Inuyasha sat in the forest, just below the tree he had been stuck to by an arrow fifty years prior. He no longer had or belonged to a pack. He was alone, just like he had been when Izayoi had died, and nobody had cared for him. For the last five years, the group had won many battles and fled many too. But in the end, they had defeated Naraku, made sure the remains of his body and soul had been cremated then trapped inside a crystal ball, dropped in the ocean far from shore, ensuring them nobody would be able to rule the power Naraku had ever again or even try to resurrect him.

After persuading Kouga to give back the two jewel shards in his leg, they gained the full Shikon Jewel. Kaede and Kagome had a talk together shortly in her hut after they arrived back in the village and when they did come out, Kagome announced she was going to go back to her time, forever, and seal it from that side of the well with the power of the Shikon Jewel. They all knew it was necessary because they had already had eight demons try to attack them for the Shikon Jewel but that didn't mean they were happy. Shippo watched as Kagome packed her sparse items into her duffel bag. It took every last bit of strength he had not to cry at that time but it was rather obvious when he sniffed loudly. They all felt sorry for him, because he was losing his mother again, as the sun started to set below the horizon, the rest gathered with her at the well. She hugged everyone, and didn't even say anything or hit Miroku when he rested her hand on her ass for the last time. Sango and Shippo were crying but Inuyasha stood by the side of the well, unsure of what to do. Two black sandals came in sight, and he looked up, Kagome hugged him and he wrapped his arms around her; trying to remember the distinct scent of his long friend-considered sister. "Well, I guess this isn't needed anymore, right Inuyasha" She smiled as she removed the rosary he wore for five years. She stepped away and smiled, her voice strong, yet the tears showed her sadness. "Close your eyes," she spoke and they obeyed, "Please don't forget me, onegai." they heard her whisper. "Goodbye, I will always remember the time we had together." and then she was gone, they could tell from the swish of air that hit them.

Inuyasha turned towards Miroku, Sango, and Shippo. "I'm leaving, I'm sorry if it's too sudden but I must. Is it okay if you take care of Shippo until he is ready to go on his own?" They agreed knowing what Inuyasha was going through and after Inuyasha had given Shippo a big bear hug and lick on the cheek from Inuyasha, he left, only turning his head slightly to the side when Shippo yelled goodbye to him. "Goodbye." he whispered.

And now he sat here, unsure of what to do in the near future. He searched through his head, his senses not sensing the approaching aura of a rather powerful and strong demon. Suddenly, a flash out of the corner of his eyes brought him back to find a pretty female Youkai, wearing layers of expensive clothing and beautiful hair ornaments in the shape of flowers looking at him patiently, waiting for his attention. Inuyasha leaned back in surprise, choking back a gasp; 'What does she want with me?'

Finally he found his voice, "What do you want from me?" he asked his hand reflexively on the hilt of his Tetsaiga. "Lord Inuyasha, you need not raise the Tetsaiga against me, the Council only requests your presence at the Western Palace." The Council, why would they need him? "Why?" he asked. "I can not say; my orders are that you must be told of the message and brought to the castle. I am also supposed to heal you from any injuries should you have any." She answered swiftly. He was suspicious, why would the Council need him so suddenly, but he had nothing to do here or anywhere else for that matter, so what can happen to him. "What's your name?" Inuyasha questioned, "My name is Hinako, Lord Inuyasha." He climbed to his feet, "Well, Hinako, please bring me to the palace then." She smiled, "This may be uncomfortable but please hold on tight." she warned offering her arm while she closed her eyes in concentration.

Air began to rustle around them, slowly becoming faster and faster until he could no longer see anywhere on the other side of the tornado and his sensitive ears filled with the sound of whips. His stomach was feeling rather unsettled but he ignored it. The loud whips of the wind echoed in his ears as Hinako continued to concentrate. The winds have died down now and slowing to a stop, he stood on a large white rug; the sight before him was magnificent; showing a vast hall with expensive decorations placed around, on the walls hung large framed portraits of powerful looking demons. She opened her eyes and let him absorb everything before leading him to big solid wooden doors made of perhaps oak stood, an aggravated voice sounding oddly like Sesshoumaru muffled through it. He winced; whoever in there angered Sesshoumaru was in a lot of trouble and for all he knew it; it was probably the because he was here and Sesshoumaru would most likely be part of it. Now, should he open the door, or does he wait for someone?

A quick glance at Hinako affirmed his thought. But knowing if he left before finding out why he was there he'd die of curiosity, screw the cat. Inhaling deeply, he pushed onto door, unexpectedly it opened easily and banged against the wall with force, in his mind he went 'Oops, just a little too hard.' But it was kind of funny to him how everyone jumped. The Head Councilor named Takeru cleared his throat loudly and as soon as he got over the initial shock, and invited Inuyasha to sit in the chair located in the middle of the room, where he also found a grumpy Sesshoumaru sitting and glaring hotly. Hinako had already closed the door, and everyone was inspecting him, he could feel the stares. "Hello Inuyasha, I am sure you are wondering why you are here?" Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, he nodded "Yes, I would like to know, especially since some of you have tried to kill me many times already." Some members looked rather uncomfortable and shifting was heard throughout the room.

"So, what's this all about?" He asked, trying to lighten up the mood. "Perhaps Lord Sesshoumaru would be more suitable to tell you." Takeru said nervously. When Inuyasha looked over at him, he sighed, "Father had intended us to be mates with each other. It is not of your choice nor mine so please refrain from arguing with me, it is not I who wishes this. Besides you cause too many trouble for me," stated Sesshoumaru, "you were born to ruin my life."

He was following everything he said, that is until Sesshoumaru had said he no choice. He breathed in deeply as he thought 'Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm' he told himself. Gah, screw it! "My life is mine!" Inuyasha almost screamed, members nearly panicked when the room vibrated, "You can't say that I have no choice of what I do in it, for all I know, youdo not even have a say in it." He pushed back his chair as he stood up to leave, inclining his head towards Takeru, after all he still had manners when is came to certain elders. "I'm very sorry but I'll have to decline this offer, Head Takeru, Aniki, I will be taking my leave now." Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes; nobody dares talk like that to him.

When Inuyasha began striding to the big doors, he stepped in front of him. Grabbing onto his wrist, he pulled Inuyasha towards him, "My dear, dear Otouto, I think this will change your mind." A scroll was pushed into his hands, and when he opened it, the only place he noticed was the familiar signature on the bottom lines. Should I die before the council announces the mating of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, I give my approval to the matter. Take care of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru. Signed at the bottom were the kanji he had seen so much as a child printed carefully underneath. .

Shock, that's all he felt at that moment. His mother, the one who had given birth to him, had taken care of him, showed the feelings of love and be loved to him and told him the horrible stories of his cold half-brother Sesshoumaru, had given her approval of their mating. Blinding tears rushed forth, spilling over his cheeks and blurred his vision, but as they dropped down onto his cheeks, black filled the edge of his eyes, worsening as every second passed. He was unconscious just a moment later.

When the tears fell, he was already surprised but when he saw him begin to sway his arms Sesshoumaru reached out to steady him or catch him if need be, Inuyasha fell against him, limp and passed out. The members looked sadly at him, and began to file out of the room. Sesshoumaru picked him up bridal-style and laughed mentally because if Inuyasha was awake right now, he would be cussing at him. Sobering up, he sighed; tonight he won't be sleeping on his bed, that's for sure.