Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

Victory Party

Disclaimer: I do not own Red Alert 2 or any of the units, factions, buildings, and more inside of it, I am merely a guy with too much time on his hands and too many ideas floating about in his head. The only thing that does belong to me is the original character I am making.


Author's notes:

I have been watching a lot of Mission FMVs from a lot of C&C games for some time, and I recently looked over the Red Alert 2 Allies missions and I noted that in the ending of the Allies Campaign in Red Alert 2, you are accompanied by Special Agent Tanya Adams to a victory gala, and in one hell of a dress to boot.

It got me to wondering why this was never written about, I mean, the Red Alert 2 version of Tanya Adams is one HOT woman, she's you're date to a victory party in the White House …and no one ever wrote a fic about it? That's a bad thought in my mind…

So I figured that there's always a first time for something…so why not make a story about it? And this will be a mature story to boot. So expect this to have a lemon in it since this is a mature fan fiction story.


The White House…

Former Field Commander, now Supreme Allied Commander Joseph C. Sinclair managed to grab a wine glass from a passing waiter and drank the champagne in the glass as he looked at the large number of officials and dignitaries in the White's House's event hall. The place was packed and for a good reason as well. It was the celebration for the defeat of the Soviets and the capture of the Premier Alexander Romanov and the dissolution of his ambitions to rule the world. With the fall of Moscow and the capture of the Premier, it was only a matter of time before all of Romanov's foreign allies were dealt with and given due justice for their alliance with the man.

Joseph, or rather J.C by his old officer friends wished he was still out there dealing with them to make sure that they never get to rise up and attack his beloved homeland like they did in the early days of the Great World War III as the invasion of his homeland was called. He had been on a simple routine officer's meeting in Langley Air Force Base when the invasion occurred. He had been worried about his grand-parents in San Francisco as they were the only family he had left after his parents died in a plane crash when he was still studying in West Point. He graduated and was assigned to work under the late General Carville who was a good teacher to him. Carville told him that with a lot of his fellow officers occupied defending the other fronts, he was the only one who could be called upon to defend the Eastern United States and he got to work.

He had done a lot of fighting ever since helping blunt the invasion of New York and also liberated a lot of his fellow soldiers in Colorado as the Air Force Academy…and he managed to rescue both Carville and President Michael Dugan who were being mind controlled by Romanov's advisor and head of the Psychic Corps. Yuri. He hated that day because he and his men were forced to kill their own fellow Americans who were being manipulated by Yuri's Psychic Beacon. And then they had to go to Canada to set up a base of operations there until they could come home.

He wanted to visit Canada once, hoping for a change of pace, but he certainly was not happy to leave him homeland after that mess in Washington DC. He remembered the elation of freeing Chicago from a new weapon the Soviet Psi Corps developed, the Psychic Amplifier, as it could control the people of the free world…but he was then forced to watch in horror and rage as General Vladimir nuked Chicago without mercy, killing civilians and his men. He swore to hunt down the coward and make him pay for that.

However he got pulled off from that agenda when he was drafted to fight in Europe to help gain the support of the British, the Germans, and the French. He and Agent Tanya and a small detachment of Allied survivors were able to destroy the Nuke Silos and make things a lot easier for the Europeans to come to their aid.

Meeting Professor Einstein and using the Professor's new Prism Tower to retake the Pentagon made his day as he was back to his home office, and thankfully, his forces were not all lost…but he then got the call to aid the US Command Center at Pearl Harbor since Vladimir was going to attack the base. He relished the thought of ending that pompous old coward and blew the Soviet Fleet straight back to their side of the Pacific and into the bottom of the Pacific as well. The bulldog might have escaped him once more when he turned tail and ran like a beaten dog but he got the message across to Vladimir. It was after that mission that he had to deal with a very distasteful mission…freeing Saint Louise from another Psychic Beacon that controlled Allied forces, and civilians, he nearly lost agent Tanya there, but the tough female commando pulled through and saved their bacons, allowing their forces to come in and with their new Prism Tanks to mop things up.

