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Two Worlds

Bella P.O.V


"I don't see what all the fuss is about. It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania." I was getting out of the car about to board the said to be "unsinkable ship". "Bella darling, it's 100 feet longer than the Mauretania and far more luxurious." Benjaman reassured me. I was arranged to marry him once we reached America. My mother, Renee, had arranged the whole thing despite what I thought about it. After my father died he left us with all of his bad debt to deal with. If I married Benjaman, his family's money would cover it all. Mother, of course, was ecstatic. For her everything was falling into place, but for me, it was just falling apart.

I knew things about Ben that Mother didn't. She didn't know how he yelled at me. How, if I ever went out with my friends, he would grab me by my arms and start screaming in my face. Yelling at me to tell him every detail about where I had been and what I had done. His grip would grow tighter and tighter as his anger grew as well. I now had bruises from where his hands had wrapped around my arms time and time again. But what could I do? I could scream, I could yell, but I could not pay my father's debt. It was unfair but as mother had said whenever I tried to tell her how really felt about an arranged marriage..."Of course it's unfair, we're women."

I was startled by Ben's arm escorting me aboard. I looked up at him. He was smiling at me, but it wasn't a smile of love or innocence. It was a dark, practically evil looking, smile. He looked as if he could have killed me right there and then. I quickly faked a smile and looked away. I wanted to love him, I wanted to know that our marriage would be successful,but I just couldn't.

I could be sure of only one thing.

My journey on the Titanic and my life after it in America was going to be very, very, long.


Edward P.O.V.


I knew I had the winning hand, no one could beat me. I knew that Jasper was counting on me. After I had blew our last $10 on paper and lead we decided to make our own money. We knew we had to have it like that if we wanted to remain friends. Sure he was my brother but he was also my best friend. Even if we did both have to get our own money we were stll business partners. Any money in the pot we split in half,any extra was given to the person with the better hand in that particular game.

He had put in everything he had. A watch, $5 he had found, and a few pennies he had collected. He had just added a pearl necklace to the mix, it was the only thing that was salvaged from the fire a few decades ago. I could tell by his thoughts that he immediately regretted it. We had considered selling it many times but we were immortal. We would get money eventually, memories that the necklace brought back were more important than that. I figured, why not mess with his head. I tried to look mad at him without being too obvious about it. I looked back at my cards and sighed trying not to laugh. The guys we were playng against had put in tickets. I glanced at them and almost thought I had mistaken it. When I looked back at them I had seen what I thought. Two 3rd class tickets on the Titanic. It was unbelievable. I was so caught up in this I had nearly forgotten about the game we were playing.

"O.K. Let's see your cards." I turned to Jasper who threw his hand down on the table. "Nothing." I said calmly. "Nothing he repeated with anger behind it. I turned to the man next to me. "You?" He put his hand on the table. Stupid of him just to give us the tickets like that. I looked at the guy sitting across the table from me. I raised my eyebrows and looked at the table. He put his cards down. Two pair. "Ouch." I said might aswell play along.

He started to get the things out of the middle of the table. "Not so fast." I said stopping his hands. "Full house boys." I screamed and jumped from the table. I started stuffing the things into our pockets. "What time do we leave." I asked knowing that the ship was taking of today. "Only five minutes. We'll never make it." He always knew how to kill my good mood. "Jazz I'm your brother. Trust me." I pulled him out the door. We ran human speed, of course, to the boat. I had to lie and say that we ad been through the inspections. I din't mind, lieing was one of the things I was good at. We showed them our newly one tickets and ran up to wave goodbye to strangers.

I leaned over the rail almot too far. "Goodbye! I'll miss you!" I yelled as I waved. "Do you even know sanybody down there?" Jasper asked. " Of course not that's not the point." "Goodbye, I'll never forget you." We were both yelling and screaming. Thenthe ship started to mve as the Titanic made it's first voyage to America.