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Edward rushed with Bella in his arms to the blue room. His heart felt lighter than it had since they arrived at the island. Their last foray had been completely successful, and not only had Bella survived but she had been completely unmarked.

He was ecstatic that he could make love to his wife and that she seemed to really enjoy it. For once. he was almost grateful to Emmett, and every other human male, for the unbidden sexually charged thoughts that had surrounded him daily for the last century. Usually he tried to tune them out but over the last month, in preparation for his honeymoon, he had paid close attention and taken mental notes so he would know how to please Bella.

He smiled widely remembering various parts of their nights together. At the door he launched into the air. His arms protected her as he landed on the bed, growling playfully. Bella squealed with delight and batted at his chest lightly. She was amazed and slightly breathless at his playful attitude.

Edward looked at her face and marveled, as usual, at how beautiful she was. Her face was slightly flushed, her nose pink with mirth as she laughed at him. He speedily covered her smiling face in light kisses and then pulled back smiling.

"Well, hello there!" she said, laughter still in her voice.

"Hello, yourself," he replied, smiling his heart stopping crooked smile. She reached up and traced his features, he caught her hand and kissed her fingertips, palm and wrist. He looked up and wiggled his eyebrows at her mischievously.

She laughed again and asked, "What's gotten into you??"

"You!" He proclaimed touching her nose lightly. "Ah, Bella you have NO idea how happy I am right now. First you fall in love with me, then you do me the honour of marrying me, and now I get another chance to give you everything you want. It's a wonderful feeling," he enthused.

"Speaking of things I want…" Bella trailed off running a finger along the collar of his shirt. Edward pounced on her and started kissing her neck and nuzzling her with his nose. She started to giggle again, tucking her head into her shoulder.

"Edward, that tickles!" He growled in her ear again and continued with his attentions.

Suddenly, he grasped her waist and rolled onto his back so that she was lying on top of him without breaking contact. Bella's breathing started to get more laboured, and she pulled away, sitting up and straddling Edward. He sat up as well, took the hem of her top and pulled it up over her head tossing it beside the bed. He bent his head and placed soft kisses along the slopes of her breasts. Bella leaned her head back and enjoyed the sensation of his cool lips on her skin.

She reached out to unbutton his shirt, pushing it back off his shoulders. She ran her hands down his sculpted arms and back up over his chest. The intensity of Edward's kisses changed and lost their playfulness. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, slipping his fingers under the straps and sliding it off of her. Bella gave a small gasp as he pressed his lips against one nipple and drew his thumbs across the sensitive underside of her breasts. His cool flesh was a welcome shock that sent electricity shooting down her stomach right to her sex.

"Mmm, that feels so good," Bella said softly, while increasing the pressure of her caresses on his chest. He continued to kiss her breasts, occasionally flicking his tongue over her nipples. Her stomach contracted and a shiver went down her spine each time his tongue made contact.

Bella embraced him and pulled him closer to her chest as she rocked her hips back and forth, reveling in the feel of him against her. It never ceased to amaze her that she had the power to excite him so easily. But then, her 18 years of pent up sexual frustration must pale in comparison to his entire existence. She smiled at the thought before renewing her movements.

Edward groaned against her breasts, the pressure was building up and he was rock hard. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed with Bella still straddling him. He leaned her backwards in one strong arm while he kissed her stomach. Slipping his hand between them, he applied slight pressure to her clit.

"Jesus!" Bella huffed.

"No, not Jesus, Bella," He chucked against her stomach. "Careful love, I may get jealous if you continue to call out other men's names while I'm making love to you." He drew his thumb in small circles.

"Ahhh, Edward," She moaned out in ecstasy.

"That's better," he said, barely able to contain the delight in his voice.

Edward cupped Bella's buttocks, stood up and started kissing her again. She pushed her breasts against his chest eagerly. He turned towards the bed and leaned over, lying her down and gently untangling her legs from his waist. He reached toward her waist and drew a cool finger along the top of her silk shorts. He loved how satiny smooth her skin was and slipped his fingers under the waistband of both shorts and panties to tug them off. Bella shimmied her hips and put her knees together to help make it easier for him. His hands splayed down her legs, sending delicious shivers all over her body.

As Edward slipped off the last of her clothing, he took hold of both feet and placed them against his chest. He looked down at her marvelous naked body while she watched him, her eyes heavy lidded and lips parted. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, making her breasts quiver slightly, her nipples stood out perky and perfect. Edward ran his hands up and down her legs as his eyes took in the smooth expanse of stomach, round of hip and the smudge of curls between her thighs.

Bella was about to lose control; her heart was pounding in her chest. Just as she was going to start begging, he dropped to his knees in front of her and spread her legs slowly. The scent of her arousal enveloped him, and he could feel the searing heat coming off her in waves. Even though his night vision was excellent, the sight of her splayed before him in the sunlit room astounded him.

Edward supported Bella's legs with his arms; he turned his head to the side and began kissing her inner leg starting at the knee. Using a combination of lips and tongue, he had Bella shuddering in small spasms as he inched his way closer to her sex. He placed a small kiss between her legs and continued down the other thigh. Bella expelled her breath sharply and jerked her hips.

"You'll pay for this," she muttered darkly.

"Patience, love," he replied, the laughter barely held in check.

Once he got to her other knee she was practically panting with need. He wondered briefly if he should make her beg a little, but decided to have mercy on her. Not to mention, he yearned to taste her again, and the anticipation was making him throb painfully.

Edward leaned his head toward the pink folds of flesh and blew softly on them. Bella hissed air out between her teeth and waited breathlessly. She was already formulating plans of revenge. Those were forgotten quickly when his tongue made contact with her. She was certain she'd never get used to the contrast between her body heat and his lack of it. The coolness felt exhilarating, shocking, erotic.

