Command & Conquer: Ladies of Red Alert

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Chapter 3

Private Beach Party

( ): Thoughts.


Onboard a Sky Wing…

Supreme Shogun Yasunori Mikage looked out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean and it made him smile to know that it was now and forever in the hands of the Empire that he served. The newly promoted Supreme Shogun was currently riding on his favorite Jet Tengu and flying all the way from Tokyo to Hawaii. It had been quite a while since he had been able to get a chance to take a break from his duties.

It had been nearly two years ever since he undertook that fateful mission alongside his friend and mentor Shinzo Nagama to start the grand invasion and conquest of the Soviet Union to fulfill the destiny of the Empire. He recalled then all the missions that he undertook with not just his old friend and mentor, but also with his other fellow Shogun Commanders. The missions themselves were certainly interesting and had pushed him to his absolute limits, and he would have it no other way in truth since he preferred to be challenged and put to the test whenever and wherever he had the chance.

He and Kenji continued to invasion of Russia while the other commanders handled the other fronts of the war with the Soviet Union, while their forces were not as well built in terms of endurance as that of the Soviet forces, his forces were more than able to withstand the attacks of the Soviet war machine and he recalled just how furious some of the Soviet commanders were towards him, not that he cared one wit about that those gaijin thought of him, he had other matters to deal with.

It gave him absolute honor and pride to be given command of Prince Tatsu's creation on Odessa, the Shogun Executioner and he couldn't help but feel pleased at finally silencing both General Krukov and Nickolai Moskvin after the two of them tried to stand before him and Commander Kenji.

As he thought back on all his missions, he had to thank the support of all of his command staff as well as his officers who he had done so by giving them a much deserved holiday back home in their respective provinces and his soldiers, from his Imperial warriors all the way to his fellow officers in the Shogun Battleships were all allowed to enjoy the peace of the world where many of their fighting brothers and sisters had fought, bled, and died with honor.

He had spent some time to rest until he had gotten the call from Suki Toyama to come and join her in Oahu Hawaii for a respite, while he would have said no….the sight of the beautiful Intelligence officer wearing only beach clothes was more than enough to convince him that he might as well take a much needed vacation.

He had developed a deep respect and attraction to the woman ever since being told that she would be his liaison in the operations he would be conducting in the name of the divine destiny of the Empire. Suki was quite a beautiful woman who had exceptional intellect and will, something that the young commander found to be very intriguing as well as attractive. He didn't display his affections as much as he had liked as he was honor bound to do his duty for the Emperor and the Empire.

For now however, ever since the conquest of Amsterdam and the destruction of FutureTech, he could focus on other matters, he had been granted the rank of Supreme Shogun by his Emperor and the Crown prince and with both the Allies and the Soviets defeated and all trace of resistance quelled, he could now take some time for himself, he had to turn down offers from his fellow Shogun to join them in celebration of the Empire's triumph over all who opposed them.

Shogun Naomi had asked him to join her on one of the Floating Island Fortresses to enjoy the celebration of their various missions together, Kenji called to ask him to join him and his fellow officers in celebrating the fall of the Soviet Empire, and of course, his old friend and mentor Shinzo had called him to join in the celebration of the fall of Amsterdam and the final nail in the coffin of the Allied High Command. All three invitations were politely turned down and thankfully he had been told that his fellow Shogun had accepted his decision, though they did remind him to come on the anniversary of the said celebrations. And he had promised to do so and he had every intention that he would keep his word, though he hoped to bring a certain someone with him as a partner.

Though it had surprised him that Suki had even asked him to join her, while he didn't know all the details he had suspected that Suki and Crown Prince Tatsu had a relationship that went beyond their standing as subordinate officer and superior as well as Crown Prince and servant as they had been friends long ago as children. He also knew for a fact that Suki and her family were gifted with a long and honor filled tradition of serving the Royal Family. That was one reason why he chose not to court or pursue Suki since he was not sure of the relationship between her and Tatsu.

It was only when he was going to get ready to return to Hawaii that he knew the truth from the Crown Prince himself.



"Supreme Shogun Yasunori!"

He turned as he had finally suited up to take on the unpiloted Sea Wing to see none other than Tatsu himself, he bowed before his superior officer and the Crown Prince with the sword of his father at his side smiled at the young commander who had become a legend of the Empire. Despite his rank, the young man showed true honor as he bowed before him and not just because he was the Crown Prince, but because he showed courage and honor.

"How may I serve you my Prince?"

Tatsu then replied.

"You can serve me by telling me of your planned destination. Where are you off to in such a hurry Shogun Yasunori?"

Yasunori struggled with his answer, and knew that lying to the Crown Prince was a slap to the honor and samurai code he had lived by for years, ever since he was born and when he entered the Academy. Besides that, he respected the crown prince as well, so despite the fact that it would be difficult, he told the Crown prince the truth.

"I am heading for Hawaii Crown Prince."

"Ahhh…I see, I take it my old friend Suki Toyama invited you there?"

Yasunori nodded and replied at that.

"Yes Crown Prince Tatsu."

"Good, then do not keep Suki waiting, she has been looking forward to this for some time."

Yasunori then looked at Tatsu with some leave of surprise and made that plain on his face, he had expected the Crown prince to not take the news well. However the Crown prince knew a lot more than he was letting on and then the young Prince, still in his armor and wielding his father's katana spoke to the commander.

