Chapter Six – True Love a Glimpse of the Future


When Ororo vanished all that remained of her was the ancient headdress she'd worn when she'd first joined the X-Men. It was left lying on the ground like a reproach. And it worked. All this time he'd hoped to find her and now that he had she was gone. Was old age finally getting to him? That Ororo had stood before him and he didn't even recognize her meant he was slipping if nothing else.

"It was definitely her," Scotty said after Logan questioned him a second time. The boy stood his ground despite the fear he always felt whenever Logan's dark blue eyes held him in their gaze.

Lee squeezed Scotty's arm but he was too frightened to even glance away from Logan to see the reassurance in her eyes. He'd run the DNA twelve times at Logan's insistence and each time the results were the same. The computer couldn't lie and it didn't make mistakes.

"Yer one hundred percent positive it was her kid?"

"Wolvie, we've told you a dozen times already it was Storm. Why don't you believe us?"

"Mystique can be anyone she wants ta."

"She couldn't get past our security; I mean how would she fool the Cerebral security system? How would she gain access if she wasn't Storm?" Lee countered.

It was true that the alien technology they'd acquired over the decades had advanced to such an extent that no one yet had been able to slip through the cracks. Enhanced by Forge's son it had stood the test of time.

"Sir, may I ask why you keep questioning the results?" Scotty dared to ask.

Logan glared at the boy.

"Storm should be dead by all rights," Lee said answering for her godfather.

"I know that but we're mutants, Lee you know that, anything can happen with us so why couldn't it be Storm, why couldn't she have mutated in some way so that she's still alive?"

"You're right," Lee agreed, "He's right you know, Wolvie. Why can't she be alive? It's not impossible with us."

"No disrespect sir but isn't she a friend of yours? Shouldn't you be happy to see her after all this time?"

"Scotty's right," Lee said. Logan hated it when she did that, backing the kid up.

Encouraged by Lee Scotty continued, "Emma, my grandmother, said Storm and you used to be close but you . . . well . . . er . . . never mind." Scotty's mouth snapped shut when Logan's face turned purple with rage.

"But what? Spit it out kid," Logan dared the boy.

"He won't bite you," Lee whispered in Scotty's ear.

"Don't be too sure about that," Logan said.

"He's kidding you know."

"Am not."


"Well, maybe I won't bite ya since LeeLee's here. Go on kid what did ol' Granny Emma tell you about me an' 'Ro? I wanna hear this, should be good."

Scotty swallowed nervously before taking a calming breath. There was bad blood between Logan and his grandmother who had hated the title of grandmother and had insisted being called her by her given name.

"Uh . . . well . . . Emma . . . er . . . she said . . . uh . . ." he stammered looking from Logan to Lee.

"Go on, kid I ain't gonna bite yer head off, speak yer peace."

"See? Go on, say what you have to say, Scotty," Lee encouraged, patting the boy's shoulder.

"Well, sir Emma, my grandmother you know, said Storm was . . . uh . . . well, too stupid to realize you loved her and, well you were . . . um . . . well, you were stupid too that you didn't know you loved Storm and that she loved you too."

Logan's jaw fell. He hadn't expected that. It was brutal honesty and hard to swallow the kind of honesty he'd denied for too long. The kid was definitely Emma's grandson.

"Sounds like Emma. That all, boy?" he replied.

"Uh . . . well, she said you two would die unhappy," Scotty said, now emboldened.

"Don't look like she knew what she was talkin' about does it kid?"

Scotty didn't answer because to him it looked as if his grandmother had been right. His mutant gift was that he was an empath. He knew what people were feeling, knew their deepest desires. Emma had helped him hone his skills. She'd also taught him how to be bold and daring even when dealing with someone like Logan but unlike his grandmother he didn't quite have nerves of steel. How did you disagree with the Wolverine when he so obviously didn't like anyone who was attracted to his god daughter?

"You should really listen to Scotty, Wolvie," Lee interjected.

"You would say that."

"It's just that we think you should see her again," Scotty said.

"When did my life become any of your business? And what's with this we crap?"

"It's just . . . just you're – I mean you want it to be her an' it is so . . . so . . ." Scotty faltered, losing the little courage he'd managed so far.

"You'll be happier," Lee offered quickly, glancing at Scotty whose face was flushed pink. "And, oh man I'd like to meet her an' talk to her – think of the stories she has to tell about my grandmother and you!" She laughed at the thought. "And how did she stay so young? I want to know that for sure. You should talk to her, Wolvie."

