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Title: Paragliding
Pairing: Fuuko Kirisawa x Tokiya Mikagami
Rating: K
Theme: #29, The Sound of Waves
Word Count: 485
Warnings: OOC Tokiya? Though this is set several years post-anime so. Whipped up in about an hour and hasn't been beta-ed at all. Grammatical errors and typos might turn up. Also, I may have forgotten how to write at all.
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No one can make her calm down like he does.

Or she may have just gotten a bit of his personality rub off on her since being with him. Or maybe she has just grown up a bit. The former seems more plausible—he usually points out how the rest of the gang doesn't seem to age, well, their mentalities at least. Children's minds trapped in the bodies of 20-year old adults. The years have been kind to their appearance though. They've grown from being cute to being just… stunning.

"Fuuko, you've taken down bad guys and fought in a tournament that has not been less than fatal to some. Tell me you're not afraid of paragliding." He was not known to be the most patient guy, but there is certain gentleness in his voice that only she has had the privilege to see more than once.

"Mi-chan," Fuuko said, not really liking how her heart seems to work harder at the moment. "These things have GPS or something in them right?" She asks, referring to the gears they're wearing.


"Okay. I'm okay. I can do this," she mumbles, taking a deep breath, but, as if having thought of something she shouldn't have, the worried look that has been gone for a moment has come back, "What if I can't remember how to fly this thing?" She won't admit it, but she thinks she may be just a teeny bit scared, not really of the part where they fly and glide through the sky, but of the thought that this may not end too well.

"We're not covering long ground, Fuuko. This is the recreational kind for tourists," Mikagami says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "If you want though, we can do this another time. I'm sure Hanabishi and the others are quite eager to have an early dinner by now." He signals for the coordinator to come. "I still can't believe he won an overnight package to one of the best beaches though."

Fuuko chuckles and takes hold of the hand Mikagami held up and pulls it down. "Well, he can pull off miracles sometimes." She squeezes his hand. "And I'm fine. You're right. They'll be out of business if this isn't safe," Fuuko continues. She turns her head, examining her surroundings, and, for the first time, stands in marvel of everything—of the sea reflecting the orange tinge the setting sun is leaving in the sky, of the birds soaring across the horizon, of the sound of waves gently hitting the base of the small island where they stood… And of the man standing before her.

"Don't worry, the water's going to catch you," Tokiya offers. He leans down to kiss her forehead.

No one can make her calm down like he does.

Fuuko nudges Tokiya's arm with hers. "I know." She smiles and looks at him. "It already caught me."

I don't really know much about paragliding. I just remembered seeing people paragliding when I was at Boracay during the holiday break. So, you know, I'm not entirely sure how they work. :P

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