Not able to control herself any longer Bella took hold of his hair, and thrust her hips up to meet him. He sucked her inner lips carefully into his mouth for a moment, and then repeated the action on her clit, moving his tongue lazily back and forth and then up and down. It was maddening.

"Oh please…" she whispered.

Silently, he continued licking but increased the tempo slightly. He slipped a finger inside of her and she shuddered violently, the bucking of her hips urged him on. After a few moments he added another finger and slipped them in and out. He felt her go from moist to positively dripping in less than a minute, her juices surrounding his fingers as she began to pulsate. He continued teasing her clit as he increased the speed of his hand, finding where she was most sensitive and manipulating it until she started making loud noises.

'Just listen to her!' He exalted. As if he had said it out loud, Bella began to call his name.

"Oh Edward… I'm so close, so close…" Her voice hitched on the last word and he knew she had started on her ascent to climax. Edward wanted desperately to hear her lose control and wasn't disappointed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it! Don't stop, please!" He felt the muscles in her stomach bunch up as she started to orgasm. Her thighs began to twitch spasmodically as her hips jerked against his face. Edward removed his fingers quickly and lapped at the juices flowing from her as she shuddered against him.

Once the aftershocks started to lessen, Bella opened her eyes and looked at Edward. He had his arms wrapped around her waist with his chin propped on her stomach looking quite pleased with himself. She played with his hair lazily, enjoying the after effect of her intense orgasm.


"Why don't you take your shorts off?" Bella said casually. He smiled and stood up in front of her. "Here let me help," she said as she sat up in front of him.

Edward watched her small, delicate hands work the button of his shorts. She undid the zipper and slipped them down from his hips. Bella couldn't help but notice the erection straining against the fabric of his briefs and she ran her fingers over it, enjoying Edward's quick intake of breath.

"Payback time," she said under her breath as she pulled the fabric down.

Like Edward, she stopped to admire his perfection. She wasn't what you would call a connoisseur of the naked male body, having only seen pictures in textbooks but she was certain that Edward was exquisite.

Edward watched her, fascinated by her rapt attention until she grasped him by the shaft, and moved her hand sensuously up and down, effectively making his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"Good lord!"

"Hey, if I'm not allowed to call out other men's names, then neither are you," she scolded teasingly.

Edward groaned and Bella's shoulders shook gleefully.

"I suggest you grab a hold of the headboard." She said lightly.

"Why?" he asked in a puzzled tone, then she took him in her mouth and he was surrounded by moist warmth. He made a low noise in his throat and grasped the headboard tightly.

Bella stroked up and down his legs as her head bobbed slowly. She moved her hands up his hips and stomach, and then circled them around and took hold of his buttocks. She felt them clench under her hands. Vaguely she heard wood splintering as she took him slightly deeper into her mouth. He tasted just as good as he smelled and she enjoyed the hard smoothness of him against her tongue.

She hadn't expected to enjoy this aspect of sex very much, but something about it made her feel powerful. For once she knew she had the strength to knock Edward to his knees, it was a heady feeling. To reinforce this impression, he groaned loudly.

Remembering his earlier teasing she stopped what she was doing and started to kiss his hips and the top of his thighs. Her nose brushed lightly against his erection as she moved to the other side.

"That's just cruel!" he moaned.

"Isn't it?" She said lightly. Unlike Edward, she did want to hear him beg for it. She didn't have to wait long.

"Bella, I can't stand it! Please??" He groaned and clenched his eyes shut. She quickly obliged by taking him in her hand and sliding her tongue up his shaft to envelop him once more.

Edward gasped several times and ripped another piece of the headboard off. He crushed it in his hand and splinters rained down on the floor. Bella's hot mouth was moving at a quicker rate in tandem with her hand, her arm thrown around his waist. He knew if he let her keep going he was going to reach climax and soon. As tempting as the idea was he wanted to be deep inside her when that happened instead.

One minute, Bella was seated on the bed in front of Edward, and the next she found herself flat on her back with her knees hooked over his hips.

"Bella I need you, I can't wait any longer," he whispered fervently. She gave him a sultry look and nodded.

Edward positioned himself and slid slowly into her. Both of them shuddered when he was fully sheathed inside of her. He felt her throbbing and pulsing around him and took a few deep breaths to keep from exploding. Once he regained control, he began his shallow thrusting, Bella quickly started to match his strokes to bring him deeper. He reached out and cupped her breast with one hand, while with the other he started to massage her clit. Her head moved back and forth on the bed, as she spoke incoherently.

Edward knew he didn't have much time left, so he picked Bella up and quickly sat on the bed with his back against what was left of the headboard. Bella threw her arms around his neck and took over completely. She was lost in abandon as she moved against him frantically. Her lips found his and they kissed deeply.

Bella started to feel the heat blossom and move through her body. She thrust her hips quicker, feeling like she would start to melt if the heat built up any longer. Finally, she felt the release and kissed Edward harder, moaning into his mouth.

Edward let Bella go and reached behind him to decimate what was left of the headboard. He was wound like a spring, and suddenly it uncoiled. He threw his head back as his climax took over.

"Oh God, Bella!"

"Yes, Edward!" She panted in his ear, as she hugged him closer to her. Their mutual orgasm was mind blowing.

Once they both calmed down, Edward reached up to brush Bella's hair from her face softly. She was flushed a rosy red and looked absolutely radiant. He smiled at her tenderly before lifting her up and sitting her on his lap. She cuddled into his stone embrace and sighed quietly.

"What is it, my love?" he asked softly.

"Well, it's official. You are perfect at everything." she replied, sounding a bit miffed.

Edward burst out laughing.

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