"Suki and I are good friends Commander, and I have known her for years, but there is nothing else in that relationship, if that has been on your mind."

"I….I-I didn't mean to imply…."

Tatsu had never heard Yasunori act like this before, usually the young Supreme Shogun was cool under pressure and level headed in leading his troops in all manner of operations even when it seemed that the enemy was bringing everything they had to bear into the battle and on his base. The Shogun was able to weather the storm and fight back with twice the ferocity and that was something in itself. The Crown Prince knew talent when he saw it, he had seen that in Kenji and the Shogun's successes in the battle field despite Soviet opposition was proof of Kenji's talents despite his brashness and arrogance. However, in Yasunori's case, it was a different thing all together.

Yasunori came from a middle class family and his parentage were that of a minor but well recognized family of the Mikage Clan and his ancestors had been loyal samurai with a scattering of Shinobi lineage in it as well. He had enrolled in the Academy and while some of the higher ranking students were known to question his talents, Shinzo Nagama, head of the Academy saw a talent in Yasunori that he didn't find in other students. While many were exceptional leaders, Yasunori was able to master a number of skills in simulation missions that allowed him to defeat much more skilled commanders in training as well as catch even the AI completely off guard, he was able to exploit weaknesses and utilizing strengths well while maintaining a strict adherence to the procedures of code and conduct on the battle field.

Yasunori combined traditional martial virtue, methods, tactics, and might with new age thinking, weaponry, strategy, and tactics, making him difficult to predict and hard to dislodge in battle. Shinzo later found that Yasunori had been an avid reader of some of Japan's greatest samurai legends as well as their leaders and he applied their methods in his fighting style as a leader as well as using modern methods of war and studying the military doctrines of both the Allies and the Soviets in pain staking detail, while Shinzo showed some level of dislike for Yasunori' combat and tactical methods, he was nevertheless impressed with his skills and had put his name forward to both the Crown Prince and to the Emperor himself. He had a feeling this young and upcoming commander would be key to the war efforts and his combined use of the old and new was interesting, it was like seeing a version of himself combined with Kenji and this would prove to be an interesting result.

Tatsu looked at the young commander's records along with his father and Yoshiro admitted that Yasunori had promise but only in the fires of combat and command while Shinzo's faith and sponsorship will Yasunori prove himself. Tatsu agreed, and they all were rewarded as Yasunori proved beyond a doubt that he was an excellent and skilled leader of his forces. His studies of the Allied and Soviet military doctrine allowed him to counter them all in ways that confounded even the top leaders of both the Allies and the Soviets, earning him quite a reputation among the Western Barbarians and even making him a priority target. There had been attempts to bride Yasunori' men and women by the Allies using money and while there were those who turned on him, he was quick to dispatch the traitors and counter-attack the Allies. He was also hated by all of the Soviet commanders and even by the Allies due to his skills in combat, the three other Shogun leaders showed respect and admiration for Yasunori that further added weight to his abilities and reputation in combat…proving that Shinzo's sponsorship and faith in Yasunori was well placed.

The Crown Prince also found out that Suki had begun to show interest in Yasunori and in truth he approved of this attraction, Yasunori had proven himself time and again in combat and was already a rising ray of light to the people, and his family were full of pride and many commented that his family were blessed indeed by their ancestors to have a son of such talent and reputation. His family's prestige had grown and both his parents were proud of him and were treated with honor. It was therefore not very surprising to the Crown Prince that his long time friend would take an interest in the Commander, however, while he could see that Yasunori was also attracted to Suki himself, he kept himself focused on the task at hand as a Shogun. He found that both amusing and admirable, until he later found out about Yasunori's doubts about their relationship and he also found that to be rather interesting, he had spoken to Suki about it and she herself was surprised and amused as well, but they talked it over and decided to allow her to surprise him herself and now he decided to tell Yasunori about the situation, besides he was soon to be married to another woman in the coming years when the time came for him to take his father's place as Emperor. The woman's name was Lady Aoi Kazame and she was a very skilled and talented woman who he had met before and there was great affection between them and added to that fact was that Lady Aoi was beautiful in her own right and his father approved of the marriage as well.

'I know you have not. But I will assure you that there is nothing between Suki and I, besides, I am soon to marry to another woman, Lady Aoi of the Kazame Clan."

Yasunori was surprised at that, Lady Aoi was considered a cultural scion of Japan, she belonged to a powerful family in the Empire had been strong supporters of the Emperor for generations in the same way as Suki's family had served the Royal Family for generations. The Kazame Clan were tied to many things as well as being the recognized preservers and guardians of all cultural treasures of the Empire. He couldn't help but find that marriage fitting and he smiled at Tatsu and spoke.

"Then I wish you the best in your marriage Crown Prince."

"Thank you, now I think it would be best that you get going to Hawaii Shogun Yasunori."


End of Flashback…

The truth of Suki and Tatsu's relationship allowed him to focus on what he had to do and now he was arriving at the islands of Hawaii, he then contacted the High Command center in Honolulu and was directed to Oahu as well as the location of Suki Toyama. It was going to be a good day for him and he hoped that Suki could wait for him.


