Command & Conquer: Ladies of Red Alert series

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Chapter 7


( ): Thoughts

Author's notes:

Now here is one scenario that I KNOW most guys who have played the Red Alert 3 Allied Campaign have hoped for ever since they saw the ending of the said campaign, what would happen if you could take BOTH Eva McKenna and Tanya Adams out on a double date!

Now I KNOW that there is no chance in hell this would ever happen in real life, least of all between women in the military, but hey, Red Alert 3 IS a game and not a real life situation so anything can go in that sense so let's leave it at that all right?

Anyhow…on with the story!

Allied Commander Jeffrey Monroe had no idea just how he was able to get himself into this kind of situation, here he was in a very high class restaurant in downtown London with not one date for the evening, but TWO…

He looked to see his dates for the night, one Allied Lieutenant Eva McKenna dressed in a very sexy white dress, while the other was Allied Commando Tanya Adams who was dressed in sinful black. Both of them had managed to catch him completely off guard at that moment when he was still in his office watching the news on how The Soviet Premier Cherdenko and his lackey Krukov were now on ice in a cryo-prison and the rest of their fellow Soviet officers being held for trials for their heinous acts ever since the start of the war.

To finally see the end of the war was something he enjoyed and he was looking forward to getting some much deserved rest, but now both Evan and Tanya showed up and both had given him the invitations that they had no doubt planned since this whole thing started, somehow however the two discovered the situation and he was worried that there was going to be yet another war before him.

Only in this case it was going to be a cat fight between both women, but somehow, not only did the two not fight one another in any fashion, but they decided to ask him to take BOTH of them out for a party to celebrate the end of the war with both the Soviets and the Allies. Needless to say both women were somewhat amused by his reaction as he looked at the two of them in utter shock. However he managed to get his act together and give an answer.

An answer that landed him herein his current situation, which by most standards was quite enviable as many men around him were looking at him and giving him various looks of different opinions on his current mess, some were impressed, others were supporting, while the rest were either envious or jealous over the fact that he had two dates who were downright gorgeous.

And in his mind they were, Eva excluded the aura of a true British beauty which was certainly enough to catch the eye of any regular person, that along with her…very pleasing physical measurements and her contributions to the fight with the Soviets was more than enough proof that she was more than just good looks and a beautiful body. Tanya on the other hand was an American beauty that was like a bomb, she excluded beauty with toughness, skill and strength with her wits and intellect as well, and her contributions to the Allied cause were nothing to take lightly either. Those reasons and the fact that they were undeniably beautiful in their choices of dress this night was more than enough to make him feel very much awed that he was even doing this and was not being grilled in length by anyone about it.

Jeffrey was very much a good officer and a gentleman, but even he had to privately admit that he was getting a considerable degree of perverse pleasure of being able to date two beautiful women at the very same time. As far as he knew this was something that most men only dream about and now he was living the dream that most men would have killed for in their whole lives. He couldn't help but feel very lucky at this moment.

The two women seemed to be at ease despite the fact that they were getting quite a lot of looks from the men who were also in the room while several of the women who were in the room as well were giving them looks of slight disapproval along with envy, and that was also for a very good reason, as their respective date happened to be a very handsome man who was considered the hero of the Free World.

Jeffrey Monroe was a young man who had a British mother and an American father, his father was Alex Monroe who served the previous war as a volunteer soldier from the US and was ranked as a Colonel in the United States Airborne Paratroopers from the famed 101st Airborne nicknamed the 'Screaming Eagles' and they had played key roles in fighting the Soviets in the past war, while his mother was Anna Richards, A Royal Marine Field Medic who had worked with the 101st and in the group that Jeffrey's father was part of.

The story was that his force had encountered a fierce Soviet forward assault force and had fought with the Reds in a pitched battle and Alex along with Anna were cut off from the rest of the team and were forced to fend for themselves in the fighting, Alex had been able to fight off roving patrols of the Soviets and they had succeeded in evading the Soviets as well, getting several scars and wounds with Anna healing his as best she could. They had survived for ten days with Alex managing to gather ammunition by taking the Ak-47s of the slain Soviet soldiers and their ammunition when his own M-16 was running out of ammunition.

They were eventually rescued by a roving Allied Resistance Cell and were brought back to safety, Alex's injuries had warranted him to be sent back to the US, but he decided to stay in the UK, eventually he and Anna were married and had Jeffrey as their first born son.