"You know what? Maybe you're right. I'll twist that pin sized head of hers right off. That would make my day."

"You can't do that!" Scotty said.

Logan laughed. "I can. It's easy ta do."

"He's kidding, Scotty," Lee said.

"Look, kid thanks for being man enough ta tell me the truth now why don't you two beat it, an' stay out of trouble. An' Scotty, keep yer hands to yerrself got that?"

Scotty nodded, his blush deepening but Lee laughed and taking his hand in hers led him out of the room.

"Balls just like Emma I'll give 'im that," Logan muttered with grudging admiration.

But it was easy for the kid to tell him he should see Ororo again. Despite having Emma as a grandmother Scotty was as innocent and honor driven as Logan imagined Scott was as a teenager. The only thing the kid had going for him was his sensitivity for other peoples feelings something Logan had often scoffed at but it now made him think twice. Ororo alive meant there were so many possibilities and all the hope he'd slowly begun to lose might not yet be shattered. If Scotty and LeeLee were right, and he wanted them to be (and how could the computer be wrong?) then he'd just made a mistake he didn't know if he could rectify. And then, how to find her?


Finding her proved to be impossible, something Logan had feared. A week later after a fruitless trip to Kenya and back Logan had given up all hope. If Ororo was alive she didn't want to be found and he didn't blame her after the way he'd treated her. There'd been no sign of Mystique either. The cave had been vacant, not one trace of habitation, the rugs, couches, tapestries all gone. The only tell tale sign was the lingering musk of sex and the unique but familiar scent he now knew to be Ororo's.

The scent was actually similar to hers of old, airy, light, soothing, never cloying like Emma's heavy perfumes and now he wondered that he didn't make the connection. Magic played a part in that however. It was magic that was the unfamiliar property in the very familiar odor. Magic had the type of odor that was always so delicate it was almost unnoticeable until you knew you were dealing with someone who wielded magic, and like now usually too late.

Magic had changed her scent much as it had Illyana's long ago when the girl had escaped Limbo. Maybe magic was a type of rebirth making them a new person even though they were essentially the same. Ororo had changed in way he'd never imagined and she was no longer the woman he'd known. She'd been right about that. But one thing hadn't changed – she hadn't wanted him then and she didn't want him now. He accepted that but it didn't stop the pang of deep regret or the ache in his heart.


"Been lookin' fer ya little buddy. What's up? Ya look like ya just lost yer best friend," Victor said with a grin as he slapped a heavy hand on Logan's shoulder.

Logan was drinking at the Hellfire Club, had been since they opened that morning, and he didn't want to be disturbed.

"Beat it, bub," Logan mumbled but Victor waved the bartender over and sat down on the empty stool beside his little buddy.

"Yup, you, me we're a coupla certifiable idjits." Victor took the proffer bottle of beer from the speedy bartender who glanced at Logan warily. "Life's funny," Vic said, raising the bottle in a friendly salute to Logan.

"Speak for yerself," Logan grumbled.

"You don't wanna believe it but you know it's true. Hell, you know me an' I ain't gonna admit this to anyone else but when a woman's involved they get you turned around ass backwards so's you can't think straight ta save yer life an' you know it. Course you know it better 'n me cause yer a sucker for frails," Victor chuckled.

For once Logan had no ready rejoinder. After everything that had happened, thinking Mystique was pretending to be Ororo he especially didn't want to see anyone who reminded him of what an idiot he actually was. Tricked not once not twice but three times. If this was a game Mystique was enjoying then she was winning handily.

"Every since me an' Raven got back tagether she's got me runnin' in circles, don't know if I'm comin' or goin'. Should've killed her a long time ago."

"So why didn't you?" Logan inquired, silently agreeing with Victor but there was no vehemence in Creed's tone, if anything there was a trace of affection. They were back together?

"Good pussy. Best I ever had in fact," Victor said frankly. "Woman like that kinda gets under yer skin after a hundred years or so," he laughed. "You ever had a woman like that? You know the kind you can't stop thinkin' 'bout even when you're with someone else, even after ya ain't been tagether in years?"

"Women're all the same."

"Not Mystique. See the difference with her is she can be any woman you ever wanted."

"Sex is sex, Vic love's a whole other ballgame."

"I see old age's made you philosophical."

"I see old age's improved yer vocabulary."

"An' made you dumber," Victor retorted.

