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"Laundry day, see you there, underthings, tumbling."

Buffy's head shot up at the singing. Her eyes locked with the blonde man's. He stopped singing abruptly.

"You're new here," he blurted out.

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Go figure."

He set his basket down on his usual machine, the cheery blonde was using Penny's usual machine.

"I'm Billy, by the way."

"Buffy," she responded as she fiddled with the machine.

"Wanna say, "Love your hair" here I go, mumbling."

Buffy scowled, she really hated spontaneous singing. First it was all fun and games and then people started to combust and spill secrets and it was just a whole big mess.

"This better not be you-know—who I think this is," she grumbled.

Buffy's machine shuddered and she twitched in response, "Stupid machine, stupid chore."

Billy gently brushed her shoulder before giving the washer a swift kick, "That one has a tendency to not work."

Buffy blushed prettily, "Thanks."

"No problem, what else am I going to do during this stunningly boring chore? End world hunger?"

He scoffed as she chuckled and shot back, "Take over the world?"

A full blown smile crept onto his face, "Well, maybe just Australia."

Buffy snorted lightly, "Dingoes Ate My Baby."

Billy's eyes went wide, "Get out of town, I love that band!"

"My friend is actually the guitarist, Oz."


A few giggles passed between the pair before the front door slammed shut. Billy's face fell to a rock hard place.

Captain Hammer strolled into the Laundromat, eyes quickly lighting on the very fit blonde. The Captain's eyes completely glossing over his nemesis—and defeater—Dr. Horrible.

"Well hello beautiful," he drew out the syllables. "I lost my phone number, can I have yours," he asked, his sexy smile firmly in place.

Buffy glared at the faux hero as she tried to repress her gag reflex, "I'd rather kiss the devil himself."

Captain Hammer smirked and leaned forward, "Great—wait what!"

Buffy snickered before scowling, "You wouldn't know real danger if it spanked you. God, I hate people like you, trumped up nobodies."

Captain Hammer slumped to the floor sobbing hysterically.

Buffy grabbed her laundry and smiled at Billy once before turning towards the door.

Billy reached out and tapped Buffy on the shoulder, "Can I have your number?"

A secret smile slid onto Buffy's lips, "Maybe next Tuesday."

On her way out the door, the naturally graceful woman 'acidentally' tripped over Hammer, jamming her booted foot into his hip bone.

Casting him one more derisive glare she muttered, "Stupid woman hating preacher look-a-like."

Billy's mouth was slightly open as he gazed at the perfect woman, beautiful, witty, and she hated Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool.

The door swung open, and Buffy was quickly swallowed by the warm glow of the afternoon sun.

The End…

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