Defending Professor Einstein's Black Forrest Lab was a tough order, at least emotionally when he saw General Carville killed by one of the Soviet Crazy Ivans…how that Soviet terrorist managed to get into the Pentagon and kill the General was something he couldn't figure out, but he had no time to mourn as he pushed the Soviets out of Germany and kicked their asses hard.

The Florida Keys mission was when he gave Soviet Cuba a thorough beating and disabled all the nuclear missiles on the island, the pompous Premier Romanov threatened him via radio comm., stating that he was going to lose, but he laughed when he saw how furious Romanov was when he learned that his precious nukes were now offline and his forces on Cube defeated…that made his day. He attended the funeral with President Dugan and then he went to deal with Romanov personally in Moscow…

"Hey Commander…you all right?"

Joseph turned to see Tanya looking at him with some concern as she too had a drink in her hand. He smiled back at the tough female commando and replied.

"No, I'm fine…just thinking about all that's happened."

Tanya smiled at that a bit and nodded.

"I understand Commander…I might not like Carville at times…but I miss him."

Joseph nodded as the two looked at the people near them…but right now, his eyes were on the female commando. He had never expected to see Tanya in the black dress she was wearing at this very night. She looked more like a lady of the night or a beautiful ramp model than a tough talking, skilled to the bone, and serious commando, and he had a very good reason for thinking those things.

Ever since they had met and started working together on the many missions to repel the Soviets and force them to leave their homeland, he had gotten so used to seeing her in either a swimming body suit, arctic weather gear, and her usual desert tan tank top, combat camouflage pants, boots and dog tags, that when she told him that they were going to the victory gala tonight at the White House under presidential invitation, he taught that she was once more going to be rebellious and dress up in her fatigues…not the exquisite dress that she was in right now.

Joseph was human after all and truth be told…he found Tanya Adams to be a beautiful woman and was certainly a man's idea of a hot date at a party, but knowing how well trained she was in warfare and her dislike for authority figures except Carville, he pretty much kept his thoughts to himself and made sure not to give himself away in front of Tanya when they were meeting face to face, but he couldn't help himself when he would steal glances at her. He liked how intense she looked when she was planning out something on a map, how she would move when she loaded and checked her weapons in a clean and effective matter that made her look very sexy in a military sort of way, and more. He could swear that some of the Allied Troopers were noticing his not so covert inspection of the female commando, but they kept their mouths shut…but that certainly didn't stop them from grinning. She looked beautiful in her normal uniform…but the dress was a different matter as he once more found his eyes wandering over her form…and this time, despite his best intentions…his eyes were not obeying him to stop looking at her.

He admired the way she styled her hair and this allowed him to admire her flawless face and her features. Her eyes were nice, and in a very sexy shade as well, good, shoulders, strong arms, and…

"Like what you see Commander?"

Joseph shook his head and found Tanya staring at him, but instead of being angry for being ogled, Tanya had a smirk on her face as she looked back at him challengingly.

Joseph blushed at that and was about to apologize, but Tanya cut him off with a smile.

"It's all right, I got that a lot before, and I KNOW for a fact that you've done this before."


Before Tanya could further tease her new boss…President Dugan called them forward to be recognized by the dignitaries and by the people within the White House. Joseph and Tanya looked at one another and walked over to the podium and were greeted by the people with applause as the President finished his speech on how blessed the US and the Allies were to have one such as Joseph as their new Supreme Commander. Joseph thankfully made a short speech about how he will continue to serve the United States and the Free World should ever a new threat will come to shatter the peace that they were now enjoying.

As they had dinner, Tanya then took her own turn to study her new boss.

