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Oof. I tripped and bumped to no other than the head cheerleader, Tanya. Well, that's her rademark. If she's the cheerleader, then I'm the quiet geek. What else are you going to call me after joining math, english, and science competitions, winning club elections but then refusing and accepted to be the assistant adviser, and winning awards for school?

"Watch your move geek.", she sneered.

"Gee. I'm sorry." I apologized. I stood up and walked away, but she grabbed me on the hand and pressed her long painted nails on it.

"Better stop flirting with my man. You know you won't be noticed by him and he just faked it all this years when he told you that he's your bestfriend. In your dreams! You are one delusional nerd.", she warned.

"I''m not delusional and I'm his bestfriend!", I shouted at her.

"No you're not. How can one geek be the student body's president and football captain best friend?", she shouted at the cafeteria. Everyone looked at our direction.

"You do not know anything!", I shouted at her. Exactly when I shouted, Edward entered the cafeteria followed by Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. Their meeting just ended.

"What the hell is happening here?", he asked when he reached us.

"She yelled at me and said that she's your best friend. She told me that I didn't know anything.", Tanya weeped on his arms. He comforted her, then glared at me.

"You told her that? You are one stupid girl! I do not have a stupid girl for a bestfriend!", he shouted at me. Great. Everyone at the cafeteria saw our outburst, shock writen in their faces. They all know how close Edward and I were before Tanya appeared in our lives. I stood there for a few minutes with him glaring at me evilly while Tanya is still in his arms. I stopped the glaring contest when I felt a tear slid my cheek.

"Fine.", I looked away and grabbed my bag when a hand stopped me.

"Bells.", I saw Emmett when I turned around, holding me. Rose, Alice, and Jasper are still glaring at Edward who's huging Tanya.

"No. You're his brother. You're his family. I'm just an interruption. Don't worry. I'll be fine.", I assured him. The three looked at us when I said that.

"You are no distraction Bella.", Alice objected. Both her and Rosalie are crying now.

"I'm sorry. You have to go with him. He's still your brother. Blood is thicker than water. Remember?", I smiled sadly at them. I walked away and run to my brother. He hugged me close and saw Emmett following me.

"Dude. What's wrong?", Jacob asked.

"Sorry. My brother of a jerk's fault.", he answered.

"It's fine bro. Not your fault. I better take her home.", he dragged me away from the eyes of the students.