This going to a Hameron story. It treats with the stuff why she became a doctor and how House and her met. (At the beginning, she wasn't raped, just drugged)

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Why did Cameron become a Doctor?

Cameron was never happier than today, finally she had finished school! And today was the night of the nights because David, a guy for whom she had a crush ever since she saw him, had finally asked her out to the ball.

She had prepared herself the whole day, hardly doing anything different than getting ready, started to curl her long brown hair and adored her new green dress, which had the same color like her eyes. When she came down her mother was speechless. Her mother knew she was a beauty but she had never looked so breathtaking like today. Her mother had bought her a silver bracelet with a clef because Allison adored playing the piano and singing and her mother thought perhaps it would give her a clue neither what she'll do in the future because her daughter didn't know what she should study nor what she wanted to become.

Allison felt nervous, all she ever wanted was to go out with David and now she was anxious he wouldn't appear. But then the door bell rang, her heart was starting to beat rapidly when she saw him. He looked awesome, his blond hair, his blue eyes and the suit even underlined it.

When they arrived at the ball it was already very crowded. David introduced her to his friends and the boys went to fetch a drink for the girls, but secretly planning how they could make Cameron a fool out of herself. The boys decided to make her sing, when she sang at the choir of the school she always sang horrible, but that was because they just sang religious song and she hated it.

So when they returned with the drinks the director of the school was making an announcement.

"Dear people, I have been told that a certain Allison Cameron is going to sing for us tonight, Allison, where are you?"

Half of the school was beginning to laugh; they knew this would be something to really make fun of her and Allison was simply shocked in that moment. She wanted to enjoy this day and not go up there and sing, but they were all now shouting her name. She had to do it.

She finished her drink with one gulp and started walking forward. There was a band playing with 4 amazing looking young men. She knew she could do it, she just hoped the band could play the songs she could really sing. She wanted to proof everyone wrong. She had an amazing voice and she was inwardly smiling to show them her talent. She went to the piano player to ask him to play her favorite song but then their eyes met, cobalt blue eyes with emerald green and it seemed as the world had stopped. They were just staring at each other when one of his band made cleared his throat.

"Em, what do you want to sing?" Greg was trying to act normal and Allison started to blush furiously.

"Do you know the song Orange colored sky?" she stuttered and looked with wide pleading eyes at him. He raised one of his brow, he was skeptical that she could sing it, it was a difficult song.

"Sure." Was all he answered and she was smiling and walked to the microphone in the middle of the stage

The band was beginning to play and half of her class mates already started laughing but then she began to sing and all of them stopped laughing and stared at her…she could sing, she could really sing and had an amazing voice…even Greg was surprised 'cause he had noticed the reaction of the others earlier and so he thought she was choosing the wrong song but now, now he was really amazed by this girl. When the song ended she looked over at him and he started to play another one, he hoped she knew, but he was quite sure. When Allison heard that he was starting to play L-O-V-E she just grinned wider at him and he was more than content with it. After they finished this song they were all stunned into speechlessness and Allison received giant applause. During that Greg was talking to his band and they started to play Someone like you while Greg asked her for this dance which she accepted. She was more than happy, she had proven all of them wrong and now she was dancing with an amazing looking guy who was probably more than ten years older than her, but it didn't matter to her. He was a good dancer and a better musician. They were so focused in each other eyes that they didn't recognize when the song ended until David cleared his throat.

"Oh, sorry, your boyfriend is …I have to continue playing, so excuse me" Greg told her.

"Well…ok." Was all Allison could answer, she didn't wanted this dance to end and neither to spend time with David, she knew it was his idea to make her sing.

"How are you Darling, you were amazing up there" he told her "Here have something to drink, you must be thirsty" he gave her a cocktail.

"Yes, thank you" she drank nearly the whole glass 'because she was really thirsty.

…later that evening

Greg and his band were packing their stuff and where about to leave when Greg's car didn't want to start. He was cursing it; it always didn't work when he wanted to get home quickly. His day had been really exhausting; in the morning he had a big fight with his girlfriend Stacy because she couldn't understand that he loved to play with his band even if he had to move to another city the next week. She always wanted that everything was going her way and it was starting to nerve him extremely. And this girl today had totally thrown him out of balance, her eyes and her voice, she was amazing! He shouldn't think so because he already had a girlfriend and this girl was at least ten year younger than him.

He got his car finally working and drove down the street when he saw a girl stagger down the street as well, she was barefoot and looked like she was about to fall down. He hated it when the people drank so much that they couldn't walk anymore, but he had finished medical school and was now a doctor so he was bound to care about medical relevant cases. Now the girl stumbled and fell down on her knees, the dress ripped at that part and blood was soaking it. He stopped his car on the other side, when he got out of it he shouted over:

"You girl, should've drank less, would have been better for us both." She slowly turned her head into his direction, tears running down her face

"Noooo…t….dru….nk." she slurred

"No, of course not" he replied sarcastically. But when he got down next to her and checked her eyes he knew immediately that she'd been drugged. With what he didn't know, but definitely been drugged.

"Can you get up with my help?" he asked her carefully

"Nooooo" she replied, she felt like she was unable to move any part of her body. So he had to carry her which was no problem at all. He carried her over to his car and sat her down on the passenger seat, fixed the safety belt and then started his car.

"Where do you live?" he asked her

"" Great he thought! Now he had to take her home, he couldn't leave her anywhere.

"What's your name young lady, at least you should know that?" He started snark

"Al..son" that was when she blacked out completely. He drove to his apartment and was thankful that he had had a fight with Stacy today, so she wasn't staying at his place. As soon as he entered his flat she came back to her senses but all she said was "puke".