Joseph looked nice in a clean cut way, he was a lot younger than the other senior Commanders that she knew of in her years working in the military. Joseph had good features, the kind of smooth and strong features that grabbed a woman's attention more than once, short dark blonde hair in a fresh cut style, deep green eyes, and a smile that was good to see, and had turned the heads of a few female officers on more than one instance. He certainly showed a military man's build too as he fit his dress uniform very well. Tanya then placed those thoughts aside as she continued to have dinner.

Later, the dancing began and Joseph was a bit worried as he had never danced in a very long time since graduation from West Point. And he was wondering just how he was going to deal with this situation without making a total fool of himself. He wasn't the best dancer and truth be told, he wasn't really keen on large parties. He however was not going to turn down the President of his homeland's invitation, but it had been quite a while since he danced with anyone.

Tanya walked over to him and grabbed him by the arm. Joseph was stunned by that as she pulled him gently but strongly to the dance floor.

"Come on soldier, let's see if you know the waltz."

"Tanya, I hardly think that…"

Joseph's complaint died as Tanya took his hands placed them in the required position and they began to dance…much to the delight of the audience…though some of the female officers and dignitaries were far from happy with the female commando. Joseph however was not concerned with that at the very moment, he was more concerned that unlike him, Tanya knew how to dance, something that he didn't normally associate with her.

As much as he didn't want to, he leaned down and whispered in Tanya's ear.

"Where'd you learn to dance the waltz? No offense meant by that you know, but I didn't expect you to be so good at it."

Tanya laughed lightly and whispered back to Joseph.

"There's more to me than using guns, blowing up buildings, and insulting enemies Commander. And as you can see…this is one of them, you mind?"

"No not at all."

As the party went on and was soon going to die down, President Dugan bade Joseph and Tanya farewell as the two decided to take a ride back to the Pentagon since Joseph had some last minute paper-work to fix before he called it a night. Tanya decided to come along and see how he was dealing with his new position as head of the US Armed Forces and Supreme Allied Commander. The trip to the Pentagon was not too long via helicopter and there were still guards and MPs moving about.


In the Pentagon's halls…

Both Tanya and Joseph had undergone several tight security measures to reach his office…no doubt after the assassination of General Carville, the security in the Pentagon had reached borderline paranoia as there were scanners and more, along with extra personal security check-point, but the two didn't mind as they reached his office.

As soon as he sat down on his desk, Joseph ran through the documents while Tanya took a seat on the chair in front of him. Joseph read through the documents concerning the results of the missions and the different aspects of the operations, including the capture of Soviet soldiers, confiscation of their equipment, and more. The work didn't take long, but he felt a headache come up and he placed down the documents for a moment and rubbed his forehead and swore.

"Damn! Maybe I shouldn't have drunk that much, this headache's getting worse."

"I'll deal with that Commander."

Came Tanya's reply and before Joseph could figure out what she meant by that, she stood up and walked over to the back and massaged his head gently. Joseph's attempt to protest died when the feel of the headache vanishing hit him…not to mention the fact that the feel of Tanya's hands on his head felt nice. He sighed contently and relaxed on his chair, letting the commando do her thing. Tanya smiled at the sign of relaxation in the Supreme Allied Commander and found it amusing in a way. As she continued to massage him, Joseph decided to ask her something.

"Is this one of the other things that I don't know about you Tanya?"

"You might say that…feeling better Commander?"

"Yeah, thanks, well, most of the stuff is done here. I guess we can call it a night."

"I guess we could…by the way Commander."


"I want to thank you for all you've done ever since this whole war with the Soviets started."

Joseph felt alarms ring in his head at that as he turned at faced Tanya while still on his chair. The female commando smiled and spoke to the surprised Commander, and he looked so nice being flustered to her.

"W-W-What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what I mean Commander…I know that you look at me when you think I don't know…but I do, I normally would have been really pissed off by that and you would have gotten slugged for the looks you gave me, but I happen to like you…so I let you go ahead, and it was fun…but now that we're not fighting the Soviets and there aren't any global crisis's popping up anytime soon. I think it's time we both decide to come clean with this…so…do you like me Commander?"

