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Isle Esme

Edward pulled Bella's body flush with his own as he moved into the deeper water of the ocean. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, winding her fingers in his wet hair. She pressed her breasts up against his cool, marble chest and felt her nipples harden in response. She was pleased that even though his upper body was still cool that the rest of him, immersed in the warm water, was almost the same temperature as her own.

Before bending to kiss her, he pressed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes imploringly.

"Please Bella, are you sure? We could always just…"

Bella stopped his protest with a slow, sweet kiss. He decided that he would keep his promise and try to please her, desperately hoping it didn't end up in disaster.

The kiss deepened, she ran her tongue lightly across his glass smooth lower lip asking a silent question. With a small sigh, he obliged and parted his lips darting his tongue out to meet hers. The warmth of it was a shock to his senses, and he tightened his grip on Bella's waist trying to keep control. Bella had other ideas. As usual his sweet breath washing across her face drove her past caution. With a gasp, she pressed her already fevered breasts against him. She was slick with sweat from the hot climate and the warm water and couldn't resist rubbing her pebbled nipples across his beautiful chest. Using the buoyancy of the water, she swung her legs up to circle his waist. Even in the warmth of the ocean water he could still feel the heat of her against his shaft. It was too much.

Edward's eyes became wild, and in one of those disconcerting quick movements Bella found herself completely turned away from him, her back against his chest. His breathing was ragged against her ear. He had his arms wrapped around her tightly, one banded under her breasts and the other circling her waist. She kept silent, even though the pressure of his grip was a bit too hard.

"Edward…I'm sorry…" She began, waiting for the inevitable moment of rejection. Mentally she cursed herself and her human hormones. The rebuff never came.

He took a deep shuddery breath and exhaled slowly trying to gain control of himself. He pressed his lips to Bella's neck and felt her shiver. In a husky voice he said, "Let's try something a little different, hmm?"

Silently Bella exalted, a smile spreading across her face, this was going to happen! Edward loosened his death grip and settled her against his chest more comfortably. He could see her exquisite breasts floating in the water, tipped with coral. Edward decided that at least if he changed his mind, he would give Bella the release she needed and prayed that may be enough to satisfy her.

Still keeping his arm around her waist, effectively immobilizing her, he brought his other hand across her ribcage slowly. Her breath quickened in response immediately to the feel of his feather light touch. She could feel his hesitation as his fingers brushed the sensitive underside of her breast. Bella took his hand and gently moved it up and over her breast pressing her nipple into his palm. That was all the encouragement he needed.

Edward marveled at the softness of the breast under his hand and the hardness of her nipple in contrast. He ran his thumb over it and felt it harden even more. Bella gasped at the sweet pain and pleasure of the sensation. Further encouraged, he palmed her breast and softly brushed his thumb over her nipple, teasing her. Bella's breathing hitched in response and her heart rate soared. Edward started kissing her neck and ear in earnest now. He slid his nose across her jaw line, amazed at the potency of her blood calling to him even now while he was so distracted by her body.

He removed his arm from her waist in order to circle her other breast and Bella pressed back into his chest moaning. His hands felt so wonderful, cool against her hot flesh and bringing forth pleasure she never knew before. Warmth radiated from her and spread through her stomach and thighs as he played with her, teasing her. She wanted to turn, flinging herself into his arms so she could wrap her legs around him like before. She wanted nothing more than to sheathe him inside her as deep as he would go, but she knew that he had to keep a certain amount of control and bit down the urge.

Still massaging one lovely breast, he trailed his fingers down her side and across her stomach. He felt Bella's muscles contract as he slid his hand further down; she spread her legs willingly for him. Always so willing. He smiled against the back of her neck. With his heightened vampire senses he could feel everything. He felt the soft curls brushing his fingertips, how hot she was, how swollen her lips were, and even surrounded by water, he felt the delicate difference between the ocean and her essence as he slid his fingers over her.

Bella gasped and started to pant. "Yes, Edward. Please..."

Edward groaned at the urgency in her voice, and she started bucking her hips frantically against his hand. He wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her still; the movement of her hips rubbed her ass deliciously against his shaft and was threatening his self-control.

"Slowly Bella," he whispered in her ear. "We have all the time in the world."

Bella shook her head back and forth against him. The passion he was invoking was too much to bear. She felt like exploding as he started moving his fingers delicately against the folds of her flesh once again. His other hand moved back up to her breasts, and she thought she would die trying to keep still as he teased her nipples again. She could feel his hardness pushed up against her back and that made her soar even higher.

Slowly, Edward used his fingers to massage her clit, using slight pressure. He circled gently a few times before sliding his fingers down and parting her flesh. God, she was even hotter than before! How was that possible? He slid one finger into her, faster than he should have, but couldn't keep himself from that molten core any longer. Once again, Bella bucked her hips and called his name. He slid another finger inside of her, while his thumb drew slow circles over her clit. He kept up this momentum and could feel her juices against his fingers, a few degrees hotter than the surrounding water. He knew she was getting closer, and this excited him so much he couldn't help pushing himself against the cheeks of her luscious ass.

Bella could feel Edward behind her; she thrust her hips against his hand, his fingers sliding even deeper. The pressure against her clit was incredible and the slow burn started to build. It continued to spiral upwards, a heat flash in her stomach, shooting down her thighs, gaining in intensity until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please Edward…" she gasped. "Please, please, please…"

Edward was having a hard time controlling himself when he heard her beg like that, and he let her take the lead. He whispered in her ear encouragingly.

"Let go Bella, let go… come for me, my love. I want to hear you."

That was all Bella needed. His beautiful voice sent her over the edge into complete and utter ecstasy. She thrashed in his arms and was amazed at the noises she was making. She called his name, over and over again, as the spasms rocked her whole body.

"Edward, I love you!" she cried out.

Edward held her while she writhed against him, reveling in the fact that he had elicited such a response from her. Slowly, she settled boneless against him, her breathing slowing to a more normal pace while her heart still beat erratically.

"How was that?" he asked smugly.

"Absolutely amazing!" she said in a low fervent voice.

Then, she turned slowly in his arms to face him, pressing her soft lips against his and caressing his neck and chest. A thrill of fear and desire shot through him at her next words.

"Now it's your turn."

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