On Oahu…

Suki smiled as she looked at the warm sun and heard the gentle movements of the waves onto the beach, this was something she had been planning for some time as she needed a good break from her duties as Intel officer for the Empire, she however hoped that Yasunori would arrive soon to join her, she had been looking forward to being with him ever since she had met him.

As she thought back on things, her communication system came up and she opened her special COM pad and smiled as she saw her old friend Tatsu.

"Greetings Crown Prince Tatsu, is there something going on?"

Tatsu smiled and shook his head.

"Nothing that requires you to change your plans Suki, I called to inform you that Yasunori is on his way there now."

Suki smiled warmly at that and she then spoke to Tatsu.

"I'm glad, did you talk to him?"

'I did and told him the truth, as well as my soon to come marriage with Lady Aoi, he was quite surprised, it's a shame you were there to see it for yourself."

Both friends laughed at that and Tatsu wished Suki a good vacation, and it was then that she was informed by the Empire High Command that a Sky Wing was heading her way with the pilot being none other than the man in question. It was then that she heard the sound of a Sky Wing coming in the area.

Suki smiled at the arrival of the Sky Wing and looked at the cockpit to see the pilot and spotted Yasunori as he returned the Sky Wing to it's normal Sea Wing form and landed some distance from her into the water and headed at her direction. The beautiful Japanese Field Intelligence Officer had begun to develop a great deal of respect and affection for the young man who rose through the ranks of the Empire and become the Supreme Shogun as was bestowed upon him by the Emperor and Prince Tatsu which in her mind he deserved it.

Suki had seen many young commanders of the Empire rise and fall, but Yasunori was something else entirely as despite the many odds that were stacked against him, he was able to pull victory out from the jaws of defeat more than once in the name of the Emperor, he defeated the best the Allies and the Soviets had to offer and his courage was amazing. She found that undeniably attractive and she had been hoping that this was the chance she had to get to know Yasunori better.

The Sea Wing landed a good distance from the beach and Suki smiled as the object of her deepest affections came out to join her, Yasunori was able to swim there and thanks to his warrior conditioning and training, he arrived and she hugged him, not caring as this was a private place for them both. She felt happy as Yasunori hugged her back and as soon as that was over, she smiled at him playfully.

"Thank you for coming Commander….or should I just call you Yasunori instead?'

"That will be fine Suki, it's great to see you here…and in such lovely attire no less."

The raven haired Japanese beauty smiled even more and turned in a circle to show her full form to her companion, and she could see that he loved the way she looked in her chosen outfit, but even though she could already see the evidence of his attraction to her choice of dress for the beaches of Hawaii, she still wanted to hear him speak out his feelings.

"Do you like what you see Yasunori?"

Yasunori nodded and blushed at seeing the beauty of Suki's form and face as she moved for his benefit. Seeing her in her regular Imperial uniform was always a test for his self control on more than one instance, but now seeing her in her choice of swim wear was a totally different thing in the mind of the young Supreme Shogun. Of course, being the gentleman that eh was, he responded.

"Of course I do….you look beautiful in anything you wear Suki."

The woman smiled, hearing the truth in that statement and she decided to get her companion into some decent swim wear himself, she took Yasunori's hand and he didn't go against her and they arrived to a quaint but well built house that Suki had rented for this exact purpose. She had bought a number of things to furbish the place to her liking and there was plenty of stocked food and drink there as well as some spare clothes that she could use as well as some clothes made for men. Yasunori quickly thanked Suki for thinking ahead of him, he had forgotten in his rush to meet her to pack some much needed clothes and other personal items when she had invited him to join her in Hawaii.

He was now dressed in the right beachwear as he joined Suki outside of the house, allowing Suki to see the form of her target of affection and she loved what she saw.

Yasunori had a warrior's build and he appeared to be at peak physical health, as most officers and soldiers were required to be at peak physical and mental condition to even enlist in the military it should not have surprised Suki that Yasunori was fit and strong, but seeing him out of his Shogun uniform was very nice to her mind, he didn't have a body builder's build and she still couldn't find why was it that gaijin women found such muscle bound forms appealing nor did she find the lean build of a runner to be all that appealing though she knew other women, gaijin or otherwise did find that to be attractive.

However in Yasunori's case, he had a fusion of both, and it suited him well and the playful woman couldn't help but hug the young Supreme Shogun and relish the feel of his muscles, his full male form, and hot skin on her own and she was not going to hesitate as she wanted to enjoy the peace that they had earned ever since going into the mission set out to them by the Emperor and Tatsu. The two of them enjoyed the famous sun and beaches of Hawaii to the best of their time and both enjoyed swimming in the pristine waters as well to cool off. Though in Yasunori's case, it was making him even more aware of just how attractive Suki was and how it boggled his mind that this woman was attracted to him.

