So, I finally read City of Glass the other day, and decided to show my sincere appreciation of the ending by posting this, a sort of counter to my one-shot, 'Musings of s Shaken Mind'. And believe me, you have no idea how happy it makes me to write that.

Obviously, this contains SPOILERS. Read at your own peril.

Mortal Instruments FanFiction.
By Musings of a Shaken Mind

And then, he's free.

He's free from the ties and chains of strict Shadowhunter morals, and he's free to think what he likes, to speak what he likes. He's free to do what he likes.

A part of him still doesn't believe it. How can he? After spending so long trying to quash his growing love for his sister, and generally failing dismally, their situation has shifted once more. He's free to love her the way he was born to.

In a way, though, he's always known. It never felt right when Clary was supposed to be his sister. This feels right, now. This is right. With her in his arms, his face pressed into her hair as they sit there together, just being together. They're free. Free together.

There have been so many moments, so many memories when his careful control has slipped. In the Seelie Court. Outside his – no, her – father's house. There were so many instants when he'd truly thought he had lost it, because how could someone sane feel the way he felt about Clary? And then he'd found something to take the blame – the demon blood that he believed, for a long time, was a part of him.

It felt like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, now. He was not part demon – instead, he had the blood of an angel inside of him, in the same way that Clary did.

But he'd always known she was an angel.

It had weighed upon his mind, since he'd first found out about their shared parents. He'd thought that she didn't know it – but she had. He'd thought that she hadn't known that he loved her. She'd known it all along, deep inside of her.

It still surprises him. Every time he walks into a room and she's there, he doesn't have to maintain a careful distance. He doesn't have to watch what he says about her. He doesn't even have to drop her hand when they're out in public, because this is allowed, now. It's not wrong. It's right.

They'll stay in Idris together. They'll finish their education, and then they'll move on. But whatever they do, they'll do it together.

The way it's supposed to be.