"No, it's made me smarter."

"Don't sound like it ta me."

"Well, it sure hasn't helped you wise up any. Love's the only thing that matters in this world, Vic, the risks you take for it, the connection with someone. You never understood that."

Victor laughed. "The Wolverine drunk! Now I've seen everything! You ain't holdin' up too good are ya little buddy?"

Logan motioned for the bartender who quickly brought him another beer. He twisted the cap off and took a long drink before replying. "What do you want, Creed?"

"Me an' Raven're gettin' married; want you to be my best man whaddaya say?"

Logan nearly choked. "She say she saw me?" he managed to get out.

"What would she want ta see you for?"

"You find that girl you were lookin' for – the one you thought was Storm?"

"Well, about that . . ." Victor sputtered and for once he looked flustered.

"Never mind," Logan said, not in the mood to embarrass him.

"So you gonna do it or not?"

"Mystique gonna be there?"

"Didn't you hear me? We're gettin' married."

"If she's gonna be there I'll be there."

"Raven ain't gonna skip out on me if that's what yer gettin' at."

"That a fact, eh?"

"It's settled then, I'm getting' married an' yer gonna be my best man."

"So, when's the wedding?"


The church was small and empty when Logan arrived. All while he'd stuffed himself into the seldom used Armani tuxedo one of his women friends had insisted he buy long ago he kept asking himself why he was going along with Victor's crazy scheme. He and Victor often had an uneasy truce but to be his best man? But he had a hunch that Mystique was playing Victor worse than Creed could ever guess at. Vic was powerful and cocky but he was stupid. Logan admitted to himself that Creed was as stupid as he'd been.

The sound of voices in a room off to the side of the main vestibule piqued Logan's interest. A burst of boisterous laughter made him linger near the door. He imagined Mystique and Victor inside plotting against him but he'd outsmart them this time.

". . . More harm than good," said a voice that was all too familiar to Logan.

"You always say that but I was only trying to help you," replied Mystique.

"And you always say that," Ororo retorted.

"Well, I was, I am. He'll be here. Trust me."

"I am not sure I should."

"My plan was full proof."

"It was unnecessary."

"But you've got to admit I know what I'm doing. I got Victor to go to Africa didn't I?"

"I'm not surprised he was susceptible to your manipulations, I'm surprised you thought you could play with him like that and even more surprised he doesn't care and asked you to marry him despite everything that we put him through."

"I'm wonderfully unique and he appreciates that besides that's how things are with us. He's stupid and greedy, tell him there's a Fountain of Youth that'll make someone rich and he's going after it. Give him a little of the best sex he's ever had or ever will have an' he's putty in my hands. I know his faults better than anyone but there's something about him I can't resist even after all these years."

"Something about that just seems wrong."

"Maybe but I love his stupid hairy ass and I think he loves me. Besides, I'm your best friend so you have to be happy for me."

"This must be the end of the world then."

"And the pigs are coming in for a landing as we speak."

"You never lose sight of your happiness do you?"

"Not if I can help it and not for long. I've lived too long to not take happiness where I can. You see, my darling that's what your problem is. You can't let yourself be happy. What if you just stopped thinking for once? Can't you do that? Seriously, try it. Thinking at our age's a nuisance, only causes regrets and problems. Just be thankful you haven't broken a hip yet and you're not bed ridden and let the other stuff go."

The deep rich laughter Logan had grown to love burst forth suddenly and he felt a tingling sensation spread over him in a way he hadn't for decades.

"I should have told him the truth."

"Why when he's too stupid to understand?"

"He is not stupid, Raven."

"I hate to burst your bubble but yes he is. Sure, maybe not as stupid as Vic but he's still in the same class. He let you go didn't he? I'd never let you go you know that."

"I should have told him how I felt."

"You didn't, he didn't, you both screwed yourselves but that was decades ago, we're all older now, things have changed, we're all we've got now so we need to stick together. Just try to have fun darling."

Squashing all the conflicting emotions that threatened to overwhelm him Logan tried the door, found it unlocked and ignoring his apprehension opened it. Logan wasn't a man to be caught off guard but what he saw made him gasp. There were two Ororo's facing each other, both of them looking as shocked as he was. The strange scent that had belonged to both Mystique and Ororo filled the room. Logan stepped into the room, yanked the nearest Ororo to him and kissed her hard. Her arms snaked around him, hands grasping his shoulders, nails digging into flesh. The kiss was short. Logan looked at her with disdain. The smirk on her face made him take a step back.

