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A/N: The morning after their wedding night Edward is upset because Bella is covered from head to toe in bruises. He is mortified that he hurt her and refuses to be intimate with her again until she has been turned. Despite her efforts, he is resolute until something happens to change his mind.

Italics indicate dream sequence.

Bella floated in the water, Edward's arms around her. She sighed as his hands moved down her body, gently massaging her. His large hands felt wonderful on her skin. The sun was shining brightly, and rainbows shattered off him casting reflections everywhere. He looked like a granite statue with flecks of mica embedded all over his body.


He leaned her against his chest and floated onto his back. It was a strange sensation, lying on his cool body while the Brazilian sun beat down on her back. Her head lay on his chest, and she kept her eyes closed as they drifted lazily in the ocean.

She felt Edward's smooth lips against her hair and forehead. His hands moved in circles over her shoulders and back, and occasionally down toward her buttocks. A wave of serenity stole over her, and she couldn't think of a happier time in her life then this moment.

She turned her face towards his, and he lifted her slightly so their lips could connect. It was a chaste kiss at first and then deepened sensuously. It was incredible not to have any more reservations, no more battles about self-control, just the freedom to touch and kiss him as much as she wanted.

Suddenly everything changed, they were no longer floating in the ocean in the bright sunshine. It was dark of night with moonlight filtering into the large white room. She lay on her back in their bed, spread eagle, while Edward was kissing her passionately. He positioned himself to thrust into her…

Bella gasped and startled awake. The dark room disoriented her. She heard Edward whisper her name, and ask if she was all right, while shaking her gently.

A dream…just a dream. She burst into tears, incoherent, unable to express her own emotions.

Edward wasn't sure if he was moved by her tears, her pleading or just his own unbearable desire, but suddenly he found himself responding to her kisses. He hated himself, but he just couldn't stand making her so unhappy.

It didn't help that she was wearing a barely there negligee. When she had paraded out of the bathroom, he felt his eyes pop open before carefully controlling his expression. Damn her! Why was she doing this to him??

The soft, lacy fabric hugged her curves and accentuated all of her best assets. He could see her tiny nipples strain against the fabric and the satin panties she wore underneath. She had come to the edge of the bed and done a small pirouette. It didn't escape his attention that her buttocks were very nearly exposed. He groaned inwardly and mentally prepared himself for when she crawled onto the bed to join him.

It was with this image in mind that she woke from her dream. The look on her face, and her pleading voice, reduced him to nothing. He laid her back on the bed, kissed away her tears and brushed the hair from her face.

Bella kept her eyes closed, she was trying to convince herself this wasn't just another dream. After a few moments she raised her arms and placed them around Edward's neck, his fervent kisses continued. A tiny spark of hope ignited in her, and she started to kiss him back in earnest. She tried to keep the hope from engulfing her just in case he changed his mind and went back to the aloof stranger he had been over the last week. She didn't think she could take that, but for now she would enjoy anything he chose to give.

Edward felt a great weight lift from him. He had been trying so hard to resist her, but since he didn't sleep at night he was plagued with image after image of the first time they had made love. He would replay every second of that night, continuously. Reliving it with Bella sleeping at his side, draped against him, made things so much more difficult. Feeling the heat of her pressed against his thigh and remembering how wonderful it felt to be inside her made it practically impossible not to wake her with the hunger he felt. Then the sight of the hideous bruises he'd left on her body would superimpose themselves onto his memories and he would stop cold.

Sometimes, he scrutinized what had happened and the moments where he had most likely hurt her. He realized that it must have been the few times he tried to restrain her instead of just trying to channel the excess, like he had done with the pillows. This new awareness gave him the confidence to try again.

Edward grasped Bella and pulled her on top of him. Her hair cascaded around him as he ran his fingers through it. God, he'd missed her touch, he had been a fool to pull away so thoroughly before.

