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I walked slowly out of my English Lit class amid the stares of my classmates
"Hey Bella" I heard randomly from behind me "Your fashion sense has disappeared" I heard another giggling voice shout.
"Clever...Very original" I laughed sarcasticaly, the two girls stared at me confused before flicking their hair in my general direction, I turned to walk away only to trip over my shoelace, great...just another normal day in paradise.

Maybe I should just go home today, skip class. What was the point really? Just as I was coming out of my trance I saw the brightest flash in front or my eyes and again I nearly fell over.
"Oh my Bella, I'm sorry I thought you saw me coming" My best friends voice shouted as I saw white spots in front of my eyes.
"Its alright just give me a sec" I mumbled as I grabbed her hand, she held my arm tightly to steady me.
"I'm so sorry Bella, I blinded you now!" She wailed as she walked me towards what I could only assume was the lunch room.
"Angela, don't worry...I can kinda see now anyway" I laughed as the white spots faded away; she was leading me to the lunch room.
"Promise no more sneaky photos" she said holding out her little finger. "Deal" I grinned joining mine with hers as we sat down. "I'm really gonna miss you" I mumbled.
"No more talk of that! We will not get to the crying fits until the end of this week" She said trying to suppress the sadness running through her voice.

Angela Webber was my best friend...Only friend really. We met in our first year of high school, both wanting to work on the school paper. As you could probably tell Angela was a photographer her constant need to take photos of me all the time became somewhat tolerable over the years slowly and now halfway through out senior year I really didn't care anymore. I didn't really freak out about that around her anymore as ridiculously annoying as it was; she was my best friend and always knew how to calm me down. For best friends we were so different, she was the Yin to my Yang. Whilst I was the stubborn hot tempered one who couldn't really walk on a flat surface without falling over she was more carefree and relaxed, she was also extremely shy but maybe that's why we meshed so well together. I hadn't totally forgiven her for leaving me. Why in the world her parents would move now when she is so close to finishing high school is beyond me but I guess they are doing what's best for them, its okay though, only two months of no friends Bella then I'm outta here and-

"Edward Cullen is staring at you" she whispered nudging me out of yet another day dream. Maybe I do that to much?
"Hmm?" I said looking up, not even remotely interested "Maybe his eyes got lost" I said barely even caring, I looked up to see him looking before he quickly looked back down towards the table, smiling. Why the hell would he be looking my way? Maybe I should explain, Edward Cullen, basketball star of the school, all the girls loved him, well he was gorgeous really, pale complexion, emerald green eyes and amazingly bronzed hair that looked like he has just got out of bed. Complete player of course, oh and I hated him.


I looked around the cafeteria and sighed, same old same old, nothing new ever happened. I was so bored, I looked over at Jessica, the now girl as I liked to call them, they never stayed around very long. As you can probably tell I have a very short attention span. I'm with a girl only a mater of weeks before I get them into bed and then the fun is gone, there is no chase left. I know this makes me sound like somewhat of an asshole but to be honest I couldn't really give a damn what people think about me, regardless of whether I sleep with them or not they still wont leave me alone. The only people that get pissy about my so called rep are my siblings. Alice, my twin sister and my older brother Emmett along with their respective others Jasper and Rosalie again twins, ironic huh? They hate the way I treat these girls, not that any of them are girls my sister would be friends with, but it's only because they felt the need to settle, whilst I wanna have fun with my youth. I guess sometimes I do envy the closeness they have but a girl would have to be mighty special to keep my attention for longer then a week.

"How did it go with Jess last night" Tyler asked me, twisting his chair round and sitting. I wasn't really a fan of Tyler or any of the people I sat with, call me arrogant but I felt that they sat with me because they knew they would be looked at too.
"Not bad, girl knows what she's doing ill give her that much" I said smirking "Still...same old same old" I said again throwing my fork into my remaining food
"uh oh...Not good between the sheets?" Mike asked interjecting into the conversation
"Aint got her that far yet, guess we'll see tonight" I mumbled "I'm just so bored with it I need something new"
"Yeah because you have had every girl in here" Mike Laughed sarcastically, as he scanned the room
"Pretty much yeah" I nodded looking around also "From what I can see"
"You haven't had Isabella Swan" Tyler said looking in her direction. I twisted round to saw her sitting there with her friend...god what's her name, Angie or something? Not that it mattered. Isabella wasn't really much to be honest, she was well...plain for lack of a better word, her blonde hair was scraped back into a messy bun and she has several books scattered around her. She was wearing a grey tight fitted jumper, a black scarf and dark blue skinny jeans with flat shoes. Nothing special, I preferred brunettes anyway. She had a pen in her hand and was doodling something absentmindedly.

"Why would I want her really? Have you seen her?" Harsh I know but in no way is Isabella Swan my type.
"She's kinda cute in that geeky nerdy bookworm way" Mike said suppressing his laughter.
"I could get her if I wanted" I said confidently.
"Doubtful dude, she don't go for anyone" Eric added into the conversation "Most of all you, I'm sure she knows what your like"
"I bet I could get her" I said stubbornly, I didn't like people telling me who I could and couldn't have.
"Okay then, want to make it interesting?" Tyler said questioningly "How bout a little bet?"
"Sounds fun...can prove you all wrong" I added playfully "What's the bet?"
"Okay, I bet you can't get Isabella Swan in the sack by the end of the school year...I'm being generous now, that gives you 2 months and within that time you can't be hooking up with other girls, you can get help off other people but you cant tell them its a bet, that's between us okay" Tyler told me as Eric was quickly writing all this down.
"Deal, although I wont need the two months. How much you wanna bet?" I said now overly confident. I would secure this in less than a week.
"250? He asked questioningly?" I had that much saved up, I was planning on buying some new shiny rims for my beloved Volvo but hey I could buy a hellova lot more with $500
"Deal...Anyone else in?" I asked as Mike also raised his hands.
"I could do with some more dolla at the minute" Mike said "I bet you will seal the deal the end of the first month" Again Eric was writing It all down.
"Okay as I am uninvolved in this bet in anyway, shape or form, I will have al three of you sign this declaration and will keep it along with the pay up to give to the winner agreed? Oh also if you break these rules at anytime within the bet you lose your money okay?" Eric said a little too happily, I'm sure he was very excited about the fact he was nothing but a bystander in this and could watch all the excitement without losing his money.

I looked over at Isabella just staring, working out my plan to get her into my bed; this was going to be such fun. All of a sudden she looked up from her doodling in my direction I stupidly carried on staring before looking back down towards the table. Wow I must have looked like such an idiot, great start.
"Okay, we sign it now and we'll bring the cash tomorrow, done?" Tyler asked as me and Mike nodded along. "Deal" I said holding out my hand, Tyler took it and smiled "Happy Hunting"

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