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This fic takes place in season two, sometime after Hunted. So if you're only on the first season, 1) you need to catch up with the rest of us, 2) this fic may have spoilers, though not in the first chapter.

Enjoy chapter one!

As Sam started to wake, he felt strange. Like not everything was in place. As he became more aware, he found that he wasn't able to move his arms.

His eyes snapped open.

The room was completely white. The walls and floor were padded. There was a mirrored window on the wall opposite Sam. He looked at himself for a moment before realizing that he was wearing a straitjacket. His hair reached down to his shoulders, and he had a 4 o'clock shadow. His eyes had dark bags under them.

Sam started to panic. What the hell is going on?! Where's Dean!? Where am I!?

Sam stumbled to his feet and tugged hard on the restraints. But no matter how hard he tugged, the jacket would not come loose. Trying to ignore the sudden feeling of claustrophobia, Sam looked around and noticed a door. Sam ran towards it and hit it full force with his shoulder and back. He repeated this again and again, hoping that the door would just break open.

After the twelfth attempt, Sam stopped. He stood there panting, his shoulder starting to ache. Okay, Winchester. Calm down and think...! The last thing Sam remembered was falling asleep in the motel room. They had just finished a simple salt-n-burn hunt. Having found some demonic omens a few states over, the brothers decided to get a good nights rest before heading out.

Nothing suspicious or strange happened.

So what the hell was he doing here?

Sam wondered if it was true that you couldn't feel pain in dreams. Because if it was, then his shoulder is a testament that this is not a dream.

Squirming in the jacket in a futile attempt to loosen it a bit, Sam looked at the mirrored window. "Hey!" Sam yelled at it. "Can I speak with someone!? Please!" A minute passed and there was no response. Sam sighed. Great. I'm some sort of patient at a mental hospital that I have no memory of going to. I have no way of contacting Dean until someone opens the freakin' door...! God, I hope this is just some weird ass dream...

The door suddenly swung open, a middle-aged doctor strolling in. He closed the door behind him, causing Sam to cringe when he heard the automatic lock click. The doctor looked down at his clipboard, flipping through a few of the pages. "Well, Sam, you seem pretty lucid today... that's good..." he said distractedly.

"Right..." Sam said, not quite believing what was going on. "Look, doctor, can you tell me where the hell I am?"

The doctor frowned looked up over his reading glasses at the young man. His facial expression was one of pure shock. "What do you remember, Sam?"

"Not any of this...! Look, can you just tell me where I am and what I'm doing here?"

"The last thing you remember..." the doctor said carefully. "Were you with Dean?"

Sam blinked in surprise. "Yeah... where is he? Can I talk to him?" Sam tugged at the jacket again, his frustration and confusion starting to build. "Have I been in some sort of freakish accident or..."

The doctor shook his head, astounded. "I can't believe this..."

"Believe what?!" Sam shouted. "Where the hell am I?!"

The doctor took off his reading glasses and looked at Sam with a serious look. "You're in the Lawrence Asylum. You've been here for seven years now."

"Seven years!? What the hell...?!" This BETTER be a weird ass dream...!

"By the looks of things you've had a strange relapse..." he said quietly. The doctor made a couple notes on the clipboard, frustration and confusion nearly as palpable as Sam's. He turned to leave, looking towards the mirrored wall and nodding. The door popped open and the doctor turned to Sam before leaving. "Now, Sam. I want you to just stay calm. Things will be explained to you shortly."

Sam started to squirm in the jacket again. "Can you at least take this off me?" Sam asked pleadingly. "I'm not gonna attack anyone or anything so it's not really necessary..."

The doctor gave a small smile as he shut the door behind him. "Unfortunately it is."


It had to have been at least an hour or two and nothing happened. Sam sat on the floor, staring at himself in the mirror. Something had better happen soon or I will go insane... Sam pulled on his restraints again, but like before, they held steady. He was getting worn out from the tugging and shouting. Sagging against he wall, Sam thought of the possibilities of what the hell was going on. The most plausible seemed to be that he and Dean were in an accident and Sam had a head injury.

But since when was the most plausible usually the most accurate? In Sam Winchester's world, the most obscure idea he could come up with is probably what happened.

Some supernatural entity could have put Sam into an alternate universe or some sort of full-blown illusion for some reason. Whether that be to slowly drain the life out of him, or just to have a little fun. Sam cringed at the implications of that thought and quickly pushed it back.

The door opened again, the doctor coming back in. Only now he was accompanied by a middle aged woman. The woman ran up an kneeled in front of Sam. She smiled and had tears in her eyes. She reached up with her hands to cradle Sam's face but Sam quickly slammed himself back. "Whoa, lady! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

The woman gave Sam a look of distress before turning to the doctor. The doctor was frowning. "I don't know what to say, Mel. He's acting almost normal, and it seems his memory has been completely morphed."

"So..." Mel said carefully, "It's not just Dean this time...?"

"What the hell are you people talking about!" Sam shouted, getting desperate for answers.

Mel turned back to Sam. "Sweetie, do you recognize me at all?"

"No... Why? Should I?" A thought suddenly occurred to Sam. If this is some sort of alternate universe, then maybe his parents...! "Wait, this is Lawrence, Kansas, right?"

Mel smiled. "Yeah, sweetie. It is."

"So... Does a Mary and John Winchester live here?"

Sam was completely taken back by the completely devastated look on Mel's face. "Oh, Sam..."

"Well," the doctor said. "That might explain his comatose state..."

Sam scoffed in frustration. "Will someone just straight out tell me what the hell is going on?! Can I use I phone?! I wanna call my brother!"

"Mel." She turned to the doctor. "I think you should leave for now."

Mel slowly nodded. She looked back at Sam and made another attempt to touch him, only to have Sam shy away again. Understanding of the situation, Mel reluctantly got up and left, muttering a 'thank you' at the doctor as she passed.

"Wait, Mel!"

Mel froze at the door and looked back at Sam.

"Can you call my brother? His cell is 866-907-3235. Maybe he'll actually shed some light on the whole situation to me..."

Tears formed in Mel's eyes as she nodded and quickly left.

The doctor sighed. "Alright, Sam. I want you to listen very closely to what I'm saying. Your name is Samuel Winchester. Son of John and Mary Winchester. When you were six months old, your mother died in a fire. Your father moved with you from town to town..."

"What the hell are you talking about...?"

The doctor continued as if uninterrupted. "When you were sixteen, when your father moved back here with you, it was discovered that your father abused you for most of your life."

"What?! Is this some sort of sick joke...?!"

"... You were brought here to recover under my care. I'm Dr. Jared Ackles. Melissa Hemmings became your official guardian. You mostly remained the same over the years, until about a year and a half ago, when started drifting between comatose and hysterics. But... This is the most lucid I've seen you in... well, ever."

Sam shook his head. This can't be happening. Where the hell am I?! What the hell is doing this to me!? "Wh-what about Dean?" Sam asked. "You haven't even mentioned him."

Dr. Ackles sighed. "Sam... Dean doesn't exist."

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