It was a battle field romance to say the least and the marriage proved to be stable and strong as both loved one another and their son dearly, It was later that Jeffrey enrolled in the military Academy and soon became an officer, then soon war broke out and he did his part since his father had been injured in a car accident and could no longer serve in the coming war and his mother was working in the rear lines as a nurse.

As for him…well he would let history tell that story for itself, right now however, he had to think about how he was going to deal with the fact that he was dating two beautiful blonde women who served in the same military as he did at the same time. So far it seemed that Eva and Tanya were getting alone well and that for him was certainly a load better than most. As they finished their dinner and drinks, the two blondes each took turns dancing with Jeff, much to the admiration, and jealousy of the men present. Both women were apparently very aware of the situation that they had walked into but neither of them cared in the slightest as well since they were here to be with their Commander who had won the war.

After some time, the three decided to leave and enjoy some alone time, and Jeff was more than willing to take both Tanya and Eva to his home, though he made sure to show his intentions to both blonde woman. The two looked at him with a twinkling in their eyes and agreed so they headed off to his home. It took a while before they finally came to his flat which was something he earned from his salary as a Commander and he made sure to spend wisely and he was more of a country kid which was why it was in the outskirts...more privacy in his view. Both women liked the look of his flat and when they entered it, it was quite roomy, but they were only interested in one room in his home…the bedroom.

And Jeff knew that as well and therefore he gave them the directions to the room in question did not resist the two of them as they took his arms and soon took him to said room. Once they were in said room they were more than willing to make him sit down on his bed that was fairly large and more than ample for the plan they had in mind. Both blonde women smiled at the man they were in what many men would have fought for in his position. They took off their shoes easily and soon Jeff removed his own shoes and sock. Tanya and Eva were pleased with what he had done and then without bothering to unzip their clothing, merely moved the straps aside and soon the clothing fell down and finally the two blonde babes were finally exposed before the man who had saved the Free World from the Soviets and the Japanese forces.

(Lemon Time)

Both women smiled warmly at the object of their affections as he couldn't help but look at them as their dresses had just fallen off their shoulders and now they were in their undergarments. The fact that those said undergarments were sheer and nearly see-through was more than enough to make Jeffrey gulp at seeing the sheer beauty before him as he drank the sight of both Eva McKeena and Tanya Adams in their undergarments before him.

He couldn't help but stare at both women intensely as he drank all their features with his eyes.

He studied Eva's beautiful face and the sexy way she smiled plus the seductive twinkle in her eyes that really got his attention, along with her blush on her face with her hair framing her face. He soon looked at the rest of the blonde British beauty's body, moving up down to seeing her slender and well toned form, her breasts which were encased in a white silk bra that certainly hugged her more than ample bust and he could swear to his grave that he could see Eva's nipples poking a bit through the silk. He could not help but admire the look of Eva McKenna like this as he moved his eyes reluctantly from her breasts to look at the rest of her body. She might not be a full field agent but she certainly knew how to keep herself in full fighting shape as there was not an ounce of fat anywhere on her.

And if there was any, he would actually enjoy looking for it as Eva's body was so well formed as he looked at her toned stomach, her well formed hips and he looked at the place where her sex was, hidden away by the white silk thing she had on, moving all the way to her well toned thighs, legs and back up again to make sure he did not miss one single detail of the British beauty's form. And it was obvious that Eva enjoyed his scrutiny of her form.

He soon looked at Tanya's beautiful face and the very seductive way she smiled at him while she was fully naked before him. And he was more than willing to take a good long look at her fully exposed form though she like Eva still wore lingerie though in her case she wore black silk as well, certainly suited for th dress she was wearing much earlier. Her breasts were just as impressive as Eva's if not by a slightly higher margin and were well encased by her black silk bra and her own nipples were showing a bit through the silk.

His gaze went lower to her well toned stomach, shapely hips, the black silk thong there, her toned thighs as well as her shapely legs, and then he moved his gaze up and down making sure not to miss any details on the female commando's form at all. And judging from the undeniably sexy smile she had she already knew just what was cooking on in his head.

Tanya then posed a bit and so did Eva for their Commander and the blonde Commando spoke seductively to him.

"Like what you see Commander?"

