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Author's Note: For a challenge.

Sympathy For The Devil.

I stand there and watch Mr. Raines as he grabs a hold of the locket that Sydney had given him. I've always hated him from the first time I've ever seen him. I still remember that day too. I was going to work with my Mommy and I was so very excited to go to work with her. We are walking towards my Mommy's office when someone interrupts us. I look up to the man who had stopped us. He is smoking and I don't like it when people smoke little did I know that I would take up the same habit when I get older. The man bends down and blows smoke into my face and then walks off. My Mommy says that was Mr. Raines and he works for my Daddy. Once again little did I know that I would be working for him when I get older and my life would become even more terrible.

I am watching Mr. Raines as he watches himself at a younger age hug and cry with his wife. He is still holding his daughters locket and starts to cry. I can't believe that I feel sorry for him. He is evil and yet I feel sorry for him. They say the hardest thing a parent can go through is to lose a child. I am sorry for the pain that Mr. Raines has to feel and I don't know why.

The End