Note: This is my first multi-chapter wicked fic and (as usual) it's fiyeraba. It's a musical based fic, set at Shiz, between the Lion Cub scene and Elphie's visit to the Emerald City. All reviews are most welcome as I like to know what people think. Enjoy :-)

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Fiyero Tiggular couldn't remember the last time he'd been early for a lesson. Usually he swaggered, or staggered depending on the previous nights activities, into class when he felt like it, which meant he rarely caught more than half of the lecture. But today he was there ten minutes early; already seated and with his books neatly arranged in front of him.

It wasn't that he was particularly interested in biology; not the theory part at least. More that he was interested in one of his fellow students; a certain Elphaba Thropp to be precise; the exotically beautiful green girl who had, without any prior warning saw fit to steal his heart.

For an average girl, this was no easy task. Although, Fiyero thrived on the attention he received from the female species, and was no stranger to dates and even one night stands with the prettier ones, few had ever captured his full attention before. But Elphaba had done just that. Then again, she was no average girl; she was special, different.

He wasn't sure when exactly he'd fallen in love with her; perhaps the first time they'd met when he'd insulted her because he couldn't think of anything smart to say. Or maybe, at the Ozdust when he'd watched her dance with no accompaniment and been fascinated by her ability to be herself, no matter what others thought. But whenever it was, he knew exactly when he'd realised and he'd been unable to get that day out of his head since.

They were standing in the gardens with a caged Lion Cub that Elphaba had insisted on saving; when no-one had offered to help she'd got angry and accidently cast a spell on the class but her magic had, had no effect on Fiyero and there he was.

"Do you think I want to be this way? Do you think I want to care this much? Don't you know how much easier my life would be if I didn't?"

He'd never seen her so animated before and, confusingly it made him smile

"Do you ever let anyone else talk?"he teased.

"Oh, sorry... But can I just say one more thing? You could have just walked away back there"


He shrugged her comment off but part of him was already questioning his own motives? Why hadn't he walked away? Why had he stayed to help someone he barely knew when it was bound to get him into trouble?

"So, no matter how shallow and self-absorbed you pretend to be..."

"Excuse me" he interrupted, "there's no pretence here. I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow"

She placed her hands on her hips defiantly,"No you're not. Or you wouldn't be so unhappy"

She'd seen through his act; looked straight passed his carefully crafted facade without even trying to. This realisation dawned on him, catching him off guard and, defences suddenly up, he turned to leave.

"Fine, if you don't want my help..."

"No, I do!"

She grabbed hold of his hand and a breath caught in his throat at the sudden contact. A desire stronger than he'd ever known began to course through his body. He looked at her then; for the first time he looked deep into her hazel eyes and he realised just how beautiful she was. Despite her green skin he'd always thought she was attractive but he'd never noticed quite how right he was before.

Elphaba moved away; drawing her attention back to the Cub "Poor little thing, its heart is trembling... I didn't mean for..."

"What did you mean to do? Why was I the only one you didn't do it to?"

There was that question again; the fact that he was the only not to succumb to her magic made him wonder. And wondering was almost like thinking. And thinking was something he most certainly did not do...did he? Sweet Oz, What was she doing to him?

"Oh look, you're bleeding" her voice broke his train of thought, "it must have scratched you"

She reached up to him, urging him to lean forward so she could get a better look at the cut on his face.

"Yeah... or maybe it scratched me"

He hadn't heard what she'd said; all he could focus on was how he felt when she touched him. How his heart suddenly raced in his chest; how his body tingled with longing; how he wanted to kiss her.

Their lips were closer than they had ever been and he yearned to lean forward and allow them to meet. But something stopped him; for the first time in his life he was afraid of being rejected.

He looked away, "I better get to safety... I mean the cub... get the cub to safety"

He knew he'd always regret that sudden and very uncharacteristic lack of confidence; what if he never got that close to Elphaba again? What if he'd missed his only opportunity to kiss her; taste her; satisfy the burning that had housed itself inside of him? He couldn't bear to think about that, yet he couldn't seem to stop himself, so instead of trying, he vowed never to miss the opportunity to be close to her again; even if it did mean getting to class a little early sometimes.

As predicted, Fiyero didn't have to wait long for Elphaba to arrive in class. He smiled at her as she walked passed and took her usual seat in front of him. She half returned the gesture and his heart fluttered wildly at the attention.

"Good morning Miss Elphaba" he said in his most charming voice.

She didn't turn around, "Master Fiyero"

"You can call me Fiyero, if you like"

"Fair enough. Fiyero"

He waited for the suggestion that, in future he might call her Elphaba but it never came.

As silence fell over them, he realised that in his haste to see her, he hadn't planned anything to say. He searched for the right words but his brain seemed to want to punish him for the years of under use and he came up with nothing.

His eyes flickered to the clock; in a few minutes everyone else would be arriving and he'd lose his chance to speak alone with her. In desperation, he flung his pencil to the ground; it landed next to Elphaba's right foot with a clatter, evoking just the reaction he'd hoped for.

She turned around and watched him for a moment, then she raised an eyebrow questioningly, "Aren't you going to pick that up?"

"What?" he was so pleased to have caught her attention that he'd almost forgotten how he'd done it, "Oh, right. Yeah. Of course I am"

He gave a smile that appeared much more goofy than he'd intended then leant forward to pick up the pencil. He hovered for a moment before retrieving it; his hand was so close to her leg that if he just reached out a little further he'd be able to touch her.

He was toying with the various excuses he could use if he actually did this when she coughed loudly. He looked up expectantly, "hmm?"

"What are you doing?"

She didn't look impressed; confused, exasperated and of course, beautiful, yes. But not impressed.

"Um, I was...I was, looking at the floor" he lied, "it reminds me of the flooring we had back at home. In the Vinkus"

"You're telling me that the floor of your palace..."

"Castle" he got up quickly and scooted back to his seat before she had the chance to notice his newly reddened cheeks, "We live in a castle, not a palace"

"That the floor of your castle then, is the same as the one here?"


Elphaba shook her head and went back to arranging her books, "Strange family"

Fiyero hoped that Elphaba wouldn't remember this conversation if she ever visited his home, for the elaborate palace floors were nothing like the ones at Shiz.

The classroom began to fill up after that and before long the professor had started droning on about re-production amongst the various Animal groups. Fiyero barely even noticed him speaking; he was lost in a fantasy of Elphaba visiting his home. He imagined giving her the grand tour, wondering if she'd be impressed by the large and beautifully decorated castle he called home. He imagined introducing her to his parents, who despite their royal stature were a fairly down to earth pair; he was sure they'd all get on. And he imagined showing her his bedroom. He was just about to delve further into that particular daydream when he felt someone tap his shoulder.

"Huh?"He looked up to see his professor stood over him, one eyebrow raised, "what?"

He wasn't usually so rude but for once he'd actually been enjoying his thoughts and he wasn't too happy about having them interrupted.

"Master Tiggular, my lesson ended five minutes ago. Why in Oz's name are you still sat here?"

"What?" he looked over at the clock, his eyes widening as he realised the time, "Shit, sorry. I mean..."

"Just go Master Tiggular. I have enough problems with you when you should be here, without you hanging around after class as well"

With a sigh Fiyero got up and began to gather his things. Then he remembered what, or rather whom he'd been thinking about, "Elphie" he whispered.

He grabbed his books and ran out of the classroom, leaving an exasperated professor Collard to call after him, "No running in the corridors, Tiggular"

But Fiyero was already gone.