Jeffrey nodded at that and replied, managing to get his upper brain functions to work despite the fact that he was literally cooking in his body with the onrush of desire in his loins.

"Oh yes….I really do…."

Tanya grinned and replied as she looked at Eva.

"You hear that Lieutenant Eva, he loves the show."

Eva smiled warmly as well as she replied.

"I noticed, so Tanya, shouldn't we remove the commander's outfit? He seems, oh I don't know….overdressed?"

"Good idea."

Both women wasted little time on their hands as they closed in on the Commander who was still staring at them like a school boy seeing his crush for the very first time, Eva wasted no time removing Jeffrey's suit and Tanya began to remove the rest of his upper clothes, the two women then gently pushed him to the bed and they gently removed him of his shoes, socks and pants, leaving the young Commander only in his boxers and they were more than happy with what they were looking at.

Jeffrey was a carrier soldier and officer, so it was not surprising that he kept himself in peak physical form and condition so he had well formed muscles on him as well as a good height that was enough to grab the attention of any woman, and it grabbed theirs well enough. He also had a boyish face that was too cute to ignore with the short light brown hair and deep green eyes, it amazed them to know that he had never been with a woman before. Now he was going to get to try out the dream of so many young men his age and they soon decided to remove the last vestiges of their clothing. Soon the white bra and thong of Eva was on the ground next to her clothes and Tanya's own black silk bra and thong joined her own clothing, and that allowed Jeff to finally see both women in their full naked glory. And Jeff could see that Tanya's nipples were already hard and were a deep red while Eva's own light pink nipples were just as hard. And when he looked at their well trimmed patches of blonde hair above their respective vagina, he could see that they were getting wet.

Both women looked to see his body shiver a bit and they saw his boxers begin to show a tent there

Tanya smiled as she moved to his right and began to run her hands on his body while Eva did likewise and began to run her own hands on Jeffrey's body in her own fashion, it made the two of them smile warmly when they saw the effects their actions had on the young man. They then moved to kiss him at the very same time and while this was unusual to say the least, the two could not help but get used to it and they could tell that Jeff was enjoying it. Once they were done kissing the man, they looked at one another and nodded though Eva was a bit nervous at what they were about to do since this was something that she had never done before, even when she was in high school or college. Tanya saw that and she smirked a bit at the nervousness of the blonde Lieutenant. She however also was a bit nervous since she had not done it as Eva had, still she had heard more than enough to know that there were guys who found the sight very worth while.

And now they were going to go ahead and do it, with Tanya obviously being the one to go first. She starts the show by moving next to Eva who was blushing deeply and got behind her, she soon began to run her hands on the naked Lieutenant's body, slowing running her fingers on her sides and then onto her stomach, then gently running her fingers on the underside of her breasts slowly. She carried this on while playing with her compatriot blonde's now hardening nipples.

Eva leaned her head to the side in reaction to the sensations of this and moaned deeply at the pleasure that came from this, and knowing that the man she loved and desired for was watching…and enjoying it made her more than willing to let this whole thing, scandalous as it was to play to the full end.

Tanya smiled even more at this and soon began to lavish kisses and licks on the neck and cheek of Eva while moving her hands all over Eva's breasts and nipples. Soon the blonde intelligence officer turned her head a bit to the side, allowing Tanya to kiss her for their lover to see while Tanya moved her hand down to Eva's own hot and obviously wet sex, and Eva showing some remarkable agility herself moved her hand to the back and found the blonde American's own hot and wet sex. The very second they began to touch and rub each other's sex, both blonde beauties moaned at the same time.

As they began to make out, they made very sure that Jeff was not going to miss every single detail of what they were doing before him right now.

The sight of two undeniably beautiful and obviously naked blonde women who had once been rivals now making out with one another all for him to look at was more than enough for Jeff to look at them very intently as both blondes were kissing one another senseless while they were pretty much pleasuring their blonde partner's sex with their fingers, allowing him to not only see it happen but also hear the results. Each moan they made along with the sounds they made were really doing one hell of a number of in his mind and all he could do was watch the whole thing play out before him.

Tanya smiled at Jeff and when she felt herself coming closer to orgasm, she spoke to Eva.

"All right you British minx, let's give the commander a show."

"All right."