Joseph gulped as Tanya leaned forward to him, her hands on the arm rests of the chair and she was smiling at him in a very attractive way, and he could see into her breasts, which were quite well formed, along with her full form in the dress. He did like her a lot, and she was certainly an attractive woman…but there were rules against fraternization among the ranks, and since his promotion to Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, he was very much going to risk one hell of a scandal if word of that ever came out since Tanya was indeed several ranks below him. He decided to come clean with her since she knew just what she was capable of when she gets angry.

"I do like you Tanya…a lot…but there are regulations to this you know, not to mention the mess that might happen if anyone ever got word of this."

"Since when have you ever known me to care about regulations?"

Tanya shot back with a slight glare…making Joseph gulp in the thought that maybe he had offended her in some way. However Tanya's glare softened as she smiled once more and spoke to Joseph…she knew just what he was getting at, but considering his status as the Supreme Allied Commander and Hero of the World, they could always make a compromise, besides, she had to admit, she liked him too.

"Sorry…but I happen to like you too Commander, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Besides I think there's always a way around such things. But that's up to you right now Commander, after all, you are my boss now."

"I'm not going to use rank to…"

"I know you won't, you're too much of a nice and honorable guy for that sort of thing. But you're human, and so am I…maybe someday we can work out a more effective relationship…but just for tonight, we can be two people who are attracted to each other, and we both want it. That's up to you of course."

Joseph knew that he was walking on thin ice…but she was right, he was human after all, and she was human as well. Before he could do anything, he kissed her…and she kissed back.

The Allied Commander and the female commando kissed each other and Joseph cursed himself a bit mentally for not being very good at kissing a woman, he didn't have much luck with this since he had been still a graduate before the invasion started and never got the chance to attend any functions with women. This was one thing he wasn't entirely proud of…being somewhat a virgin. But he kept that out of his mind as he continued to kiss Tanya back. The female commando smiled as she continued to kiss Joseph and their kiss turned deeper as both of them opened their mouths and let their tongue duel with each other.

As soon as a few minutes passed, Tanya broke the kiss and reached out to begin removing Joseph's uniform and he was still dazed at what had just happened and therefore didn't do anything to dissuade the female commando from her current course of action, and as such, it didn't take very long for Joseph to be removed of his uniform and was now only dressed in a sleeveless undershirt that hugged his frame like second skin…much to Tanya's smile.

Joseph was well built in a slim and effective manner, not like any of those body builders that she met on a few occasions, but he had a strong build that she could see and she smiled once more at his muscles, he certainly was not a pencil pusher from the looks of things…but a guy who regularly works out to keep himself fit and strong.

"Wow…so you certainly take you're time in the gym Commander…I like that."

Tanya smiled at Joseph who smiled back as he got off the chair and moved to another room. The room itself was a special bed room that was given to allow the commander to rest when there was no incoming emergency that required his attention, though it was only equipped with the basic amenities, such as a large bed, a desk with a chair and a computer, a small refrigerator with drinks and some food, and good air conditioning and light.

Joseph had to admit that the room was nice, but right now the only concern he had on his mind was Tanya as she turned around and removed the pins that held her hair up. The short haired commando kissed the Commander once more as he ran his hands on her body, the feel of her feminine form in her dress was nice indeed to his hands. He then kissed Tanya once more and she kissed him back, their tongue dueling with one another, this kiss lasted for a few more minutes until they broke the kiss and Tanya began to remove the necklace she had on and spoke seductively to the Commander.

"You're a great kisser Commander, a lot better than I hoped."

"Don't you think we're already too far gone to be using ranks at a time like this Tanya?"

Tanya laughed good naturedly and nodded at that as she sat down on the bed and removed her shoes and then stood up to face Joseph as he was now removing his own shoes and his pants, finally wearing only his undershirt and boxers…which had a tent on them due to what they had been doing. Tanya then noted that and smiled warmly and decided to tease Joseph.

