Al, I..."

"Outside." Al said, his voice carefully low, his face carefully blank. When he walked towards the door, Scorpius saw no other choice but to follow him.

As the door closed behind them, and the noise level crept back up, Lydia turned to Lily, smirking. "Did I understand that right? Scorpius was checking you out?" Lorcan, Lysander, and Hugo all looked up.

Lily took a moment to organise her thoughts. "Of course not." She said finally. "You know what James is like. He was probably just looking out of the window."

"But if he was innocent, why'd he look so guilty?" Lydia challenged. It took Lily a moment, but she found a plausible answer.

"James looked like he was going to hit him. I think he probably was. And Scorpius has had all that trouble, hasn't he, with the bullying and stuff? That's all it is, like a leftover fear or flashbacks or something."

But when she looked away from Lydia, and at the door, her thoughts were still confused.


"Well?" Al asked. There was an edge to his voice that Scorpius had never heard before. When Scorpius said nothing, Albus made a strange noise, somewhere between a growl and frustrated scream. "So James was right, then?" He demanded. "You were staring at Lily? At my little sister?"

"No!" Scorpius lied instantly. He'd never been a particularly good liar, though, and Albus had known him for far too many years to believe him.

"Aw, hell. What's wrong with you? She's my sister! She's just a kid!"

While he wouldn't have said anything to James, Scorpius found the repetition of this remark unfair.

"She's hardly a child, Al." He snapped. "She's fourteen -"

"You're nearly seventeen!"

"She'll turn fifteen first." Scorpius said sullenly.

"Why does that matter?" Al demanded. "Are you – are you planning on asking her out or something?" He couldn't exactly decided if that would make it better, or worse.

"No." Scorpius said quickly. "Really, Al, I'm not." It was the truth, too. It might have crossed his mind once or twice but he hadn't intended to actually do it. "Look, I...I guess I sort of noticed that she'd...grown up a bit, that's all. I didn't see her over the summer, and she's changed. She looks older. And...and..." He flushed deeply. "Prettier. But I was just noticing, I wasn't ogling her or anything," that was a lie, he was pretty sure he'd been doing exactly that, "she's your little sister, and I've known her for years. I wouldn't..."

Al looked at him for a long moment. "I guess." He sighed. "She does look older. And Rose said the other day that she'd was getting prettier, and that if we didn't watch out she'd have a boyfriend soon."

For some reason, the thought of Lily having a boyfriend wasn't a pleasant one for Scorpius.

"I'm sorry." Scorpius tried.

"You...you definitely don't...like her, or anything?" Al asked awkwardly.

"No, of course not." Scorpius said swiftly. Even though he was afraid that he might be starting to like her, actually.


Since James glared at him every time he saw him, and Albus watched him like a hawk, Scorpius did his very best to avoid Lily as much as possible, over the next few weeks. And, though Rose asked him a few pointed questions and Ally made a point of getting him alone and telling him that he could trust her with anything, if there was something he needed to talk about, Scorpius pushed all thoughts of Lily away, and refused to mention her name.

After a month, he'd pretty much convinced himself that he'd been completely mistaken, and that everything he'd told Al was true.

Lily, on the other hand, looked at Scorpius with a whole new consideration.