As the day wore on, both spent the time learning about one another and this time it had not much to do on the battle field, while Suki no doubt had access to his files, she was still very curious about the life of her object of affection and wanted to know as much as possible about the man she had developed a deep attraction to and he likewise with her as while he was familiar with the Toyama family name, he knew little about Suki herself, it was a time of relaxation for the two the whole day and as the afternoon came to them both, they retired to the house that they were staying and both changed from their bathing attire and wore simple but clean clothes for dinner

As they ate the sushi and sashimi before them, the two took turns serving each other some good quality sake, Yasunori was quite comfortable with drinking sake despite not touching any in his younger days or when he was in campaigns, it was what separated him from most of the other commanders that Suki knew of, while those who were fresh from their triumphs drank sake to celebrate, Yasunori focused on gathering all the intelligence he could get on the current standing of his forces and his foes, the latter being provided by his own Shinobi who reported all the current status of the Allies and Soviets, instead of partying hard like more commanders did after victory, the now Supreme Shogun was planning the next battle in the name of the Emperor, planning ahead and creating new plans and setting up counters to whatever possible outcome the battle would bring. This trait did not always sit well with those who partied hard by most standards, but all the other commanders of the Empire couldn't deny that Yasunori's behavior was very appropriate as a Shogun in battle.

Suki then revealed other talents as she took up a small musical harp and began to play some music and it was soothing to her as she liked playing her own music when time was on her side as well as the environment. As she played the instrument she could see that she had Yasunori enthralled by her playing and she found that to be rather nice to know, she rarely played this instrument for others apart from her family and with Tatsu on occasion when they were growing up, and she liked to see the expression on her loved one's face. As she finished, Yasunori spoke to Suki.

"That was beautiful…I had no idea you could play so well."

Suki smiled demurely and replied.

"It's a talent I had as a child, I could have chosen to be a musician, but I followed my duty to serve the Royal Family as my family has for ten generations, though I was never taught to lose my talent, I am happy you liked it."

As the two enjoyed the beauty of the night in Hawaii, they listened to the sounds of nature and looked at the stars and then it was where Suki made her move on Yasunori, she hoped that the young Shogun would be able to get the message on what she intended to do to him to make this night even more pleasurable for the both of them. She was curious though, was he still a virgin?

The thought had occurred to her before and while there was a part of her that doubted that he was one, it certainly entertained her at the idea that her love interest had not yet done the deed with any other woman. She placed that aside and made her move as she still sat next to Yasunori, she then reached out and held his hand, he held her back in reassurance and she smiled at him and then as he turned to smile at her, she made her move as she moved and kissed him deeply on the lips while moving his hand to the tie on her kimono.

Yasunori was quite surprised at this, he knew that at some point of this night, something would happen between the two of them, but he was not expecting it to be now of all things. He however was quick to reciprocate Suki's actions and kissed her back with equal fervor and he began to untie the knot that held her obi there as well as her kimono. As soon as that was out of the way, Suki moved away from him by moving away from the plush pillow seats that they had on the floor, she smiled him even more and removed her kimono and to Yasunori's aroused awe, he saw that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Suki Toyama was a very beautiful woman and that was when she was dressed, she was even more so in the nude, in Yasunori's eyes, it was as if he was looking at a beautiful statue of a Goddess as he studied Suki's form from head to toe. He looked at her beautiful face which was in the same playful smile he was attracted too though this time he could see passion and desire in her smile exciting him as well, her raven black hair, her elegant neck, her smooth shoulders, and her breasts which were full and well formed for her build along with her dusky red nipples that begged for his touch, her slender curves, her flat womanly stomach, and womanly hips, long and gorgeous legs, her smooth and well muscled arms, and the patch of dark hair there in her most private place….she was gorgeous.

Suki could see that Yasunori was awed by the sight of her and she decided to speak as she moved closer to him.

"You like what you see my Shogun?"

Yasunori nodded dumbly, much to Suki's amusement and she helped him stand from their plush seats and move to the bed room, allowing Yasunori to study Suki in all her naked glory as well as her beautiful backside, she had a well shaped and sized ass and it was enough to make Yasunori reach out and rub his hand on it gently, marveling at the smooth skin there and the amused laughter of Suki told him that she was not offended by his actions.

"My….you are forward….I like that."

As they entered the room, Yasunori couldn't help himself as he felt his body react to the sight of Suki naked before him, it took all of his warrior self control to not just leap at her and ravage her, he was not some lusty demon willing to sate his hunger on any warm and willing or unwilling female at the drop of a hat. He saw himself better than that despite the test being placed on him as he helped her remove his clothes until he was soon to be naked before her, however there was another reason that he had not ravished Suki right there and then, one that somewhat troubled him….he was a virgin.

That was something of a mark on men his age, there was no doubt in his mind that even his mentor Shinzo had been with women before and there was no doubting that Kenji had his fair share of women in his day. There were geisha after all and while most men would have gladly gone to the geisha bath houses to relax and enjoy female companionship, he did not, some of his rival commanders who were unhappy due to his accomplishments, with the exceptions of Kenji, Shinzo, and Naomi thought that he was not interested in women. They were wrong in that regard, he was deeply attracted to women but he had this feeling to wait.

He knew that it would be a bit stretching the truth a bit too far if he said that he was waiting for the right woman to come his way, but he felt that way for a while now and now here he was, he knew this would make Suki laugh a lot as she stripped him of all his clothes and he was then pushed down to the bed by Suki, he could have kept it a secret, but she deserved to know this after all.

"Suki….there is something I have to tell you."

"What is that?"

"I….I….well, this is the very first time I have done this with a woman."

Suki looked at him with a very amused but loving expression.

"So I take it that means that you are a virgin."

Yasunori nodded at that and waited to see just how Suki would react to the news of him being a virgin.


(Lemon Time!)


