AN: one-shot in Jessica's POV. This is when she asks Bella if it's okay if she can ask Mike to the dance and when she asks him. My imagination was short, unfortunately. Reviews please!

Shooting daggers

"Are you sure it's okay?" I ask for the hundredth time. "You weren't planning on asking him or anything?" I had to be sure. I mean, I didn't exactly like Bella but I had to at least pretend to like her, to be her friend, on her good side.

"Yes, of course it is." She had convinced me and now. "I wasn't planning on going anyway so. You two have fun!"

"Yes, thanks." I was relieved that she wasn't going. It is probably better if she didn't. I mean, that way, Mike would be even more focused on me, instead of trying to be nice to Bella. We said our goodbyes and I hung up. I pondered how I would ask him. Should I call him now or wait till we're at school? I'll call him. It's better to have it done.

I dialled the number which I had memorized and waited. It took 4 rings till someone answered.

"Hello?" Not really the voice i was hoping for.

"Hi Mr. Newton." I said politely. "Is Mike there?"

"Hi Jessica. Yeah sure, he's here. Mike! He'll be here in a second." I waited patiently for Mike and found myself getting nervous. What if he says no? But... he has no reason to. I'm being silly.

"Jessica?" I was brought out of my thoughts by Mike's voice and I nervously played with the wire of the phone.

"Hi Mike." I say cheerfully.

"What's up?" I took a steady breath and got right to it.

"Um… there was something I wanted to ask you." I paused and took another breath. "Do you want to go to the spring dance with me?" I waited for several seconds but no answer came. "Mike?" that must have woken him.

"Oh… um… Jessica..." Why is he sounding like that? "I… can I think about it? I'm not really sure I'm gonna go yet so…" I was stunned into silence.

"Yeah sure… I'll talk to you later." I forced out and hung up. Why would he say that?! He needs to think about it?! What the hell is that?! But I knew what it was. He wanted to go with Bella. That must be the reason! But she hadn't asked him! Curses were flying out of my mouth on their own account. But she doesn't even wan to go! Why does he waste time on her?! She is clearly not worth it! I am worth it! I mean, I'm so much prettier than her! Not to mention more popular. Gah! She'll pay for this! How could she do this to me?! I though we were friends! I guess you don't know who you're freinds are.