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The Mews, Aliens, Ryou, Keiichiro and Masaya sat in a circle on the floor. A bottle was in the middle. Zakuro smirked and spun the bottle. Around and around it went. Finally it stopped on... Taruto.

"Right, you go first Taru-Taru na no da!"

Taruto sighed and spun the bottle. Ten seconds it was still spinning. Finally it stopped. Taruto looked towards where it was pointing and then made a gasping sound.

"There's no way, I'm kissing an old hag!" Taruto yelled, pointing at Ichigo.

Ichigo growled, "Michigo! Michigo! Michigo! Michigo! Michigo! Michigo!!"

"I'M NOT A RUNT!!" Tart screamed.

"Taruto you have to kiss Ichigo, since it landed on her!" Pai ordered.

Taruto stared at Pai, in shock. He never thought Pai would make him kiss the old hag.

He let out a faint growl and then walked towards Ichigo. She had to bend to since he was a michigo.

Michigo, Ichigo thought smirking.

Taruto stuffed his hands in his pockets and then leaned forward. Their lips met and Taruto was surprised, he thought Ichigo's lips would taste like an old hags but... she tasted like... strawberries. Ichigo was surprised too, Taruto's lips were a bit spicy but... felt nice at the same time.

Taruto, which surprised them both, gently bit on Ichigo's bottom lip. Ichigo opened her mouth a bit and Taruto slipped his tounge inside her mouth, licking around, getting an taste of her sweet strawberry taste.

Everyone was watching them quietly, wondering when they was gonna stop.

Ichigo pushed her tounge into Taruto's and then Pudding decided, enough was enough!

"Stop na no da!"

Ichigo and Taruto pulled away and Ichigo quickly wiped the drool off of her mouth but Kisshu still noticed and smirked.

"My, my Taruto. You french kissed her?"

Taruto felt his face turn red, Ichigo's neko ears and tail popped out, they were both trying to pretend that Masaya wasn't glaring at Taruto and Pudding wasn't glaring at Ichigo.


Everyone had gone home except Ichigo and Taruto.

Ichigo was sat outside on the wall, swinging her legs back and forth, thinking.

Taruto... I... feel like... I love you, Ichigo thought then sighed, "Gomen nasai Aoyama-kun... but I love someone else." Ichigo murmured then jumped down.


Ichigo jumped and then turned around, Taruto was stood behind her smirking.

"No one michigo." Ichigo snapped and started to walk past, until Taruto grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

"I think it does." Taruto murmured, then hovered in front of Ichigo and kissed her again.

Ichigo blinked a few times and then kissed him back. Ichigo wrapped her arms around his small neck and held his closer. Taruto wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

They pulled away after two minutes. Taruto looked up at Ichigo, his face a bit red.

"I love you koneko-chan." Taruto said, kissing her lips gently.

Ichigo smiled, "I love you too... michigo."