Suki reached down to her lover and kissed him deeply, to know that he was indeed a virgin as she was excited her a great deal, to think that someone as talented as him as well as recognized and honored had never been with a woman. It made her smile that she was going to be his first woman and she decided to surprise him in turn as she moved away and whispered into his ear.

"You should know something my Shogun….I too am a virgin."

Yasunori was stunned and it took a moment for him to digest the information that Suki had just given him, he searched her face for any trace of a joke or a trick, but saw none on her face, he was amazed by this and couldn't help but feel awed and honored to the first man to take her virginity, but he still had to ask her if this was a lie or a joke, it was not that he didn't trust Suki at all, it was just that considering her playful and teasing nature, there was a chance that she was merely testing him.

"You are…"

Suki gave a serious nod and a calm smile.

"Yes, like you I have never lain in bed with another, you are y first…so be gentle with me my Shogun."

Yasunori nodded at that as he began to kiss Suki and she moaned out in approval of his actions and began to kiss him back. The two allowed their tongues to duel with one another as they rubbed their bodies together once more in order to feel one another deeply, Suki was more than eager to make her move on her lover as they continued to kiss him deeply as she was on top of him, rubbing her breasts on his chest, as the two of them parted from one another after the kiss and the young man took the initiative and was now on top of Suki.

The woman smiled at that and allowed her lover to take the lead as he began to kiss her deeply while rubbing his hands on her breasts, making her moan out in pleasure at his actions and that helped to make the young Shogun even more open with his actions. However, Yasunori recalled that since Suki herself was a virgin like him, he would have to be very careful and gentle with her, he wanted to make this first time good for them both and not bad for them both, he wanted to see Suki in the grip of pleasure, passion and orgasm as those would be sights worth seeing in his mind.

He made his way to her breasts after laving kisses and gentle licks on Suki's neck and face, and as he arrived on Suki's breasts, he moved to her right breast and nipple, he gently kissed her breast, taking her nipple into his mouth, running his tongue gently over it, that action made Suki moan out in deep pleasure.

"Yes….that feels good…"

Yasunori smiled at that and decided to make her feel even more pleasure, pleasure that Suki deserved in his mind and he continued to make his move by using his tongue and lips on her breasts and nipples. He then moved his hands to her flat stomach, lightly running his fingers on Suki's body and she loved the feeling of his hands on her body as well as she moaned out in pleasure of it.

Suki was far from idle as she ran her hands on Yasunori's hair and then on his shoulders and back, relishing the feel of his hot skin and the hard muscles there under her hands. She moaned even more as the young Shogun continued to lavish pleasure on her breasts, and then the woman moaned out deeply as she felt Yasunori's hands on her clitoris and vagina.


Yasunori couldn't help but feel even more aroused by the second as he felt the wetness there and he gently played with the patch of soft fur that guided his hands to Suki's womanhood and the feel of her wetness made him even more eager to touch and taste her. With that in mind he moved to her other breasts to give it the very same treatment that he had given it's twin, Suki smiled even more at that and cried out again as Yasunori began to rub his fingers, covered in her own juices, on her clitoris.


Now while he was indeed a virgin and he was dedicated to his duties as a Commander, Yasunori was not completely clueless on the female form and knew that what he was touching would be the part of Suki's body that would send the most pleasure up and down her body, he gently played with it using Suki's own juices to lubricate his fingers as he rubbed them on her clitoris while still suckling, licking and kissing her breasts. The Supreme Shogun enjoyed the way Suki moaned and cried out in pleasure as it excited him to no end as well in his own way. He then made his way from her breasts to her stomach, giving her body kisses and caresses as well as a few licks at certain spots that made Suki feel even more aroused.

It was then that he made his way past her well toned and flat stomach and then to her patch of black pubic hair and he took a sniff and found the smell to be very attractive, sweet and thin yet not too strong, it was delicious, even more so since this was actually the very first time he had ever smelled a woman's scent before. As he took it in, he moved to her clitoris and began to kiss it with his lips, making Suki moan out even more in pleasure.

"Yeeesss…..right there…."

Suki enjoyed this immensely and vowed to make her own moves on Yasunori to thank him but for now she was going to let her Shogun do what he wanted to her and then when he was done, he was going to be in for the time if his life. For now, she was in the mood to feel even more pleasure and joy in her body as Yasunori continued with his actions on her, making her all the more eager to pleasure him in turn.

Yasunori then used his tongue on Suki's vaginal lips in conjunction with his fingers which were still coated with her juices and he began to lick and kiss her vagina and clitoris with his fingers moving in and out of her sex, it was there that he ran into the proof of her virginity as he fingers touched her barrier, making Suki cry out a bit in pain. Yasunori was no fool and knew that when he would push his cock into Suki's vagina, there was no doubt going to be pain for her, he disliked the idea of causing pain to the beautiful woman but he knew that for them to reach the pinnacle of pleasure that they both wanted, they would have to do it.

He placed that out of his mind for now and focused on pleasuring Suki until she finally went through her release as he used his fingers and tongue to stimulate her to her desired release and the thought of seeing the raven haired beauty blushing and panting from the pleasure he was going to give her made Yasunori even more than willing to do just that. He looked to see Suki biting one finger to control her pleasure while her other hand was rubbing her breasts and nipples while her face was red from her blush, making him even more eager to see her cry out in pleasure It was not going to be long before Suki finally reached her limit.