"All right then Joseph, I guess we are past the whole rank and file thing, however…"


"Now it's my turn to give the orders…don't you think?"

Joseph smiled at that and decided to let Tanya indulge herself as he nodded. Tanya smiled as she orders him to lie on the bed and not move. As soon as he did so, she moves on top of him and kisses him again, while whispering an order to him once more.

"Undress me."

Joseph nodded as he reached for the back latches of the dress Tanya was wearing and then loosened it, allowing Tanya the chance to remove her dress and showing to the Commander that she wore only a strapless bra of black silk and a black pair of panties. Joseph couldn't help but whistle appreciatively at the picture before him as Tanya smiled back at his appreciation for her form.

"You know…you are lucky Joseph…you're the only man I happen to like enough to be intimate with, and that is something that I happen to be happy for too."

Joseph smiled.

"I'm honored."

Tanya then allowed Joseph to remove her bra, allowing him to see her breasts for the very first time, and they were well formed and not too large or small, but just perfect for Tanya's form and build. He reached out with his hands and touched her breasts, much to the approval and delight of the female commando.

He played with her nipples which were red along with her areoles and Joseph loved the feel of them getting hard in his hands. He then cupped Tanya's breasts and got up the bed and kissed Tanya… making the female commando squirm as she kissed back. Joseph then broke the kiss and then leaned forward to kiss Tanya's chest and then her breasts, he took in Tanya's left breast and lavished his attention on it and massaged the right breast, making Tanya moan and the female commando smirked and asked a question to her lover.

"You've done this before haven't you?"

Joseph stopped his motions and replied to her query.

"I heard how it's done…but if you're asking that I've done this before with someone before you…then the answer is no…you're the first Tanya."

Tanya blushed and smirked…and then a thought came into her mind and she couldn't help but smile widely at the possibilities of the thought in her mind, but being the gung ho woman that she was she was not going to hesitate when it came to something like this.

"Are you a virgin Joseph?"

Joseph blushed a bit and coughed, once that was done he looked at Tanya and replied.

"Promise me you won't laugh."

"All right, I promise."

"In answer to your question if I am a virgin Tanya…the answer is yes."

Tanya's eyes widened at that and looked at Joseph, searching for any sign that he was lying to her, and to her utter surprise…she found not a single sign that would have told her that the handsome commander was pulling her leg, she looked once more and spoke.

"You're not kidding are you?"

"No I'm not…I am a virgin."

Tanya smiled at the thought; she was going to be the Supreme Allied Commander and Head of the United States of America's Armed Forces' very first woman! She was the only woman who was about to take his virginity! Who would have thought that the man she was having feelings for and was about to have sex with was an honest to God virgin? That was the same as looking for a healthy white tomato…

She couldn't help but smile even wider at the implications and she began to giggle…an action she thought she won't do…and that made Joseph look at her in consternation.

"You promised you wouldn't laugh…"

"I know, and I'm sorry…I'm just…awed at all this…so I'm really you're first Joseph?"

Joseph nodded with absolute truthfulness at the question and answered Tanya.

"You're the first Tanya…and though this might sound totally pathetic to you…I won't have anyone else in mind to lose my virginity to but you."

Tanya couldn't help but smile and kiss Joseph passionately and she then spoke to him in her best sultry and sexy tone.

"It hardly sounds pathetic to me Joseph, in fact…I'm honored to be you're first…very honored…but promise me one thing before we do this..."


"You'll have to tell me why such a handsome guy like you is still a virgin, deal?"


"Good, now then, shall we?"

Joseph knew just where to pick up as he placed his tongue on her breasts once more, taking in her left nipple and played with it, and sucked on it too. Tanya moaned loudly and held Joseph close to her as he continued her treatment on her breasts, the young man then turned his attention to Tanya's right breast and that made the commando even more aroused as she held her lover close to her.

