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"Mary Alice Cullen and Rosalie Lillian Hale! Stop tugging my hair!" I complained as Alice opened thebottle of some goo gel. Rose took my outfit which is on my closet. It's been months since Edward asked me to be his girlfriend. A year since that unfateful accident. Finally, after lots of happenings, I'm graduating high school.

Since the time we got together, Edward and I were inseparable. When we're together, we'd just hold each other's hands. Sometimes he kisses my head, neck, cheeks, or lips. I leaned on his chest, his shoulder. We just wanted to touch each other.

Today was graduation day, and coincidentally, our monthsary. Alice and Rose literally pushed me off the bed at 7 in the morning and took me at Alice's house, which was off limits from boys. After that, I lost track of time from all the brushing, scrubbing, and curling. Around 12, they brought food in the room and we stopped for a while.

"Shut it Bella. We're you're best friends, and we wanted what's best for you." Alice said as she opened the bag holding my outfit. My eyes widened a little as I looked at the outfit. It was a blue off shoulder dress with bead patterns at the skirt part, which reached my knees. The slleves were halfway my arms, and the end was loose. On Rose's hand were blue flats with a small ribbon at the middle. Simple, but gorgeous.

"You like it?" Rose smiled happily. I shook my head, and their face fell.

"I don't like it. I absolutely love it!" Both of them squealed and gave me a big hug.

"Good. Because this is our graduation gift for you." Alice added. She put the dress at her bed and started the curlers holding my hair.

"Alice, where's Rose?" I asked.

"Oh. She's wearing her dress. Here she comes." She turned my chair around, and what I saw made my self confidence fell with a loud thud. The red halter dress Rose was wearing fit her curves like a glove. There was a gold and ruby detail in it. Her stilettos were the same color as her dress. She looked so beautiful, it hurt to look at her.

"You look awesome Rose!" I commented. Alice nodded and went to the room where Rose exited. Rose, on the other hand, was already styling my hair. We heard the door open. Rose turned my chair.

Alice was just as beautiful as Rose. Her usual spiky hair was smooth, and there's a pin holding it. She was wearing a flowing tube dress that reached the knees. Her peep toe killer pumps were simple.

"You both look wonderful." Both bowed and saluted. Talk about crazy friends.

"Hush now Bella. If we're wonderful, you're awesome and fabulous and stunning!" Rose commented as she passed me my dress. I shrugged and went to the next room to wear my dress and flats. Thank God for flats. Before I exit the room, I took a deep breath and opened the door. I was greeted my gasps.

"Oh my gosh. Bells! You are gorgeous! I'm sure Eddie-poo would have a hard time keeping his hands to himself." Alice said to Rose. I opened my eyes and raise my eyebrows.

"You're right there sister. Eddie-kins would surely undress our Barbie Bella here with his eyes." Rose added. They sbickered before pulling me in front of the mirror.

The girl in front of the mirror was totally not me. Her chocolate brown hair was down, curls framing her heart shaped face perfectly. Her eyes had that smoky effect, and the red in her lips was just fine. The dress was hugging her body, and it made her look graceful even if she's just standing. It took me a while to absorb what I looked like now.

"It's still incomplete. Hm. I remember!" Alice ran to her drawer and passed to me a blue velvet box. I opened it and my jaw dropped. Inside was a set of jewelry made of sapphire, pearl, and diamond. Rose and Alice took it from me ans placed them at the right places.

"There. Perfect." Both said. I was so touched. This might've cost them a lot, even though they're rich.

"It's Esme and Carlisle's graduation gift. You totally deserve it. You're the batch valedictorian and you got a scholarship to Harvard. And you made Edward very happy. You're like a daughter to my parents." Alice said, hugging me from the side. Rose joined our group hug, but we're interrupted by the door opening.

"Oh my goodness. All my baby girls are grown up." Esme said as she joined us. She was teary-eyed; she was really proud of us.

"Thank you Esme. For eveything." I said as she hugged me. My tears started to flow too. What's with graduation day and crying?

"It's nothing. Nothing compared to what happiness you've given to this household." She said. We stayed there a little while, talking about the graduation program until Esme told us we're going to be late. We walked down one by one. As I reached the bottom, I heard a sharp intake of breath and arms engulfing me.

"You look stunning love. I was wondering if this is graduation or wedding." Edward teased. I looked up for my brown eyes to meet his green ones. The color of his eyes were really noticeable, and it made my knees weak. Those eyes, they were smoldering and full of love.

"You cleaned up nice, Eddie." I mocked, kissing the tip of his nose. Someone coughed from behind me. I turned around to face the one who interrupted our moment.

"If you two won't stop the lovey-dovey thing, daddy-o would leave and your batch would be graduating without the valedictorian and the president. And then, they'd found out that the two ditched graduation to make love. One day, they'll just show up with a ba-" Emmett's ranting was muffled by Rosalie's long hand. She pulled him away and gave us an apologetic smile. She's strong; no one could pull Emmett like that. Or maybe Emmett's too smitten with her, which was true.

"Whoa. Emmet sure knows how to tell a story." Edward commented. We both laughed.

"Well, let's go now. Forks High wouldn't like to finish the school year without our presence." I pulled him, but my efforts were nothing. He carried me bridal style, kicked the door on our way out, and walked his way to his beloved Volvo before sticking out a tongue to Emmett. I snickered. Sometimes, when Emmett's around, I'd never think that this creature was my mature, caring, overprotective, loving Adonis.

"Thank love." I kissed him shortly after closing the passenger seat. He walked to the other side and entered the kiss. I faced him, but instead of just facing him, our lips were locked. I didn't notice his hand took something from the back. I looked down and saw a ring, the same as the other jewelry Rose and Alice gave to me.

"A-- What?" I was lost in words. It's a ring for Pete's sake! Nobody gave rings for graduation, and this is Edward we're talkeing about. Ola-fashioned, adorable Edward. I just sat there, staring at the object.

"This isn't an engagement ring. Don't think like that. It's more of a promise ring. One day, I'll be that guy in tux waiting for my ever beautiful, blushing, brunette bride in white dress. On that day, we'd be together. I wanted you to be officially mine at the right time, and the right place. We're doing this the right way, and I wanted everything to be perfect when that day comes." He said, looking at me straight in the eyes, wiping tears of happiness that fell. I was stunned.

"I love you Bells. Since we're kids, I know you're the one I wanted to be with. I was just a little late to notice it, but I love you. I would proudly say that in front of everyone here at Forks. I love you Isabella." He kissed my lips, and I couldn't ask for more. As our tongues danced, he slipped the ring at the right finger. We grinned before facing everyone who witnessed our love for each other. For once in my life, I'm contented. This was enough, enough for forever.

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