Yasunori had no time to be ready as Suki unleashed a stream of her juices right at his face and he could only lick as much of it as he could manage as he held onto the woman as she tensed herself up at the pleasure that flooded her at that moment, Suki panted out her pleasure and decided that now that she had undergone the pleasure of an orgasm, she should give her lover the very same treatment.

As soon as she felt her body become more relaxed, she looked to see the look of awe in her lover's face, this made her feel even more aroused as she had every intention to make her lover smile even more. She got up and kissed him in the mouth, both moaned as she tasted her own juices on her lover's lips and tongue and she sucked in his tongue erotically, this made Yasunori's cock harden to the point that he moaned in slight discomfort. Suki laughed a bit gently at that and then directed her hands on his cock and ran her fingers on it, marveling at the length, thickness, hardness and heat. It seemed that the Gods had favored her lover with the right endowments and she was going to take advantage of that.

Yasunori was still recovering from the kiss as well as the pleasure Suki sucking his tongue in a very erotic fashion, then the feeling of her fingers touching his cock and his testicles was very arousing indeed. He was then pushed down to the bed by Suki and now that told him that it was going to be his turn this time, he was eager to see just what Suki was going to do to him.

Suki smiled as she was now on top of Yasunori and had every intention to make him cry out her name as well. She started by kissing him deeply and the moans she got from him were more than enough to get his attention. As soon as she broke the kiss, she made her way to his chest, licking and kissing him the same way he had done to her when she was beneath him, now that the situation was reversed; she was more than ready to make her own moves on him.

Suki began to lick and suck on her lover's chest, making him cry out and she loved that.


Suki smiled warmly at the endearment, therefore she decided to pleasure her lover for using such an endearing term to describe her, she moved down to his stomach, kissing the skin and licking it as well. This was something that the Supreme Shogun relished as he ran his hands on her hair as well as her face, making her even more eager to pleasure her lover the way she knew would make him very happy. She ran her breasts and her nipples on his cock, the result of which was Yasunori gasping as well as moaning out loudly.

Suki smiled at that as she came face to face with her lover's cock, she marveled at it before rubbing her breasts on it as well as her nipples, she looked to see that Yasunori looked at her with pure awe and lust in his eyes, arousing her even more as she moved her breasts on his cock. Suki then decided to take it to the next level as she recalled the pleasure he had given her when he used his mouth and tongue on her vagina as well as her clitoris.

Yasunori watched as Suki kissed his cock gently, making him gasp at Suki's forward nature, not that he was complaining at the very least with her actions. He then saw Suki lick the tip of his cock gently and before he could comment on it, she took his cock into her mouth deeply, she took in his entire length, and it was not long before she took in his full length without trouble, this sight was more than enough to make Yasunori cry out in great pleasure as well as release as he sat lay there on the bed, he was not experiencing the pleasure that he had given Suki when he used his tongue as well as his fingers on her own vagina as well as her clitoris.


Suki moaned at this as she slowly began to move her head up and down while moving her long hair aside as she relished the pleasure she was blessing her lover with. As she began to relax herself, slowly increasing her pace until she was moving with considerable speed, enough to constantly pleasure Yasunori's cock with her mouth as well as her tongue, but without hurting him as well. The cries of pleasure she was able to gain from Yasunori made her smile as she moved even more, eager to hear him cry out in release, to match the very same cry that she had given when he had done the same to her…she wanted it badly.


It was not long before the Supreme Shogun lost his will as well as his control as he climaxed hard as this was naturally his first time with a woman.


Suki held herself there and took in as much of her lover's cum as she could manage, it was bit difficult for her, but she relished the moments when she felt her lover's cock twitch and tense before the stream of Yasunori's cum hit the back of her throat, she tasted the thick liquid and she found it to be sweet as well as hot, something she could develop a taste for. She took in all of it to the last drop, she then released her lover's cock from her mouth and she looked at her lover as she swallowed his cum without any trouble at all, that was when she looked at Yasunori as she swallowed his cum, all the while she smiled seductively at him, she then whispered into his ear in the most erotic tone she could muster.

"You taste delicious my Shogun…".

That was more than enough for Yasunori to fully recover as she said those words, his cock was back at full mast and he made his move as he moved forward, pinning Suki to the floor, his cock was right there in position as he looked at Suki for silent permission, he might be Supreme Shogun and could order her about as subordinate, but in this moment she was his first woman and the woman he was in love with…he needed her permission to do this for her. Suki nodded and that was enough to egg him forward as he pushed his cock past her vagina's outer lips, he kept on moving forward, both of them moaning out as he pushed even deeper into her vagina, he then reached the barrier he found earlier, the proof of Suki's virginity, he tried to take it slow to avoid hurting her, but Suki would have none of ti as she thrust her hips forward. That tore the barrier and Yasunori felt his cock be fully engulfed in Suki's vagina.


Suki and Yasunori cried out as she was now pierced by his cock and she felt it fill her vagina deeply, it was a bit painful but that didn't hurt the young woman too much as she focused herself away from the pain of losing the proof of her virginity. Yasunori was not happy with what happened but Suki smiled and replied.

