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As usual, Tinker bell was tinkering with lost things as she so enjoyed doing. Bobble admired from a far, finally managing to be by himself as Clank was off feeding Cheese. He had picked a few small flowers and lost things for Tink, but couldn't find the nerve to give them to her. He really wasn't that smooth. He took a deep breath when he was startled by a voice behind him. "Hi Bobble!" it said causing him to drop his lost things and flowers.

He turned to see Silvermist, Iredessa, Rosetta, and Fawn standing behind him. It was Silver mist that had spoken.

"What cha doing?" asked Silvermist.

"Well, I…" stuttered Bobble.

"And what are these?" asked Rosetta, picking up the flowers.

"And this?" asked Fawn picking up the lost thing. She held a playing card above her head. "No seriously, what is it? It's kind of cool!"

"Guys, just leave him alone." Said Iredessa. "He obviously doesn't want to be.." then she saw Tinkerbell. "Oh! You weren't spying on Tinkerbell were you?!"

"Lassies, please! Keep your voices down!" pleaded Bobble.

"Oh, I see what's going on here." Said Rosetta.

"Me too!" said Silvermist. "But you say it first."

"Little grasshopper here has a crush on Tinkerbell."

"What?" said Bobble. "That's that's- why would you…"

"Oh! Oh! He's stuttering!" exclaimed Fawn. "She's right! She's right! He does! You like Tinkerbell! You like Tinkerbell!" she sang.

"Fawn why are you teasing him?" asked Iredessa.

"She's more like reminding him." Commented Silvermist.

"Anyway." Said Rosetta getting back on topic. "Point is sweet pea, you can't be back here just spying on her."

"Well, first of all, I wasn't spying on her." He said. "And I was just about to go over there."

"Oh, were you now?" asked Rosetta with a grin.

"Yes I was." said Bobble rather proudly.

"Then go." Said Fawn.

"I will." He turned and as soon as he saw Tinkerbell, he lost his nerve. He turned around.

"Go on, go on." Said Silvermist. "Go on, get boy!"

He turned around again and took a deep breath and swallowed hard. He bravely took a few steps forward. The girls hid behind a flower leaf to watch.

"Guys, we really shouldn't be spying, it's wrong!" said Iredessa. 'We should go."

"See ya then."

"Go ahead."

"No one's making you stay."

"Fine, I'll stay! But I won't like it!" she said

Bobble cleared his throat, and Tinkerbell didn't look up. He did it again, still she didn't hear. He did it the third time and went into a fit of coughing, which caught Tinkerbell's attention. She looked up. The girls gave hiss as if to say this is not going well.

"Bobble! Bobble are you alright?" she asked, concerned.

He hit his chest and stopped. "Well, yes yes. I'm fine miss Bell. Um, I just thought I'd bring you..Uh.." then he realized he had forgotten the flowers and lost things.

"Bring me..What?"

"Um, well I.."

Then Silvermist flew in with the playing card. "Bobble!" she said. "You forgot this, I thought you might want it back." Then through clenched teeth she said: " fix your hair." Then unclenching her teeth bid a hello then an immediate farewell to Tink.

Bobble handed her the card.

"Aw! Thanks Bobble it's just what I needed!" she set back to her project and inserted the card.

He looked back at the girls for help and they were mouthing the words compliment her.

"Uh, that's a fine machine you're making there."

"Really? So you know what it is?" she asked excited. "Because so far no one else has."

"Why yes, it's a …" he didn't know what it was.

In flew Fawn to the rescue. "Hey Tink! What's that?"

"Oh, hi Fawn. It's supposed to be a flying machine. Like what we use to-."

"'K! Bye!" then she zipped off back to her hiding spot. But not before handing the flowers to Bobble.

'Hey Bobble, could you hand me a hammer?" Tink asked.

Nervous and without thinking he handed her the flowers into her open hand.

"Uh, these are flowers."

"Oh! So they are!" said Bobble. "How observant miss Bell! My mistake! Here's the hammer. But I do get the flowers and the hammers confused so often"

"Uh…understandable." said Tink uncertain with a smile.

"So anyway, I was uh wondering if maybe you'd like to.." but before he could finish, in flew Terrence.

"Hey Tink, ready?" he asked.

"Yup. "Said Tink. "Me and Terrence are gonna go play checkers, but I'll catch up with you later, alright?"

"Well, sure Miss Bell, I'll be seeing you in a bit, go have fun." And with that, they took their leave.

The girls came over to the disappointed Bobble.

"Tough luck sweet pea." Said Rosetta. "It would appear you have some competition."

"wait! we're playing a game?" asked Silvermist.

"well, we are now." Said Iredessa.

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