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Title: Sometimes, He Wonders.

Pairing: Fuuko Kirisawa x Tokiya Mikagami

Rating: K

Theme: #18, "Say ahh..."

Word Count: 1000 (yay!)

Warnings: Mild OOC-ness.

Disclaimer: I don't and won't ever own FoR. Sometimes, I wish I could though. :P

Sometimes, he wonders how she can just barge into his home and stick her cheery face into his business. And sometimes, he wonders why he isn't infuriated, considering how he's known to be anti-social.

Sometimes, he wonders if he can just walk out of her life, so that once again, he'll be able to go back to the being the loner that he is, away from her prying eyes. And sometimes, he wonders if he'll actually take the opportunity if he's given the chance to do so.

He did try to ignore her earlier this morning, but she kept ringing the damned doorbell (he now regrets having it installed) like it was the end of the world. He figured that he should just stand up, open the door and shut it again in front of the girl's face. Not that said girl could take a hint, so she just pushed the button again, over and over, until his ears hurt.

It took him a full thirty minutes before he finally realized that there was just no way to throw her out of his house.

And so, the clock reads fifteen minutes past eight, and the morning finds him sitting groggily in the kitchen, watching her move for the sake of keeping his kitchen in a good (if not in the best) condition.

She says she wants to try making breakfast.

With all the restrain for violence in the world that he can muster, he derides, "I don't remember my kitchen being a cooking school for monkeys."

And she just laughs at him like he's making a joke and proceeds to check his fridge for whatever ingredients she's going to use.

Sometimes, he wonders how she can tick him off so much; make him feel something other than self-hate. And sometimes, he wonders why everything seems to lighten up when she's around, like she's a box of crayons ready to color everything that's black and white.

Of course, it isn't a date (well, it really isn't a date) with the purple-haired girl without their usual banters about everything silly. And as per protocol, that, they do. He tries to keep it down though, because the girl may become too engrossed with their discussion that she may forget that she's trying to burn his house down with her attempt to cook.

"Hah! It's finished!"

Secretly, he's surprised and relieved that there are no casualties and liabilities in the entire fifteen minutes that she was experimenting.

That doesn't mean though that he stopped worrying about the actual food.

So when she serves the food and shoves it right in front of him, he can't help but stare at it for a very long time. Not only because it may have poison in it, but also because the plate only contains eggs and a toast.

"Eggs?" He asks, his eyebrow twitching dangerously, as if she has done something very ridiculous and insulting.

She nods. "Anything wrong with that?"

He looks at her disbelievingly and wonders if the girl in front of him is for real.

Sometimes, he wonders how she can be so unbelievingly shallow yet adorable. And sometimes he wonders why he just thought of her as adorable, which to him, is just so wrong in ways more than one.

"You..." And he pauses, trying with all his might to restrain himself from strangling her.

"You disrupted my sleep... just so you can practice cooking eggs??" His tone goes a bit higher than usual.

And of course, being the jolly, ebullient girl that Fuuko Kirisawa is, he becomes definitely, surely, positively, and undoubtedly ignored as she takes the fork, slices a part of the egg and takes it in front of his mouth. "Mi-chan, say ahh..."

Sometimes, he wonders if it's just coincidence that he always feels forgiving when she's around. And sometimes, he wonders if he should just let it go and willingly let her in to his life.

Though quite unwillingly (well, not really), he opens his mouth and takes in the food, chewing ever so slowly to make sure there's nothing in it that will give him stomach aches later.

"How is it?"

"Usual eggs."

"But they're filled with love!"

Of course, he knows she's kidding, it's just her way in attempting to catch him off-guard. He rolls his eyes like he always does to respond to her efforts of fazing him.

She sits herself down beside him, slicing another part of her cooking and puts it to her mouth. She grins, giving Mikagami a v-sign. "This is the best thing I've ever cooked."

"Well, considering how you've always burned the kitchen when you attempt to cook..."

And she punches him playfully, albeit quite hardly too, on his arms, sticking her tongue out like a kid.

Sometimes, he wonders how she can put up with him despite his lack of politeness and civility towards her. And sometimes, he wonders why he thinks he's not trying hard enough to push her away.

Being the man that he is, Tokiya Mikagami leans forward.

Of course, the girl's just too busy with being happy about her cooking that she doesn't notice the man's actions until his face is just a few centimeters away from hers, from which point she starts panicking. She doesn't know what to do, so she shuts her eyes close, tilting her head downward to avoid what seems to be a gesture for a kiss.

Seeing this, Mikagami smirks and stops. "Kirisawa, I was just going to whisper that I've had much better, so you can stop dreaming now," he declares before standing up from his seat and leaving the kitchen.

Sometimes, he wonders if he's just toying with her to get his revenge for intruding in his life. And sometimes he wonders, the same way he's wondering right now, if he should just drop the act and kiss her crazy.

Morning finds Tokiya Mikagami nonchalantly walking out of the kitchen with a satisfied smirk, leaving one Fuuko Kirisawa flustered.

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