Chapter Five: Confessions

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Sesshoumaru woke up in a start that night; the feeling of Inuyasha's presence was gone. It was gone from his mind. Fear gripped at his heart as he stood up, and sped away through the window on his air cloud. The palace grew smaller and smaller in sight and then finally disappeared even without his demonic abilities. His Youkai lead him towards Inuyasha, its voice filled with anxious and worries, though Sesshoumaru did not feel anything less. He got there to the training site and found a suffering Inuyasha, with a pain ravaged face and his arm completely blackened, his breathing accelerated.

Sesshoumaru's Youkai was panicking 'our mate, our mate is dying, SAVE MATE!' He was in shock, 'oh god, Inuyasha is going to die,' and quickly got moving as he lifted Inuyasha into his arms and sped off in the air, determined to get to the Palace quick as possible. Inuyasha knew he was going to die soon if he didn't get help, he felt as if his whole body was on fire and his arm burned with an intensity he had never felt before in his whole life. He could feel he was lifted into the air by a strong pair of arms, but the pain became too much and he passed out.

When he got there, Sesshoumaru burst into the Healing Wing, and screamed for his healers. They rushed out at the call of their distressed lord and crowded around the limp form and immediately got to work, pouring remedies after remedies of medicine down Inuyasha's throat. After about thirteen liquids had downed later, the body began to heal, and rather rapidly too. The poison in Inuyasha's body had already begun disappearing from the blood stream. Sesshoumaru was sitting on the waiting chair at the other side of the room; head down, as sadness overwhelming him while he looked over at his unconscious mate. Not only was his Youkai depressed and scared, he himself was as well because unknown to anyone but himself, he had realized he was in love with Inuyasha only just a few days ago.

Around two hours after midnight, the healers left the bedside and he was allowed to watch over his sleeping mate. Tears fell down his pale cheeks and shone in the moonlight streaming through the white curtains. He wasn't a good mate, he had let Inuyasha into all this trouble and pain without even noticing it until the last moment, and sinking in his sorrow he did not notice Inuyasha opening his eyes to see Sesshoumaru crying. "Sess...Sesshoumaru?! Why are you crying?" Cold, small hands caressed his cheek. Breaking out of his thoughts when he heard the angelic voice break through the dark fog, he smiled through his tears.

When his arms wrapped around his body and his face pulled into the most exquisite smelling shoulder, he sighed and smiled. Sesshoumaru was talking, "I thought I lost you, don't scare me like that again. This Sesshoumaru loves you so much, I can not lose you." Wait, what? He pulled away, wincing at the pinch of pain he felt when he pulled his injured arm away and looked in the other direction. "Sesshoumaru," he said quietly in a tiny voice, "you don't love me, so please don't say you do." As he said this pain ripped and tore at his heart, leaving him feeling worst than when his arm burned. "I've been in love with you only shortly after we were forced to mate, but you have not shown any sign of affection or love towards me, and I could tell. Don't lie to me, please don't, not now when I can't take anymore." He couldn't bear to look at Sesshoumaru right now, if he did, he would burst into tears. He was a Hanyou, a filthy half-blood; he could not be loved by one as pure and beautiful as his brother.

A cold voice cut through, and for a second he thought he knew what was coming. "Do you really think that?" He looked up, and Sesshoumaru sat there, his eyes hidden by the shadow of his bangs. "Yes, we were forced to mate, and yes, I was rather cold. But I could feel myself being drawn into you, day after day; you would be a pestering puppy in the morning, always playing tricks. And I couldn't tell then, but now I know. I've fell in love with you, Inuyasha. I am not lying, this Sesshoumaru does not lie. Inuyasha, I will say this now, and I will say it many times too, I. Love. You."

And he kissed him on the lips.

Sesshoumaru kissed him, letting the still figure of his brother to get used to it, before slowing licking the delicious bottom lip. Inuyasha was in a mixed state of happiness and shock. He finally got what he wanted, the love of his brother. When he felt the lips descend on his, he sat still, unsure if he did something everything would fall apart, but when he felt a slick tongue lick him, he opened his mouth obediently.