Both women soon stopped and then they went into the 69 position with Eva on top of Tanya and soon Jeff was able to see them use their tongues on each other's sex, along with their fingers. It was Tanya who started first and Eva could not help but cry out as the pleasure hit her when Tanya began to lick her clit and then moving her tongue up and down her labia's outer lips, this allowed Tanya to taste Eva's sweet juices and the warmth of her sex and soon she was the one doing the moaning. Eva was not willing to be on the sidelines for long as she moved her head up a bit and began to lick Tanya's own exposed sex. He could see them do this as he moved to look at them from all angels, and both women were more than willing to let him see them do this.

It was not long before Tanya and Eva found each of their partner's respective G-spots and soon they wasted little to no time pleasuring that spot to bring their partner closer to release. All for Jeff to see as he saw Eva's tongue sliding into Tanya's sex as well as her fingers, and when he moved away from the bewitching sight to seeing Tanya's own tongue and fingers sliding into Eva;s own hot and wet sex. Both women were really going at it and the sounds that were the results of their actions on one another, turned into literal music to his ears. And the smell of their respective arousal filled the room which served to make his sex even more eager for the chance to be buried deeply in either woman's sex.

But he managed to control himself and look on at the way both Tanya and Eva were driving each other up the wall. And the way they were getting all the more into the definitely hot and arousing acts before him, told him enough to know that they were about to hit their overall limits. And the cries they both unleashed at the same time made it clear that they had indeed hit their respective orgasm at the same time.


Once the two women parted from one another they were showing how much they loved the feeling of their orgasms hitting their bodies and minds. Both blonde beauties were truly in the grip of their orgasm and they looked at him with very aroused intent. Even more so when he knew that his penis was now at full mast. Both women smiled warmly and began to move in his direction and soon he was treated to the sight of both Eva and Tanya looking at his cock with smiles on their faces.

All he could do at this point was stare and try to figure out just what they were going to do next.

He moaned deeply when they began to run their hands gently on his cock separately, Eva was the first to do that before she moved away to allow Tanya to do the very same thing. The two women were very different in how they used their hands on his manhood. Tanya's was hard but not very tight and fast while she made sure to wet her hand with her own juices. Eva's was slow and sensual with her own hand covered in her own juices. This carried on for a while before they finally decided to use their breasts at the same time.

Jeff could not help but stare out at the sight of his sex being sandwiched between the ample breasts of Eva first while Tanya moved to kiss him deeply and allow his hands to caress her own more than ample breasts and nipples, and also her own hot and wet pussy which was still releasing more of her honey into her lover's hand. Soon Eva moved his dick out of the vice of flesh that were her breasts and soon Tanya did the same thing and he could not help but watch the drop dead beautiful Allied Commando now place his man-meat in between her more than ample breasts.

(Good mother of God…)

Tanya could see his expression and she gave him a wicked grin which was easily shared by Eva as she soon kissed Jeff deeply in the lips while allowing him to play with her breasts and nipples with one hand while she guided the other to her own sex, allowing him to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy.

This carried for quite a while as either blonde woman would move to take the other's place and send all manner of sensations up and down the young man's body. This was the kind fo thing that most if not all men his age would think about, but in Jeff's case he was not thinking it, he was living it. And living it is a lot more powerful that merely thinking about all. The pleasure that ran through his body continued to maker him almost give up all manner of self control and make him release his cum right now. The two women knew that but they were more than willing to let this last a lot more as they decided to give the man one hell of a show before they gave him a double team prize.

The man could only stare when both women moved into position around his sex, and to his utter amazement and lust, both Tanya and Eva pressed both their breasts together around his cock, trapping his sex in a vice of their firm, full, soft, and warm breasts and both of them would move up and down at the same time. That action was more than enough to send all manner of sensations through his body.

Tanya and Eva enjoyed the pleasure they were getting from what they were doing right now with them pressing their lover's manhood in between the vice of their breasts and they were also enjoying the feel of his sex moving between their breasts as well as the contact between the two of them at the very same time. They also took the time to kiss and lick his cock whenever it was exposed to them and they enjoyed hearing his moans when they did that to him. They would also make sure to kiss one another deeply for his viewing pleasure as they carried on with their actions of moving their breasts at the same time on his sex. But they were not going to always do this for long, oh no, the two blonde babes had other plans in mind for the man they were about to be VERY lustful with, and each plan was going to be soon worth it's weight in proverbial gold.

