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When I had heard what Baby had done, my first thought, was you silly, silly girl. Everything was out in the open and nothing would ever be the same, for me or for her and her father. George Housman was not an easy man to get along with, especially when his daughters' welling was concerned. It was clear that deep down he loved his daughters and was especially proud of Baby. I knew if the tables were turned I would have protected her from me as well, if I believed the things Dr Housman believed were true about me and Penny's baby.

Baby was not only beautiful, but smart as well. Yet her kindness was what drew me to her. She was not like the other rich girls that visited the island. The way she was determined to help Penny, when none the others would give her the time of day, amazed me, no matter how naive she was in her ideas. I knew her heart was in the right place.

I had given her such grief about asking "Daddy" for money for Penny, I admired her guts. I remember telling her that, the night we made love for the first time.

And once again she braved her father's dissappointment so that he would help Penny after she had been butchered by a dodgy surgeon. When he dragged his daughter away from Penny's cabin, I knew he was mad that she was mixing with the scum of Kellermans.

I knew he was right, I was no good for Baby. I knew I couldn't support her and give her the life she was accustomed to and that I would bring nothing but trouble into her perfect world, but I couldn't help wanting her and if I wasn't careful, I would fall for her and wind up heartbroken when she dissappeared at the end of summer.

The day she stood up to her father and told him she and I had spent the night together, was the day I was fired for allegedly stealing money off of Mel Presman the husband of the "bungalow bunny" who I had turned down. I knew it was her who had framed me, but I was beyond the point of caring. Then they found the Schumakas with the missing wallets, it was too late. Baby had spilled the beans about our relationship and management fired me anyway. I was glad in a way that I could leave without causing Baby or myself any more pain.

Then I found her in the studio, lying, asleep on the couch like an angel. She had been crying. I could tell because her tears had dried, leaving a trail down her face from the makeup.

I shook her to wake up although I could have watched her sleep for hours. I had to tell her about the Schumakas. Her face lit up as I told her the good news, but it soon fell when I told her I had been fired anyway. Then with a burst of anger I had never seen from her before she stood and began to pace the floor. "You were right Johnny, you can't win mo matter what you do."

She who had made it possible for the "show" to go on, she who had the courage to fight for what she believed in, she who never let money determine a person's worth and showed me that some people were willing to stand up for those in trouble had appeared to be giving up. I couldn't stand it.

"I don't want to hear that from you, Baby. You can!" I cried.

Then she looked at me squarely in the eyes and at that moment I saw the lone tear escape her left eye. "I used to think so." Her voice was barely audible.

Then I knew her world, as she had always known it was shattered and all I could do was hold the broken girl in my arms and kiss her tears. In that moment I realised I loved her and I was ready to tell George Housman exactly exactly how I felt about his daughter.

Their luxury cabin loomed before me as I approached, but I refused to let it defeat me. I stormed up the steps and rapped loudly on the door. Instantly it was opened by the man I was there to see. Just as I expected he stared me down, his eyes boring into my skull, but I would not let this man intimidate me.

"I know you want Baby to be like you. Can't you see she already is - ?"

"Don't you tell me what to see." He hissed at me. "I see a man infant of me who got his partner in trouble and sent her off to some butcher, while he moved to an innocent young girl like my daughter." His words were like bullets shot through my heart. I wanted to tell him the truth about Robbie and Penny and the baby, but I knew he would not believe me or understand, besides, I knew the rich stuck together. It's what they always did and that this time would be no different. All I could do was nod and wear it. "Yeah, I guess that's what you would see." I had let him win. Without another word, I left and resumed packing the last of my things into my chevy. Then Baby ran down the embankment with a tote bag over her shoulder.

"Johnny!" she cried. "I'm coming with you." she puffed, her chest heaving as I took hold of her arms. "What?" I exclaimed, not sure I had heard right.

"I want to come with you. I don't want to live this lie anymore." she guestured towards the main house.

"Are you sure?" I asked, pulling back so I could see her eyes. She nodded and I took her tote and threw it in the back seat. "Let's go, then!"