"You're not her," he said.

"It used to be you would have known right away," the other Ororo said.

Logan looked at her. It wasn't Mystique that the haunting odor was emitting from this time it was the other one – the real Ororo. He moved without thinking, took her into his arms, stared at her. She returned the look, her lips parted slightly.

"It's really you," he said.

His hands left her waist and cradled her face. His touch was firm and sent chills down her spine. She waited, breath stilled. Her skin beneath his fingers was warm, real, her scent so close overwhelming. He leaned into her, pressed his lips to hers and for a moment he was lost to all but the woman in his arms. Her sigh filled his mouth and he opened his eyes, his lips lingering unwillingly. He looked at the woman that he had loved years ago and realized he still loved then dropped her like a dead weight.

"You son of a bitch!" Mystique spat out immediately moving to help Ororo.

Logan spun on his heel and stalked out slamming the door behind him. He needed to get away, needed time to think but Victor was striding down the aisle towards him looking amused by the perplexed look on Logan's face. He came up to Logan, picked the smaller man up by the back of his tux and half carried half dragged him to the flowered bedecked pulpit.

"So what? They played us, big deal," Victor said as he released Logan and started to straighten out Logan's jacket.

Logan swatted his hands away. "You knew?"

"Well, not at first."

"If you figured it out then why'd you let Storm kick your ass back in India an' why did they smell so much alike how do ya explain that?"

"Storm just caught me off guard is all, didn't smell right," Victor said, making light over his defeat. "After that I figured Rave set me up so I went back to Africa ta pay her back only, well things got kinda complicated."

"Complicated in you thinkin' with yer dick."

Victor laughed. "Raven told me everything. I ain't mad at her. Ya know Storm's a witch. She put some kinda spell on Raven so everyone would think she was her while she was on her little walkabout so that's why they smelled the same."

"So you an' Mystique set me up, havin' me come here."

Victor shrugged, worked nervously at his tie. "Raven's got her heart set on this. Women, who can understand 'em?"

Logan didn't, probably never would and he, like Victor, had lived longer than the average guy which meant till the end of the world men would probably never understand the way a woman thought.

"Man, I'm really gonna do this," Victor said.

"Yer an' idiot."

"Look who's talkin' my best man here," Victor laughed. "Whoa, here comes the preacher."

A man of the cloth walked up to them and shortly after Mendelssohn's wedding march began to play. Victor pulled Logan beside him. The too loud music flooded the small chapel, the notes swelling so loudly both men wanted to cover their ears but Victor stood his ground and when Logan saw Ororo walking down the aisle he did too. Her dress was some airy aqua blue confection that clung to her shape and somehow made her look as if she were floating towards him. She looked like an angel. It was too surreal. The music, her floating towards him, Victor beside him, the beaming pastor in the too warm chapel, the pending nuptials – it was all too much for Logan who suddenly started laughing.

Everyone frowned at Logan and Victor punched him in the shoulder. Ororo moved to the other side of the pastor and looked back up the aisle. Loud music blared, a crescendo of heavy metal music as Mystique made her grand entrance. She was in her true form, dark blue skin, vivid red hair. She wore a short white dress and was grinning with amusement. Logan looked at the bride and then at Victor who was grinning as widely as Raven as he watched his bride coming down the aisle. He stole a glance at Ororo who wasn't looking at Raven but watching him. She was stunningly gorgeous. He looked around the church expecting to see a giant pale face with red hair looming down at them – Arcade's son or grandson perhaps and if not him maybe Mesmero's progeny. Nothing. He sniffed the air thinking to pick up some telepath's scent, or some other strange presence that would explain what was happening but no one else was there; no one was manipulating anyone that he could detect which made the experience all the more bizarre.

The reverend began the wedding ceremony, his voice quiet, a little shaky. Logan looked at him sure the man had never married a mutant before in his life. He looked at Ororo who was now watching the bride and groom as if it was the most natural thing in the world. If he hadn't tasted her lips and held her in his arms he would've sworn she wasn't really Ororo.

"Victor please take Raven's hand," the Pastor was saying and then, looking at Logan and next at Ororo, "James please take Ororo's hand."

"Huh?" Logan grunted.

"What?" Ororo exclaimed.

"Go ahead!" Mystique hissed.

"Is this really necessary?" Ororo asked.