And they did not hesitate to put that said plan into action, Jeffo only had enough sense to feel them move away from him, releasing his cock from their breasts. He groaned in sexual frustration at this but soon gasped and was moaning again as the two women were now using their mouths, tongues, and lips on his sex.


Jeff could only stare as he saw both blondes began to lick and kiss his cock from base to tip and back again. Eva was on one side while Tanya was on the other and they were really making all the effort to drive him up the wall. Either of them would start slowly, running her tongue and lips on his cock and then when the woman got to the tip she ran her tongue slowly on the head. While this was happening to him, the other woman driving him closer to orgasm with her own actions, and it took all of his self control not to lose it too early. He wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as possible. Both Tanya and Eva were really giving him a sight that would be sheared into his brain for a very long time, Eva would go first, taking his full length into mouth, moving up and down, using her tongue on his cock's sides and underside. All the while she was doing this Tanya busied herself by playing with his balls with her lips and her tongue, and the pleasure she felt as she did this was something she enjoyed. And when Eva moved away from Jeff's cock it was now Tanya's turn and the blonde commando was more than willing to use her tongue and lips on him to the full effect.

The two women were really getting into the spirit of things right now and the pleasure for the two of them was growing as they tell that Jeff was already reaching his limit. They however were not going to let him reach that limit far too early. They would stop and focus on kissing his body and then his mouth deeply while running their breasts and nipples on him. Once they could see that he was calming down, they went back to it again and they were more than able to make him go back to moaning their names.

"Oh goooodddd…"

Jeff was getting closer and closer to orgasm but each time he did, both Tanya and Eva would stop and he would fall back again. And then they would once more subject him to the pleasure and the sight of the two blondes doing this on his sex and even kissing one another while licking his cock at the very same time. It was unbearable for him but he could not find it in himself to make them stop either as the pleasure they gave him was making him lose all sense of being able to talk.

But thankfully it was not long before both women decided that they had done more than enough o the Commander and soon they continued on with their actions, no longer stopping. And their actions on him had the right results and Jeff could only cry out in pleasure as he finally achieved his orgasm after so long.


He finally cried out as he unleashed a large amount of his cum and could not help but shiver as the two women were right there and ready to take in ad much of his seed as they could manage. And all he could do was stare at both Tanya and Eva as they took turns with his cock as they were taking in all of his seed by turns. First it was Eva who took his dick into her mouth and took in her share before moving away as Tanya quickly took in his manhood into her mouth.

Tanya and Eva took in as much of his cum as they could manage before they moved back even as more landed on their lips, chin, some on their faces and some of that dropped down their breasts. The two blondes did not mind in the slightest for this night and soon as Jeff began to get his breath back, they offered him a very good show. Eva was the very first to start as she began to lick and suck off the cum from Tanya's breasts and nipples, making the blonde commando moan out in a very hot manner.

And as soon as Eva moved away, the British beauty was now the one doing the moaning as Tanya gave her the very same treatment. That made Eva moan out happily while cradling her former rival's head and once the blonde commando was done, both of them kissed one another deeply while rubbing their breasts and nipples together, all for Jeff to see.

The Allied hero gulped a bit in awe and arousal, and already his cock was now back to full mast. Both women were able to see that happen easily enough and it was here that Tanya decided to be the one to go first, and Eva did not mind as they knew that the night was still young. The blonde commando was the first to be close to Jeff and soon she began to kiss him deeply and he did not mind the least the deep kiss they shared while Eva was there to caress his sex while using her breasts on him again.

This carried on for a while before the two beauties decided to let Jeff have his turn with them in any way he wanted. But first they allowed him to recover his full strength since they were quite eager to see if he could deliver the goods as it were. Once he was back to full mast, the two women nodded and it was Tanya who made the first move while Eva moved aside to let her have her shot with the man they both wanted.

Jeff was quick to see just where this was going and he was more than willing and eager to make his move. And he already had one of the beautiful women in his sights and she was apparently more than willing to let him have his turn with her.