She then removed his undershirt and now he was only clad in his boxers, the same way that she was now clad only in her panties and the two loved the looks that they presented to each other. Joseph kissed Tanya while playing with her breasts with his hands, as she ran her hands on his muscled form, marveling at the fact that Joseph was a virgin. She then felt his male sex touching her butt and his cock was hard already, making her smile even more as they continued to kiss each other. She then got a wicked idea and whispered into Joseph's ear.

"Lose the boxers mister."

Joseph was more than happy to comply and Tanya moved off of Joseph and smiled as he removed his boxers and Tanya smiled even more at the sight of Joseph's manhood. He was well formed at a very good length, at least 9 and a half according to her rough estimates. She felt her wetness grow and the heat in between her legs get even hotter. She smiled as she then took off her own panties and allowed Joseph to see her in her full glory naked.

Joseph had to admit that while he was somewhat taller than the female commando she was certainly something to see…she had a sexy build, certainly one to catch the attention of most men and her body was strong, an indication of how well trained and conditioned she was as a Commando of the Allied Forces. She right now looked VERY sexy as she walked back on the bed and they began to kiss each other once more as she lay on the bed.

Joseph took the lead and worshipped her breasts once more…much to Tanya's approval as they explored each other's forms, Joseph marveling at how soft yet strong and powerful Tanya felt underneath his hands and body…while Tanya marveled at Joseph's own strength and form. As the male commander reached down with his hands on Tanya's sides he reached her hips and then her thighs…making Tanya smile warmly at his actions. As she reached out with her own hands, she touched his cock and marveled at the feel of it and as soon as Joseph groaned she decided to have a little fun with him.

Joseph could only look on as Tanya got up on the bed and was in front of his cock and she smiled as she made him sit down and as he did so, she kissed the head of his cock and then to his absolute shock and pleasure, she licked his cock from tip to base and that made him shout out to her. Tanya grinned and kept at it as she ran her tongue on Joseph's sex and allowed him to play with her breasts with his hands and run them over her back…much to her own pleasure as she continued her ministrations on her lover's sex…Joseph massaged her scalp gently and she smiled at his actions as she took in his sex into her mouth.

Joseph moaned out loud as she continued to give him a blow job and he was reveling deeply in it as he held Tanya's breasts and played with her nipples. He had never felt anything like this before and it showed as he held the sheets of the bed tightly when he released her breasts as Tanya took in his length slowly and sensually into her mouth, licking and sucking the sex of her lover slowly and gently. She then began to move her head up and down Joseph's cock…making him moan out even louder as he leaned back on the bed and allowed Tanya to do as she wished on him

The room was filled with wet sounds as Tanya gave as good as she got and smiled as the moans from her Commander made her very wet and happy herself, but as she saw that he was about ready to release, she stopped, as much as she didn't mind doing this for the man she admired and in a way liked a great deal, she knew that this was his first time and she wanted to make it special, maybe when they had more time she could try it and see how Joseph liked it.

With that in mind, Tanya moved away from her lover's sex and with a parting lick lay back on the bed, making the young Allied Commander moan out loud in surprise and disappointment, the disappointment however faded from his face when the sexy female commando opened her legs and gave the Commander a wink and placed her hand on her own wet sex.

"Now it's you're turn."

Joseph nodded as he got the message and got between Tanya's legs and held her legs in his hands and guided his cock into position as he got to face Tanya. As soon as he was in position, he pushed in slowly and as soon as he pushed his cock past the outer lips and into Tanya's wet sex, he groaned out in pleasure…and so did Tanya who smiled at the look of utter bliss on Joseph's face…which matched her own look.