Raven pushed Ororo closer to Logan and Victor gave Logan a shove. Caught up in the moment Logan stepped beside Ororo and took her hand in his. As the pastor spoke Ororo looked down at their hands. She bit her lip slightly trying not to smile. His hand was warm and slightly damp as was hers but it felt good to touch him after so long. It felt good being there with him like that.

Logan was also looking at their hands. She was beside him, touching him, flesh and blood – alive! He wanted to run his hands over her, touch every part of her to know she was real. He wanted to pull her into his arms, hold her tight so she couldn't escape him. He wanted to kiss her again but this time he wouldn't let her go and wouldn't stop. She was here, real, alive, young and like him she wouldn't die. Was she then immortal?

"James Howlett, do you take Ororo Munroe to be your wife?"

"What? What did you just say?" Logan said, letting Ororo's hand go as he came back to earth.

"Raven, for the last time I am not a pawn in one of your games," Ororo said.

"This isn't a game, Ororo I'm helping you. You've been in love with Logan forever so why can't you marry him? And you went around the world to find her, Logan, that's not love? Don't you want your happily ever after like me an' Vic?"

"Man up, little buddy," Victor said.

Logan and Ororo looked at each other. Neither looked away. He took a deep breath and so did she.

"I reckon a person should know someone before they get married," he said.

"You don't think, what, a good seventy years of knowing someone isn't enough time?" Mystique snapped.

"Seems to me if a person drops off the face of the earth and don't stay in touch for decades all bets are off."

"Haven't you ever watched Star Wars?" Mystique asked. "When Luke went off the map with that little guy . . ."

"Yoda," Victor informed her.

"Right, Yoda. Thank you honey."

"Any time, baby."

Logan's eyes widen at this exchange and he couldn't stop himself from once again looking around for signs of some type of manipulation.

"Anyway, Luke left so he could master his Jedi skills just like Ororo did. Well, she's not a Jedi warrior yet but she's a sorceress and that's better."

"Not really, Jedi's better," Victor said.

"Shut up, Vic," Raven replied.

"Fuck you."

"Language please," the minister said.

"Uh, sorry man."

"Is this what you were trying to do all this time?" Ororo asked.

Mystique shrugged one shoulder carelessly. "And it couldn't have been easier you three are like mice easily led by the piper. I called in a favor, had an old friend look Victor up, get to drinking with him and pretend he was too drunk to realize he was giving away vital information on what he thought would make him rich." She shrugged again. "We all know Vic would think he'd be rich if he could find this Fountain of Youth but Logan was another matter.

"I had to have my friend hint that it would help having someone who knew Storm to get the secret out of her instead of killing her. Victor bought it hook line and sinker – I'm sorry honey but you did get midget here to go with you. It wouldn't've worked on you, Logan but Vic's mind's easy to mess with. But you should be down on your knees thanking me. You know you want this."

"I ain't stupid," Victor said.

Mystique laughed. "Victor, you are but I love you now make him marry Ororo."

Victor felt his knees go weak something they seldom did but something about Raven had always gotten to him and he guessed it was love. He liked that he she gave as good as she got and then too she was the best lay he'd ever had.

"Ah, the hell with it. Come on little buddy look at that face – Storm loves ya," Victor said with a laugh.

"Excuse me!" Ororo cried. "I think I have some say in this!"

"Why didn't you just tell me who you were?" Logan asked Ororo.

"You never troubled yourself about me after I left. It was obvious you didn't want to see me and then when you didn't recognize me I – I thought you'd never really known me or cared."

"You're the one who left me to marry T'Challa."

"And you let me."

"You think I would have if you'd been in love with me?"

"You should have known I was."

"I can't read minds, 'Ro."

"You should have just known."

"Just like a broad," Victor said but Raven shushed him.

"I have never been able to stop loving you," Ororo whispered.

"You serious?"

"Don't ask me why because you treated me as if you hated me."

"I don't hate you, darlin'. Okay, I was pretty damned pissed when I found out that was you all along but I've never hated you though maybe I should."

"Then why did you drop me after you kiss me?"

"You deserved it."

"Well, maybe I did," she admitted.

He stepped towards her, took her hands in his. "I still love you too, 'Ro but I can't believe after all this time that you could still love me."

"I don't know why or how, Logan I simply do, I always have."

"Well, why didn't you say so? Why'd you have to go off an' marry the Panther?"

"Why didn't you say something? You could have spoken. I wouldn't have married him if you'd said something or done something maybe instead of throwing a bachelor party for the man."