Tanya cried out deeply as she was now being filled up by Jeff's manhood while she was on her hands and knees on the bed and it was good to her. She was hardly alone in this situation as Eva herself happened to be lying down with Tanya's form on top of her in what would be seen as the 69…only difference was that she was able to see Jeff's cock moving in and out slowly of Tanya's wet sex. She blushed at this and she joined in by licking Tanya's pussy lips and Jeff's cock at the base and sides, she also managed to lick Jeff's balls as well as Tanya's clit which made both of them moan at their blonde partner's tender ministrations as Jeff began to move his sex in and out of Tanya's wet, hot, tight, and soft pussy. He started slowly to get used to the feelings this doggy style position gave him and Tanya as the blonde commando was more than vocal in her approval.




Tanya was utterly pleased by all of the pleasure she was getting right now and she was more than willing to just let it all happen. She also could not help but feel her body sing in pleasure and she also felt Eva using her lips and tongue on both her clit, and her pussy lips which served to increase the pleasure she felt right now. She also could not help but feel her whole body shudder and shake with each deep and hard thrust he did. She bit her lip a bit at the pleasure as her body moved with each deep thrust of Jeff's man meat into her sex and all the sensations that came with it all.

The American beauty also moaned when she felt Eva play with her breasts and nipples as well and also using her mouth and tongue on her pussy and clit. She smiled even more in pleasure as she soon leaned down and aimed for Eva's own wet sex and began to lavish oral attention on her fellow blonde as well as using her fingers every now and then. Eva was more than willing to respond in kind as she kissed and licked both Tanya's sex and Jeff's own while the Commander would use his hands to pleasure the blonde commando's more than ample bust which made her moan even more as he thrust his dick deep and hard all the way to her womb, which served to make Tanya even more pleased and vocal.

Occasionally when Jeff moved out of Tanya's pussy she would lick and kiss his cock, making him move forward to thrust his sex into her own mouth and she was more than willing to take it into her mouth, not caring for the position nor the taste of Tanya's own juices as well as the taste of Jeff's own pre-cum that managed to come out from his penis.

When that happened, she and Jeff took turns pleasuring Tanya who was more than willing to voice out her approval for the whole thing as time passed between the three of them. And when Jeff moved out of Eva's mouth he would then plunge his cock deeply into Tanya's vagina like a piston, making the blonde commando's body shake and her cry out in pleasure once again. This continued on as Jeff pounding away into Tanya's sex with each thrust while Eva was being pleasured by Tanya's mouth and tongue on her pussy while she pleasured both of them with her own tongue and fingers.

The scent of sex was thick in the air as well as the sounds of their bodies moving and the cries of pleasure they made. One thing was clear, if anyone stumbled in on the three of them, they were going to be in for one hell of a show as one hot blonde was being pounded by one guy while another hot blonde was underneath he first one and licking away at her fellow woman's sex while being given oral pleasure by said blonde. And on occasion the man would have his manhood sucked by the blonde underneath and he would thrust his cock in and out of her mouth as well and she was enjoying every second of the whole thing.

A show that was only on the halfway point as the three hit their orgasm at the same time and that was a sight that was worth seeing.


Jeff thrust his dick hard and deep into Tanya's sex as she released large amounts of her juices while her inner walls were milking his manhood of every last drop of his seed. He felt her inner walls really take him in and he could not help but stay there while feeling bolts of pleasure run through his sack as Eva was still licking and kissing them and then crying out as her own orgasm hit her.

Tanya was also shuddering deeply in pleasure as she felt her lover's seed flow into her body and make her feel very warm and hot all over. She enjoyed the pleasure immensely and could not help but shudder and cry out while still like this and also licking Eva's pussy clean as the blonde intelligence officer was also in the grip of her own orgasm and she quickly licked up as much of Eva's juices as she could manage.

As for Eva she was deep in her own pleasure as she felt her orgasm flow through her like water from a dam. She also felt her sex being cleaned of her juices and she soon saw that Jeff's manhood was still releasing some of his cum while coated by Tanya's juices. She licked a bit of it off of his cock as Tanya soon moved to face his manhood and licked her own juices and his cum off his dick. That made his cock react quickly and soon he began to get harder again…much to the aroused pleasure of both Eva and Tanya, with the blonde more than willing to speak her mind on the matter before the two of them.

"Hah, looks like you still have a lot to give us Commander, or in this case, Eva here…it's her turn."

Jeff nodded at that and soon moved towards Eva and she was more than ready and willing to be with him right now and they kissed one another while Tanya decided to sit back for a bit and enjoy the sight of the two kissing one another deeply. It was not going to be long before Eva was soon going to be given her own does of pleasure as Jeff soon moved over to her and began to kiss her deeply while pleasuring her boobs with both hands and lips as well as his tongue. And soon he was feeling ready and so was Eva as he was able to look at her sex and it was already more than ready for what was to come.