Joseph pushed his cock in further until he was buried to the base in Tanya's wet sex making the woman moan out in pleasure as he also groan as he felt himself deep in Tanya's sex. As soon as he was inside, he took the time to feel the heat, the wetness, and the tightness that he was surrounded in. Tanya smiled at the feeling of being full to the brim…as it had been a while since she had done this sort of thing, the last time was years ago…and so it was hardly surprising that she hissed bit at some small amount of pain.

"Are you all right?'"

Tanya smiled at Joseph as she could hear the tone of concern in his voice and she saw the looks too.

"I'm fine…it's just been a while."

"Oh…well, when you feel any better, just tell me."

"You're a sweet guy…you really have to tell soon why you don't have a girl-friend with such a body and personality."

Tanya and Joseph decided to kiss and touch one another, until Tanya got used to this again and she was. The last time she had sex was with a high school kid she knew back in her civilian days, but it didn't work out and that was the last time she ever saw him again. Tanya put that aside as she kissed Joseph passionately and smiled as he ran his hands on her form…making her blush bright red…which she had not done in a very long time.

She smiled as she then nudged him gently…telling him that she was ready. Joseph nodded at her command and got ready as he slowly pulled his cock out of Tanya's wet sex. The female commando moaned out loud as she held her lover's arms tightly in her own hands, Joseph himself moaned at the sensations of his actions…as soon as he nearly left Tanya's pussy, he pushed back in as hard as he could and slowly as he could manage as well as he felt Tanya's wet sex take him in again. As he began to establish a rhythm with his movements, he reached with his hands and caressed Tanya's breasts as he leaned down and kissed the commando while he began to thrust into her wet sex slowly.

Tanya loved the feel of this and it was enjoyable indeed, though it had been quite a while since she had done this sort of thing, but to be doing it again with a guy she actually liked a lot and who liked her back was certainly quite the bonus for her as she ran her hands on Joseph's back, feeling his muscles beneath her hands. The feelings she felt as Joseph continued to move in and out of her wet sex was delicious to her as she held on and also moved while nibbling his ear gently and kissing his face. Joseph reciprocated those actions and kissed Tanya back, along with licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, along with kissing her neck and shoulders, making the female commando moan and giggle a bit at the sensations. But she moaned out loud as he continued to move in and out of her wet sex.

This went on until Tanya groaned out that she was now reaching her orgasm and so was he and sure enough….the two of them came at the very same time, that was a very good thing and Joseph had to admit that I was certainly worth every minute of this, he was not expecting this to happen to him, but he certainly was not going to complain, though he could only imagine the storm that would hit him and Tanya if anyone else found out about this situation.

Tanya sighed with pleasure as she felt her orgasm begin to subside as she looked at Joseph who also had a look of awe in his face, further proving that this was his very first time with a woman. She smiled at that and decided to relax for a bit and once she got her breath back, she was going to show the Commander a LOT of things she wanted to try out.

Joseph could only gulp as Tanya had a very passionate and seductive gleam in her eye…


Three hours later…

Tanya looked at the ceiling and sighed at how wonderful it was between her and Joseph as she then turned to look at her boss and lover who was looking back at her and she then smirked as she recalled something important, Joseph noted that and was curious as to what the female commando had in mind now.

"What is it Tanya?"

"Remember you're promise to tell me why you've been a virgin for so long?"

Joseph nodded and decided to explain as he sat up on the bed.

"It was after my parents died and my grandparents began taking care of me…At the time I didn't have enough money to finish my studies in West Point and I would have been kicked out, but my grandparents placed all of their life savings to get me to finish schooling. They didn't tell me about that at first…but it didn't take long for me to figure out what happened…so I promised to graduate with honors and to make sure that my grandparents' efforts were worth something. So I worked my ass off and didn't get into a lot of relationships with a lot of women until I graduated, I was then sent to a tour at Langley…and we all know what happened after that…the Soviets came and before I could even do anything to have a social life, or even say hi to my grandparents, I found myself in the hot-seat and leading the Allied forces. I only hope that they're fine…San Francisco was hit really bad in the early days of the fighting, I only hope my grandparents are all right since they lived there."