Sesshoumaru's slick tongue sought around every corner and ridge in Inuyasha's mouth. He explored everything, all of his canines, and the ridges of every one, and then finally, the devilish tongue. Throughout this, Inuyasha let Sesshoumaru do the work, enjoying the soft strokes against his teeth and sides, but as soon as the Sesshoumaru's touched his, he began battling for dominance. Their tongues curling and uncurling around each other, and Inuyasha couldn't help but melt into it finalizing his position as the submissive. Sesshoumaru pulled away from the delicious red lips and kissed his way down his neck, stopping to nip and suck at the pulsing vein located near the shoulder breathing in the personal intoxicating scent of his brother. He could hear soft moans coming from him. He licked it one more time before pulling away, because if he didn't, he was sure to mark what was his, but he wanted Inuyasha to trust his feelings for him.

When Inuyasha felt him pull away, a whimper tore out of his throat. He looked up confused, and Sesshoumaru smiled," Go back to sleep, Otouto. You are still healing; do not worry, you will see me tomorrow when you awake." He promised to the pup lying on the bed. Caught up in the activities, he had not noticed his fatigue but it pulled at him as Sesshoumaru gently pushed him back on to his soft feather pillows. Smiling, Sesshoumaru settled in his chair to wait for the coming morning light.

As the light hit Inuyasha, he began awakening. Something was by his fingers and opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the attacking white walls and sheets. He slowly sat up, leaning heavily against the pillow; pain was shooting up through the wound in shocks. Inuyasha looked over to the mysterious object by his fingers. He frowned when he saw Sesshoumaru sleeping in his chair, bent over the bed and head resting on the bed. Why was he here? Could it be he was worried about him? As soon as hope settled in, disappointment chased it away, 'He's not here for me, or if he is, it's just the council who forced him to.' Then all the memories came flooding back. Sesshoumaru loved him, Sesshoumaru loved him. A smile exploded on his lips and lit up his features. He look closer, determined to etch every detail of this moment into his memory for a lifetime. Until the face he was staring at stared back.

Sesshoumaru slept soundly until the feeling of being watched woke him quickly. Shocked golden eyes, so similar yet different, stared back at him. He smiled and straightened up, giving a quick stretch. "What are you staring at me for?" he teased. A blush bloomed upon Inuyasha's face. Quietly he mumbled out something he couldn't make out. His eyebrow raised, "Pardon me?" "No! Um… It's just. You look nice when you sleep…" Sesshoumaru smirked, 'my mate, you are the most adorable thing in this world.' "Thank you for the compliment but you may have wanted to reword that." He spluttered and tried to think of an appropriate comeback (fuckable; but he couldn't say that), before giving up.

Sesshoumaru smiled and leaned forward to give him a kiss, tongue swiping the bottom lip. Inuyasha opened up instantly, moaning as it entered his mouth. Sesshoumaru moved away to lay his body over Inuyasha, leaving him wanting for more. Sesshoumaru took Inuyasha's face into his hands, "Otouto, before we go any further, you will have to earn what you want. Plead for it; if you beg well enough, you will receive what you desire." Whines erupted from the small male beneath him. "Aniki… Please… Please kiss me. I want you…" He stretched his neck, revealing the smooth unmarked skin to Sesshoumaru. "Aniki…" That was all it took for Sesshoumaru to lose control.

He leaned down with fever and kissed Inuyasha hard, his hands caressed every inch of his body until it reached a certain tent of clothing. Slipping his hand under the constricting fabric, he slowly pumped Inuyasha. "MMF!" Sesshoumaru gripped it tightly in his hand and pumped, alternating between fast and slow. As Inuyasha moaned and writhed beneath him, flushed. "Sesshoumaru…. Ungh, Faster… Please, Aniki!" Sesshoumaru obeyed Inuyasha's pleads, causing Inuyasha came messily over his stomach, and Sesshoumaru's hand with a cry.

Panting with hood eyes, he looked up and saw such a sight, he became hard again. He watched as Sesshoumaru slowly dragged his tongue over every cum-covered finger, Inuyasha breathed in shakily as those piercing gold eyes caught with his own. Left in a state of arousal, he accidentally leaned forward on his injured arm, leaving a burning streak of pain, the message shooting to his brain. "Ah…"

"Shit, I'm sorry Inuyasha, I didn't mean to." Inuyasha shook his head; the pain was already fading away, something that wasn't still stood in plain sight. Sesshoumaru looked down and then smirked, ripped open Inuyasha's pants with his claws, slowly lowering his head towards Inuyasha's exposed dripping member. 'I won't be taking him till he's ready… But that doesn't mean he can't be convinced with some fun while we wait.'

Shortly after, Inuyasha reached his climax again, this time in Sesshoumaru's mouth. They lay together on the bed, happy and content; a thin cover lightly covered them as they slept peacefully in each others arms.