Eva's loud cry was understandable as Jeff's cock was now buried deeply into her folds and into her sex, all she could do was stay there and enjoy the pleasure of being filled to the brim by their respective lover. She had never done anything like this before with anyone and so while she had lost her maidenhead in a training exercise when she was younger, she felt some pain at being finally filled by a man's dick. Their lover however was quickly able to sense that and he had made sure to let her get used to him after he had pushed himself into her pussy slowly and gently.

. Jeff moaned as well and as soon as he felt that he was ready for more he began to move his hips back and forth. This made the blonde Allied Intelligence officer cry out in pleasure as his manhood slid in and out of her sex in a pace that really made her very happy. Tanya was not out of this either as she soon knelt before Jeff and this allowed her to kiss him deeply and ran her hands on his own naked body while she was straddling Eva's head between her well toned legs, and allowed her blonde companion to see her still wet and eager sex above her.

Eva was enjoying every second of all this and she was not going to be idle for very long as she moved to kiss and lick Tanya's slit, tasting the commando's juices, mixed with their lover's seed. This served to excite her even more along with the feeling of Jeff's cock moving in and out of her pussy with each powerful thrust he did to her right here and now. He made her feel more pleasure when he took different movements and speed to drive his cock into her pussy. She also felt him play with both her clit and her breasts and nipples, making her moan and cry out each time.





Tanya enjoyed the whole situation and she could not also feel more aroused as she kissed Jeff deeply and he responded in kind as well. Both of them kissed one another deeply and she also moaned out deeply into the kiss as Eva was using her tongue and fingers on her pussy very well. The combined assault was the only kind that Tanya loved as the pleasure for her grew with each second and she soon used her own hands to pleasure Eva's clit alongside Jeff who did the same thing as well.

This made Eva moan out even more in pleasure as Jeff was really pounding in hard and deep into her sex, and it was driving her closer and closer to the release that she desired and she was more than willing to pleasure Tanya's sex with both her tongue and fingers. This carried on as Jeff was now pounding away like a man possessed into Eva and she was drowning in pleasure and bliss so she was more than willing to let him do what he liked as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

This went on for a lot longer before they finally reached their respective orgasm and they were more than willing to cry out their pleasure to one another.


Jeff could not help himself as he pumped his cock deeply into Eva's hot and wet sex while releasing more of his seed into her inner sheath. He was happy that he managed to have enough energy in him to finally pleasure the blonde beauty of an Intelligence and Logistics officer who had helped him win quite a number of missions ever since he started his life as an Allied Commander. He trusted, respected, and cared for Eva and now he was very much in love and in lust for her as much as Tanya so all he could do right now was look at her intently as Tanya moved away from her and allowed her to relax as she panted deeply from her very own release. He could see some of his cum actually flow from her sex a bit and saw the deep blush on her face.

He looked at Tanya who had the look of being still in the grip of her orgasm and smiling seductively at him. She soon moved to Eva's side and began to kiss her own juices off of the blonde Intelligence officer's lips and when she was done, she moved to lick Eva's pussy as well, tasting her fellow blonde's wetness mixed with his cum. That made the Allied Commander blush even more as he looked intently.

That was more than enough for Tanya to make her own move as she whispered into Eva's ear and whatever it was that she whispered into Eva made the British woman blush but also smile even more, alongside Tanya. This made Jeff wonder what they were going to do, he got his answer very quickly as Eva moved to lick his dick clean of their combined juices while Tanya watched on with great interest as he moaned deeply at the sight as he cock began to react to Eva's actions on it.

Once his cock was cleaned up by the beautiful blonde woman, he watched as Eva actually moved to be on top of Tanya and her womanhood was now on top of Tanya's own. Both blonde wordlessly told him what they had in mind and naturally he was quick to move in on the pair. He thrust his cock deeply into Tanya first and the blonde commando cried out her happiness and pleasure as Jeff began to move fast and hard into her pussy. The movements of Tanya's body beneath her also pleasured Eva herself as her breasts and nipples were being rubbed by Tanya's own more than ample breasts, and Tanya's clit was rubbing on her own as well.

