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The last chapter of my story. It has a sucky ending, but I've got a new idea for a story I want to start today, and I think it will be MUCH better than this one.

So enjoy chapter six! The final chapter!

Suddenly, Sam was laying in a bed. The bed of the motel room.

Dean was sitting next to him, his head in Dean's lap. Bobby was standing a few feet away, relief palpable.

Sam's gaze met Dean's and tears started to fall. "Dean...? You real?"

"Yeah, Sammy. I'm real."

"Daddy never hurt us?"

Dean looked at Sam in utter sadness. "No. Dad was a good father to us."

Sam sighed. As he was removed from the fake reality, the intensity of the fake memories became less, but they were still there. "Wh-what happened?"

"Remember that case we took a few weeks back? With those three witches?"

"Yeah... didn't they all kill themselves?"

"Apparently there was a fourth, and she was out for revenge."

Sam nodded. He pushed himself up into sitting position, but kept physical contact with Dean at all times. "What'd she do to me?"

"A spell," Bobby interjected. "Basically she put you into a fake reality."

Sam nodded. He started to shiver as he felt all the dozens of people who supposedly assaulted him. It was amazing that none of it was real but it still was affecting him like this.

"You alright, Sammy?" Dean asked.

Sam shook his head. He curled into a small ball and silently wept. He heard the door open and assumed that Bobby was leaving, giving the brother's some privacy.

"Sammy, what happened?" Dean asked.

Sam didn't respond. He just leaned into Dean's warmth and cried. He almost couldn't believe it. Dean was real. Dean was here.

"Sam, I can't help unless I know what happened."

Sam leaned up into sitting position and tried to wipe his eyes off. "You don't need to help," Sam said quietly. "You're here. That's all that matters."

Dean gave a quiet scoff and smiled. "Yeah, well I want you to tell me everything anyway."

Sam smiled back. That was just so Dean...


Dean went first. He described how Sam fell unconscious. He would go into fits and scream for his brother but never wake up. Not knowing what else to do, Dean called Bobby. They figured out it was a spell and they hunted the witch down. Once the spell was broken, all they had to do was get Sam to wake up.

Then it was Sam's turn. Sam started out slowly at first, describing what happened what he first woke up. But as the memory gate opened, the flood came out and Sam wasn't able to stop himself. He told his brother every horrific detail and memory of the nightmare. In the end, Sam was crying, curled in Dean's chest, with Dean's arms wrapped tightly around him.

"My god..." Dean said. "I am so sorry, Sam. I should have gotten you out of there sooner."

Sam shook his head adamently. "Wasn't your fault. Never your fault. I would have been completely lost if it wasn't for you."

Dean just shook his head and held Sam tighter to himself, more determined than ever to make sure his little brother remained safe.

Told ya the end sucked :P And it's extremely short. Did I mention that before?