Bella started to realize by the intensity of Edward's caresses that he had come back to her at , she ran her fingers down his naked chest, familiarizing herself once more with the feel of his body. He shuddered under her touch, but didn't pull back. Breaking away from her mouth, he began trailing kisses down her throat and back up towards her ear, which he flicked delicately with his tongue. Bella's breath became ragged, and her heart rate increased. His hands moved down her shoulders, toward her breasts. He cupped them softly and enjoyed the slight heft of them against his palms. Bella straddled his waist and rose up in front of him; her head leaned to the side, eyes closed. She made a low noise in her throat.

Edward sat up and started to kiss her neck once more. He wrapped an arm around her waist and rocked her back and forth over his burgeoning erection. Her satiny panties made a whispering sound, as they rubbed against his boxer briefs. Bella pulled his face up to hers; she had been deprived of his kisses for too long. She ran her fingers over his face, as she kissed him hungrily. The pressure of him moving against her was starting to get her very aroused.

While they kissed, he kept on with his explorations. Bella kept up her momentum even when Edward slipped his hand between them and used his thumb to apply pressure to her clit. She gasped against his mouth and jerked her hips forward slightly. Bella placed her hand over his to increase the pressure. It was such an unexpected thing for her to do that Edward clenched at her negligee in excitement and it ripped along the seams. With a growl, and a bit of pressure, he tore the rest of it off of her and threw it to the end of the bed.

Bella looked down surprised and started to giggle. She got up on her knees and started to shimmy out of her panties.

"Let me help you with those," he said. Edward picked Bella up and gently laid her back on the bed. He stood up and removed his clothing first. Kneeling between her legs he ran his hands up her thighs, took hold of the flimsy material and slid it off.

Edward picked up one slim foot and brought it to his mouth. He brushed his smooth, cool lips along the inner arch. He placed kisses up her ankle and then put it on his shoulder. He followed the line of her leg down towards her inner thigh and brushed lightly across her lower lips to the other thigh. He moved his hand down her other leg and did the same with that ankle. Bella looked up at him, her eyes were glazed over, cheeks flushed, and her moist lips were slightly parted. He leaned forward putting his weight on his hands and felt his shaft make contact with her. The heat from her felt incredible and he shuddered lightly.

He didn't penetrate her; instead he rubbed his cock up and down her sex making sure he maintained steady contact with her clit.

"Oh," Bella sighed. She tried to keep still, but her hips jerked involuntarily against him in small spasms. Everything he did to her felt so deliciously sensual. Her arousal started to peak, and she could feel herself getting wetter. Edward captured her gaze, his eyes smoldering.

"Bella," he said huskily, "tell me you love me"

"I love you," she replied automatically.

"Tell me how much you want me."

"I want you…so bad..." Her voice rose, wavering slightly with desire.

"Tell me you need me."

"Oh God, Edward. Please! I need you, I want you, I love you…please!" she begged, her voice breaking at the end.

He removed her ankles from his shoulders, wrapped her legs around her waist and entered her in one swift movement.

"Yes…oh yes!" Bella cried out in ecstasy. Her arms reaching out for him, she grabbed his hair and pulled his face to hers plunging her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it eagerly, making sure to keep it clear from his razor sharp teeth.

She was so tight and wet he didn't know how long he could last. Holding himself up on one hand, he punched his fist through the headboard as he thrusted into her shallowly so he wouldn't hurt her. She used his body as leverage to propel her hips up and take him as deep as he could go, her face contorting as she came closer to climax.

He knew she was close, and so was he. "Say my name!" he ordered.

"Edward!" she called out. "Oh god, Edward I'm… I'm… I…" Her eyes rolled back into her head as she jerked and moaned.

He punched his other fist through the headboard and grasped on to it tightly throwing his head back in abandon. As it pulverized under his fingers he cried out. Bella was still bucking frantically beneath him as he felt the first spasms of his orgasm begin.

"Yes Bella, come with me… yesssssss!" He put his head down beside hers and began to shudder uncontrollably. Bella threw her arms around his neck and held him close whispering in his ear.

"I love you, oh how I love you"

After a few moments he took her in his arms and started to kiss her face gently. Edward looked into her eyes and said,

"That's why we're here"