The two women were very vocal on their pleasure in this situation and even kissed one another deeply as Jeff thrust hard and deep into the female commando's sex. He made sure not to leave Eva hanging on however as he used his fingers to pleasure her sex and his actions were well received by the blonde in question.





Jeff soon moved his dick out of Tanya's sex and plunged deeply into Eva's own wet sex after moving his fingers aside and allowing the blonde to lick her own juices clean off of his fingers and he soon held onto Eva's hips tightly while driving his cock deep and hard into her own sex. The cries of the blonde British woman were soon joined by Tanya as the blonde American commando was more than pleased as Eva's body moved on her own, touching all her pleasure areas quite well.

Both women soon kissed one another deeply as the pleasure for the both of them continued to increase as Jeff continued to thrust hard and deep into Eva's pussy while using his hand to pleasure Tanya's sex. He did that in order to make sure that he did not leave the blonde commando alone and make her lose her arousal too early, even if Eva's body rubbing on her own helped keep it there. Soon he moved out of her sex and then thrust deeply into Tanya's own, much to her enjoyment and Eva's as well.

This carried on for a while as Jeff moved his cock in and out of Tanya and Eva's respective honey pots and really making both beauties moan out like mad. As for him it was a miracle in itself that he was still about to do this as every fiber of his being was spread out to the limit with what he had already undergone with both women. At times he would not move his cock into either of their sex but between them and rub their clits at the same time. They loved that greatly and were more than willing to voice out their love for what he was doing to them before he took to fucking them hard and deep when he was able to do so.

It was not long before they finally hit their respective limits at the same time and all three of them cried out deeply, or rather it was Jeff who did the crying out this time around. The reason for both Tanya and Eva not joining the cries was the fact that they were deeply kissing one another and moaning into the kiss as well. Their moans were twice as loud now when their orgasm hit them. Bu Jeff was not done as he released his seed into Eva's sex but then after firing some of the streams of cum into Eva's sex, he moved out of her sheath and then plunged deeply into Tanya's sex and flooded hers with what cum he had left in him.

That made both women feel a second orgasm hit them at the very same time and they loved it as they parted from the kiss and Jeff moved away and soon lay down on the bed, utterly spent. They smiled warmly at him and soon moved to clean his cock of their combined juices and his own. Once they were done, they both moved closer to him and soon they hugged him deeply, wordlessly saying their praise for what he had been able to bring them to and now it was time to rest.

All Jeff could do with what energy he had left in him was hold both women close and they snuggled happily into him as he then went to sleep and they were more than willing to join him in sleeping as one on the bed that got one hell of a workout from the three on top of it.

The next day

Jeffrey looked out at the land before him as he couldn't help but smell the clean breeze coming around his home in the countryside. He was still currently on leave for the time being as there was nothing that would get his attention for quite a bit at the moment and for that he was very thankful as this would give him time to ponder his next moves. He was currently sitting there on the field outside of his flat and enjoying the cool air and sun and soon both Tanya and Eva walked out to join him, both women were still very much naked, uncaring for the fact that if anyone came within seeing distance of them they were going to be REALLY giving them a show that anyone would pay by the nose to see for themselves.

Any man who was into women would have enjoyed the sight of the blonde beauties immensely and be utterly jealous of Jeff for having both women naked with him like this. Women would have either been fuming in jealousy, covering their kids' eyes, and all manner of other things. But both Eva and Tanya did not care and they doubted that Jeff cared either. The two women sat on either side of him on the massive blanket that he had wisely brought with him. Originally he was planning to get an outdoor breakfast ready for him and the two lovely women, and the food was nearby as they would enjoy the morning.

But as he looked at both of them naked like this…breakfast apparently was going to wait for a bit longer for the both of them. Though he naturally could not help but comment on their choice of dress, or obvious lack of dress.

"You know…as much as I like this…are you sure being fully naked like this in public's a good idea?"

Eva smiled a bit and replied.

"Seems all right to me, we're in the middle of the countryside Commander and I doubt anyone is going to come all the way out here voluntarily."

"Yeah, and besides, it's not that late in the day and a lot of people are still dozing off, especially after the fact we won the war."

Tanya commented as she and Eva sat next to Jeff and they enjoyed the air around them and Jeff decided not to complain and just enjoy the situation.

And what a situation it was!

Author's Notes:

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