He sighed heavily. "I guess I thought you'd be happier with him."

"I think it was because you could never get over Jean."

"You were the one who couldn't let that go. And what was with you posing as her when we met up in India?"

"I wanted to test you. I know, it was juvenile but I needed to know how you felt about her."

"I've been over Jeannie for a long, long time now, told ya that way back when. She never loved me. Fact is no one ever loved me I guess, not me, the real me – no one 'cept you, 'Ro."

Everyone was silent. Raven tapped her foot impatiently. Victor looked at his bride, snickered and they both rolled their eyes

"May I ask is there to be a double wedding today or not?" the preacher asked.

"Give them a few more seconds to work it out," Raven suggested.

"We ain't got all day," Victor said.

"Raven, I appreciate what you were trying to do but I don't think Logan and I are ready for this."

"I don't know, 'Ro. Maybe that's what this was all about," Logan said, "finding out how we felt about the past, about each other maybe. Nothing's changed for me, I still want you, 'Ro. I hate to say this but Vic made a good point, if we're gonna live forever, an' it looks that way, then I want someone to be with me that's gonna live forever too. I want you to spend that time with me."

"You . . . I . . . this is so . . ." But Ororo couldn't find words to describe the shock, the joy, the rightness she felt.

"Come on, darlin' we should be together. Let's do this," Logan said, taking her hand.

Holding hands, such a simple act, made her feel as if she would explode from happiness. She thought of Mystique who never lost sight of her happiness and worked so hard to keep it. Their unexpected friendship was as strange as this day was but Raven had fought just as hard for Ororo's happiness as she did her own. Ororo saw the possibilities of her future, heretofore deemed gloomy and bleak, now endless if she accepted this. All she'd sought, peace, happiness, love was standing before her in the form of this man. He loved her and she loved him.

"You would be happy with me?" she asked Logan.

"I should be askin' you that about me, darlin'."

Ororo laughed and nodded. "I'd be very happy."

"Yes!" Mystique and Victor shouted together.

Ororo squeezed Logan's hand and he saw her eyes were bright with tears she fought hard to hold back.

"I guess we need you to marry us," Logan said while covering her hand with his other hand.

"But . . . but what about a license, I think we need a license." Ororo said.

"I have it right here," the pastor said, holding up a piece of paper he pulled from his bible. "You may sign it after the ceremony."

"How . . . ?"

"You have two extraordinary friends," he replied glancing at Raven and Victor.

That was a statement that neither Ororo nor Logan would have thought anyone would have ever said about Victor or Raven. But Ororo was beaming at Raven as if they were truly the best of friends and even Victor looked happy. Logan looked around again utterly mystified. He and Ororo were getting married beside Victor and Raven both once their sworn enemies. It seemed impossible but there he was holding Ororo's hand tight in his, the pastor again asking him if he would take Ororo for his wife.

"Yes I do an' if I'm dreaming don't wake me," he answered.

The couples were married before anyone could catch their breath. Victor pulled Raven into his arms; her feet dangling off the ground and kissed her, laughed, and kissed her again before releasing her. They ran down the aisle hand in hand. It was sweet albeit strange and unexpected and who could say how long it would last but they were happy with their decision though neither Logan nor Ororo noticed them.

Logan couldn't stop looking at Ororo who was glowing. He took her into his arms, held her close for a long moment breathing in the altered scent that was still so familiar despite the magical nuances. It was hard to believe she was real, alive, in his arms professing to love him and was now his wife. He was sure if he lived a thousand years he would never tire of looking at her or holding her.

"This is real?" Ororo whispered; both question and statement.

"I should kill you fer everything you put me through," he said.

"Kill me softly," she teased.

"Nah, I've got a better idea on how I'm gonna punish you darlin'."

She shuddered with delight and giggled wanting to pinch herself to see if this was indeed real. All the years of being alone and never feeling peace, never knowing happiness and even hating what she'd become were all forgotten now. Her heritage meant she could always be with the man she'd always loved.

They saw now that it wasn't love that didn't wait. True love is constant. People might disappoint you, might hurt and break you but love, true love is never extinguished. You might wish and even believe you'd forgotten your true love or the one that got away but deep inside you'll always cling to what was, what could have been, what you wish could still be. Love's a powerful thing something Emma had known all along and somewhere, if there were truly such a thing as ghosts and an afterlife, she was smiling.