Tanya nodded at that and felt sorry for Joseph and sat up next to him on the bed and hugged him tightly. She then kissed him and he kissed her back and when they broke their lip-lock she replied to him.

"I have a feeling they're fine…We took back San Francisco only a few weeks after taking back St. Louis and I have no doubt that they're safe."

Joseph smiled and held Tanya's face as he spoke.

"Thanks, I think they'd be happy to meet you when the time is right and the whole mess is cleaned up in San Francisco, I can show you the sights there too if you haven't been there."

Tanya blushed and smiled.

"I'd like that."

However, before things could get even more interesting, a call came from the nearby computer, an urgent call and Joseph sighed as he reached for his boxers, placed them on, and put on his pants and his polo-shirt As soon as he was properly dressed ne sat down on the chair and took in the incoming message.

He then found himself facing none other than his Ops Officer and Intel specialist, Lieutenant Eva Lee who seemed to be fully dressed and looking urgent. Joseph sighed and shook the remaining sleepiness out of his head and spoke to the female officer while Tanya was out of sight and was already wearing a spare set of clothes that was present in a nearby locker.

"It's a little early in the day for a meeting Lieutenant Eva…what is it?"

"I'm sorry to have woken you up Commander, but we've got a serious situation in the White House…President Dugan has requested all key Allied personnel to meet up with him in the situation room ASAP."

Joseph quickly woke up at that and went to his game face and looked at Eva seriously.

"What kind of situation are we talking about Lieutenant Eva?"

"It's Romanov's former advisor and head of the Soviet Psi Corps, Yuri…he's back, the intel was right that he fled from Moscow only weeks after we forced the Soviets out of the Pentagon. He just resurfaced at the head of some sort of army that he's been amassing for some time while we were fighting Romanov and his forces. A large detachment of his forces have been sighted on Alcatraz Island and they have taken over the place and constructed some sort of device on the island. We don't know his intentions or that device's functions as of this moment, but we do know that he was the reason all our nuclear capabilities were destroyed in the early days of the invasion. Plus his use of Psychic technology on St. Louis, Washington DC, and Chicago makes him a serious threat to world peace."

"Yuri? Damn it…no wonder we didn't find him in the Kremlin, that guy's a big threat…all right, have the Nighthawk get ready for a quick pickup…I'm on my way now."

Tanya looked at Joseph as he grabbed his uniform and she sighed.

"No rest for the wicked huh?"

"None…look Tanya…I know this isn't the time and I know you can take care of yourself…but be careful out there…we're dealing with that madman Yuri…I don't want to lose you."

Tanya smiled at the Commander's concern and she kissed him gently and replied.

"You won't…you have my word on that…besides I still want to meet you're folks, you take care of yourself Joseph, I don't want to lose you either, understand me?"

"You got it."

As they left his room and then his office, Tanya took the nearest jeep to head off to Langley Air Force Base to pick up her gear…while Supreme Commander Joseph Casey Sinclair took the Night Hawk and headed for the Pentagon to find out what Yuri planned this time for the world.

Both not knowing the battles they were soon going to find themselves in.


Author's notes:

This one is merely a short lemon and it's not really the best I've made but there's always a first time for something isn't there? I always wondered why no one took advantage of the scenes in Red Alert 2…so much potential.

I might try the Allies Ending in Yuri's Revenge soon so we can see a bit more action since I think Lieutenant Eva Lee is a hot woman especially in her dress. And I might even try going at it with the hot Soviet female intel officer Lieutenant Zofia as well for a good deal of fairness for the Soviet side on Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

I might also try the ladies we have in Red Alert 3, Eva McKenna is very attractive for a British lady, the new Tanya Adams is hot, and so is Suki Toyama. I still don't know about the other ladies of Red Alert 3, but if you think I should try them out too, then by all means suggest away.


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