"I'll be fine Yasunori….go on, make me feel you…"

Yasunori nodded and stopped for a second to savor the pleasure as well as the bliss of knowing that he was deep in the sheath of his lover's sex, it felt divine to feel the tightness, wetness, softness, and heat as well. As soon as he got himself accustomed to the feeling of being inside Suki's vagina, he began to move slowly, pulling out slowly until Suki moaned deeply.

The raven haired woman enjoyed the feelings flowing through her body as her lover began to move back into her sheath, then out again, establishing a pace that made her moan out loudly at the pleasure, and it pleased her that Yasunori also moaned alongside her.

The pace was slow at first, until the two got comfortable with the pace and then decided to speed things up a bit more as Yasunori thrust deeper and faster into her body, making the raven haired woman moan even louder in joy and pleasure. She reached up to her lover and they shared a deep kiss as their tongues dueled with one another while Yasunori's hips moved and pounded into Suki's own.

Suki then wrapped her long and well toned legs around her lover's waist as she held on for dear life as the pleasure continued to flood her body from head to toe. As they picked up the pace, they held tighter together while kissing one another deeply. It was not long before the two of them were moving together in a beautiful and sensual pace that filled the room with erotic sounds as well as the smell of sex, both drove them on to higher heights of passion. They eventually parted from their kiss to take in some much needed air and they continued to pleasure one another.

Yasunori bent down to take Suki's breasts into his mouth while Suki ran her hands on his back gently while he pounded into her vagina like a well oiled piston in an engine. The two lovers were soon covered in sweat from their actions. Suki cried out pleasure as both the feel of Yasunori's hands on her breasts as well as his lips and tongue, along with the deep and hard thrusts of his cock into her vagina while Yasunori relished the feel of being deep in Suki's sex while licking and sucking her breasts as well as her nipples.


The two lovers finally reached their limits as they both came at the very same time…

Suki felt her vagina being filled to the brim by her lover's cum, she relished it as the waves of pleasure flooded her senses in that moment, she felt each hot and thick release of her lover's seed into her vagina, it felt delicious to her as she felt her body being soaked in pleasure as well as flowing into a massive stream of joy at the release she had been given as she tensed her body at the release she felt.

Yasunori felt likewise as he felt Suki's vagina milk his cock like a vice, the wetness, softness, heat, and tightness drove him to the utter limits of pleasure as he felt her body tense and milk him for all it was worth. His release before now paled in comparison to this one he now had due to being in Suki's vagina and feeling it all around him in that moment. The two of them kissed one another deeply and then they parted both in their kiss and their bodies to recover.

As he lay next to Suki, he looked to see her smile as well as her blush, she looked utterly lovely in that single moment and he spoke to her.

"You were….incredible Suki…"

Suki smiled back and replied.

"And so were you Yasunori….but…"

"But what?"

The Supreme Shogun had no idea what Suki meant by that word and wondered if he did something that she didn't approve of, that idea sounded ridiculous in his mind so it had to be something else entirely for her to say that. And he got his answer as the woman slowly got off the bed and was now on her knees and she spoke to him.

"I want more…"


Suki turned to face Yasunori as she was on her hands and knees before him as he looked at her and she smiled to him.

"Come on, Yasunori….the night is still young."

The Imperial Shogun needed not further invitation as he moved towards Suki and gently ran his hands on her nude body, marveling once more as he felt her skin and form yet again, making him even more aroused by the second, he ran his hands on her back gently, making Suki moan out in pleasure and arousal at the touch. He then reached his hands over her ass and ran them gently on the fleshy orbs and Suki laughed gently at that.

Yasunori then moved his hands to her breasts and massaged them gently and in the way that Suki loved to feel and she moaned out her pleasure at his actions and then she cried out again as Yasunori moved in and began to rub the tip of his hard cock on her vaginal lips as well as rubbing it on her clitoris. That was enough to make Suki even more aroused at the pleasure that she was feeling and she was now being kissed on the back and shoulders by her lover…

"Yasunori…..that's so good…"

Yasunori smiled as he continued to play with Suki's well formed breasts as well as kissing her back and shoulders, as well as rubbing his cock on her vagina as well as her clitoris, he could already tell that Suki was deeply aroused and eager from the way she panted and moaned his name as well as the increase of her moisture coming from her vagina. As soon as he was sure that she was wet enough, he gently pushed his cock deeply into her vagina, this was more than enough to make Suki cry out as he filled her vagina to the brim. In this position the pleasure for them tripled and that was a good thing for the both of them as well. They began to move in that position slowly, in the same fashion as they had done before in their previous love making.

"Ahhhh…..yess…..that's it Yasunori…"

"Suki-chan….you feel so good…."

It was not long when the two picked up the pace and like before both panted and cried out their pleasure as well as their joy as Yasunori began to move his hips faster, allowing his cock to slid deeper and faster into Suki's hot, wet and willing sex while he played with her breasts and Suki responded by moving her hips in time with each thrust that her lover gave to her, it was heavenly for the two of them.



The two of them continued on their adventurous and erotic romp and then kissed one another as Suki moved up her body and Yasunori kissed her deeply and at that moment, they both came once more, their juices flowing out and mixing with one another deeply, it was utterly delicious for the two of them as they stayed there for a minute or two.

The two of them finally lay down on the bed as they parted and kissed one another when they faced one another, Suki smiled as she closed her eyes to sleep and that allowed Yasunori to kiss her lips and run his hands on her face as he too fell asleep.


