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Over the next few weeks, Sam had spent his time getting his classes squared away and moving into his new dorm room. He hadn't had a dorm mate yet and was thankful, he didn't know how to explain off the salt. Dean had arrived the week after and brought with him an ancient book of runes, black light and invisible paint, he had spent a small fortune for it on the black market but Sammy was worth it.

He and Sam had stayed up all night painting protection runes over the doors and windows, and all around Sam's bed. He also brought Sam a few more bags of salt, and had a talk with the Resident advisor about watching out for his brother, leaving his dad's and his numbers in case of emergency. Sam was sure Dean also paid him some money to keep an eye out for him.

Dean had made it a point to go and meet all of Sam's professors and check out the campus while he was there. He then insisted Sam go with him to the campus and local library and look up the local history for signs of the paranormal. It was pretty mundane stuff, Dean figured he would take care of a few of the cases each time he came back to check on Sam.

Sam was secretly excited about this because it meant that his brother would come back. But then he was worried if he came too much than Sam really wasn't getting away from the problem. Life was going on and Sam was settling into it, Dean's visits were coming fewer and farther between, his dad had started Dean full on into hunting. Now that Sam didn't need to be looked after, he could make Dean his full-time soldier.

Dean didn't know how to tell his dad, that he didn't want to take on so many cases, he was also being sent onto a few cases of his own. He felt great about that, but at the same time wasn't able to see Sam as much. But his dad promised to go by and check on his brother too, (even though Sam never knew, he would just watch from outside his dorm room) so this was leaving fewer excuses and reasons to go to Stanford.

This wouldn't have been the worst of it, if it hadn't also been for Sam's attitude. Sam had emerged himself fully into the college life. Attending seminars, going to a few parties, never to get drunk, after all Sam was a major lightweight.

He had tons of friends, this made Dean really nervous and jealous, he always felt like the more people were in their lives the more vulnerable they were to attacks. As time went on, when Dean came to visit Sam, he could barely catch him and always had to track him down.

One day when he went to track him down, he saw Sam sitting with a beautiful blonde girl, she was sweet looking and definitely looked way out of Sam's league, Dean thought so anyway. He saw how happy Sam was and couldn't bring himself to break up the party, so he left.

Sam had only been at school for about two years, and that was when the visits stopped altogether. Sam kept trying to rationalize them away, but it hurt too much. Dean had been harder and harder to reach by phone as well. He would usually leave messages, only for Dean to leave a message back when he knew that Sam would be in class and have his phone off.

Dean had realized with how much their father was keeping him busy and how Sam was so happy in his new life that he didn't need Dean around anymore. Dean of course would never stop checking up on him, but he wouldn't go see him either.

Sam had tried to make it work with Jessica, he didn't love, her not in the way she deserved. Funny, Sam thought to himself, how he was really in love with his brother, but staying in a false relationship with a girl who felt like a sister. Irony was a bitch sometimes, but he did everything he could to make Jessica happy.

After two years he decided to ask her to marry him, this seemed like the next course for their relationship. Sam didn't really want to, but he had learned all his life how to live with lies and he could do this one too. He put all his heart into being everything he believed Jess deserved to have, he wouldn't make her suffer for his sick twisted self. After all that was what Sam was good at, showing his emotions.

Things were doing good, Sam still felt pain and he would think of his brother each and every day, but did his best to go on.

Sam - 22 yo

It had been four years since Sam had left for Stanford. He hadn't seen his brother for the last two years, hadn't spoken to him either. The phone messages back and forth had stopped a year ago.

Sam knew his brother was still alive, he would constantly find fresh salt lines in his and Jess's apartment. There would be new money stashed in his underwear drawer, along with replenished bags of salt in his closet.

Jess had started questioning this, so Sam had explained that his family was very superstitious, and that this was Dean's way of keeping him safe. Jess just couldn't seem to understand why the brothers wouldn't just sit down and talk. It was obvious how close they were by the way Sam had always spoke of him, and how Dean made it a point to keep taking care of Sam, even if they were mad at each other.

She seemed hesitant about having someone keep breaking into their apartment, but had accepted it, when she saw the look on Sam's face. He would tell her every few weeks when Dean was here, but she seemed to start picking up on it herself.

She just wished she could meet him. She knew Sam missed his brother and that there was a falling out at home, but he never gave the details. It often made Sam sad, but when he would see the fresh supplies, it seemed to lift his spirit for days. He would say that it meant his brother was ok, and he could at least live with that, knowing he was still checking up on him.

Sam had been nervous for weeks now getting ready for this interview. He wanted to finish off his college career at Stanford. He had done his pre-law there and now couldn't think of anywhere else he would rather go for his law degree. It would mean his entire future, he just couldn't blow this interview, then the nightmares started.

It had been awhile since he was having bad dreams. They had calmed down significantly since he moved to California, just the occasional bad dream here and there. But for three nights in a row he kept having the same dream, followed by an intense headache and wave of nausea when he awoke.

He kept seeing Jess, pinned above him to the ceiling, she would be trying to call out, but no sound came from her. Then would see blood form on the front of her night gown and dripping, after she would burst into flames.

Each time he woke in a major panic with his bed cloths covered in sweat. He felt bad about these dreams, but he didn't want to worry Jess, so he kept them to himself. She loved him so much, and he hated to have her worry. Especially since he knew it was most likely due to stress from the upcoming interview and their future together. So he would get dressed and head out to classes as usual.

Night of Halloween, his friends invited them to a party, he reluctantly went. He had never really celebrated Halloween, they saw enough monsters in their life. Besides going out on Halloween just kept reminding him of Dean. And he didn't need reminding of the fact that he was away from the one and only person he truly loved.

But he finally relented to his friends to go, on the condition he didn't have to wear a costume. This was also a celebration over the fact that Sam had excellent LSAT scores, he would go and spend time with his friends.

But deep down he was sad with an intense pain, still missing his big brother as much as he did, it would have been nice if he could be celebrating this with Dean.

Later that night, Sam and Jess were asleep when Sam heard a crash in the other room. He got up hearing creaking of the floor boards and noticed a shadow walking through their apartment. Sam reached out and grabbed the intruder who was definately skilled in some combat training. After a brief struggle Sam was on his back looking up at the intruder only to see Dean grinning back at him. This was definitely a shock, he knew Dean had come to leave things for him, but this had been the first time he had seen him in awhile.

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