The next day…

Suki woke up in bed and smiled as she felt her body move and recall the pleasure from last night and she decided to look about and see just where her Shogun had gone and she didn't have to wait long as Yasunori came back into the bedroom with some hot tea and warm bread slices on a tray for her, she smiled and sat up and allowed the red Imperial silk covers fall off her nude form, allowing Yasunori the sight of her full and well formed breasts, that was enough to make Yasunori take in a gulp of air and blush, much to Suki's delight.

As soon as he was able to get his focus back on track, Yasunori sat down and presented the food to his lover and spoke to Suki.

"That was….unexpected…"

"But you liked it?"

Yasunori replied by kissing Suki deeply and whispered in her ear after kissing her.

"Yes I did."

Suki smiled warmly at that and the two of them took the time to enjoy the food and later, the two dressed and had a proper breakfast and both had a good meal of soba noodles as well as tempura and sashimi. The two spent time back on the beach with Suki trying a much different set of bathing clothes, or rather, none whatsoever as she had managed to convince Yasunori to have an early morning session of skinny dipping, surprising and arousing the young Supreme Shogun as he agreed. The two enjoyed their time together and it seemed that the two were going to be very close to one another.

They spent the rest of their vacation together and as time passed, the two showed a great deal of affection so it was not surprising for one to think that the two of them would soon be taking their relationship to the very next level


Two months later…

Kyo Mikage smiled as more guests arrive in their quaint home as they were there to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding as well as celebrate the rising of their son Yasunori as Supreme Shogun, the Mikage had a fairly large home due to their status, but ever since their son had risen to being the second highest ranking leader of the Empire's military, they had gained quite a lot of support and honor, their family name was moved to being in the cream of society and more besides. It was a great honor to them and for their family as well as their ancestors. It was a shame that their son was not around at the moment to join them, as he had been busy with many matters in his service to the Emperor.

Kyo turned to face his wife Sakura as she walked over to him, wearing a kimono that matched her name with the flower patterns and with e flowers having the same color, the two had a long and loving marriage and were blessed with child, that being Yasunori himself, it didn't trouble Kyo that he didn't have other children as his only son had risen beyond anything he had ever hoped for. They dotted on their child and taught him many things and when he enrolled in the Academy to serve the Empire, they were proud of him.

However, they had not expected their only son to rise to such a rank before and it made them wish that he was there to visit them every now and then. It was then that one of their guards came and he was smiling.

"Kyo-sama, Sakura-sama, we have two new guests coming."

Kyo turned to his wife and spoke to her.

"Who else did you invite dear?"

"I did not invite anyone else….who is it?"

The guard smiled and replied.

"It is your son, Yasunori-sama, and it seems he is accompanied by another person, a very attractive woman."

Kyo and Sakura were amazed and happy, it seemed that their son had taken the time to come to the anniversary and they were curious as to who would be with their son. As they arrived, they saw their son dressed in his Imperial Uniform and as handsome as ever, with his katana on his side and the symbol of the office of Supreme Shogun there as well. It was then that they saw the beauty who accompanied their son and they were quick to recognize her and they gasped

Yasunori Mikage smiled warmly at his mother and father and spoke to them to introduce his girlfriend and hopefully soon to become wife. He had gone with Suki to meet Suki's own parents previously and she had introduced him to her family, and Suki's parents approved of him greatly as they knew of him and his accomplishments as well as hearing how much their daughter spoke of him. And to really throw in the beauty of it, both Emperor Yoshiro and Crown Prince Tatsu approved of the idea of both him and Suki being married; now the time had come to introduce Suki to his own family and inform them of their status as prospective husband and wife. He wanted to surprise his parents and considering the way the two looked at him and Suki, his plan seemed to have worked to his advantage.

Suki was dressed in a very simple but very attractive kimono and had her hair done in a traditional hairstyle with chopsticks in her hair and while she was not wearing makeup, she still looked very attractive without the makeup as was proven when several young men had stopped to admire her beauty as they arrived in his clan's home estate. And on her ring finger was a silver engagement ring that had the Empire Symbol on it, proof that Suki and Yasunori were very much engaged to one another.

Both Kyo and Sakura Mikage were awed at the sight of the woman who accompanied their son as he spoke to them.

"Father, Mother, I would like to introduce my girlfriend and soon to be bride, Suki Toyama."

Suki smiled in greeting at her prospective in laws and both Kyo and Sakura were amazed, they knew the Toyama family was known to be of great stature, importance, and position in the Empire…and to know that their son was marrying into the family was a great honor indeed. Kyo bowed and so did Sakura as the patriarch of the Mikage Clan spoke.

"Lady Toyama, you honor us with your presence."

Suki smiled back and bowed to both of Yasunori's parents.

"And I am honored to meet the parents of my boyfriend and soon to be husband as well."

As soon as word spread out in the Mikage compound of the up and coming marriage between Suki and Yasunori, there was great cause for celebration on all sides, Yasunori smiled and shared a deep and passionate kiss with Suki as they began to plan their life together in the new Empire of the Rising Sun.


To be continued…


Author's Notes:

Well now, that wraps up the one with Suki Toyama, I found Kelly Hu to be quite the choice for the Empire's version of Eva and Dasha, and I have to say, Kelly Hu is attractive in all ways. Though I'll wager a bet there would be others who say otherwise.

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