A/N: There are so many stories where Abby is kidnapped, hurt, or just some sort of victim (I am guilty of writing a couple.) But our Abby is so strong, and we always see her holding her own on the show (at least most of the time.) This is just a short collection of stories where Abby kicks some butt. (This doesn't include ones seen on the show.) I hope everyone, or at least someone, likes these. I own no recognizable characters.

Abby was on her first date with Ray Malone. He was a 17 year old junior at the high school they attended. Being she was only 15, and not allowed to date yet, she had snuck out of her house to meet up with him at a coffee shop where local bands played on the weekend. They hung out at the coffee shop for a while with other people they knew from school, drinking coffee, listening to the bands, and even dancing to a few songs.

A few hours later, Ray leaned in and asked her, "You wanna get outta here? Maybe drive around for a bit?" She said yes and they were off.

They drove for nearly half an hour before Ray stopped the car at the top of the hill overlooking the town. Abby knew this was the place most teenagers came to for "privacy". She didn't resist when he leaned over and kissed her. She didn't resist when he suggested they sit in the back. She didn't even resist when he started groping her over her shirt. But when he tried to reach up her skirt, she blocked his hand.

"Come on. What's that for?" he asked innocently.

"I'm just not ready for that yet."

"Okay, okay. It's alright. We'll just keep doing what we're doing, okay?" He leaned in and started kissing, and eventually groping, her again. When he tried to slid her hand down his pants, she protested again. "What the hell, Abby?!"

"I said I wasn't ready! I don't want to do that."

"It'll be fun though. I guarantee you'll like it." He tried guiding her hand to his crotch again.

She yanked it away. "No! I think its time you take me home. Now."



"I said no. We don't leave until I'm ready to leave. And I'm not ready yet." He grabbed her thighs and yanked them towards himself causing Abby to fall back and hit her head on the arm rest of the door. She winced and cried out in pain. He lifted up her skirt and started yanking her underwear down.

"No!" she screamed struggling to sit back up. Ray moved over her so he had her pinned down. Abby was fighting pretty hard, but he still had control of her. "Get off of me you creep!" He had a hold of both her arms while he tried to straddle her legs. She managed to get her right arm free and sent a fist directly at his nose. She swore she heard a faint crunching sound. He cried out in pain and let go of her other arm so he could cover his face. Seeing her opportunity, she sent a knee straight to his groin. He fell off of her and rolled to the small space between the front and back seats.

She jumped out of the car and immediately wished she had a knife with her. She wanted to slash his tires so he couldn't go anywhere. That way the cops would know exactly where to find him. She would make sure she would always carry one from here on in. She took off down the road towards the gas station. It was only about half a mile away. If she ran, she could be there in 3-5 minutes. She kept an eye out for Ray's car while she jogged to the gas station. It never passed her and she briefly wondered why. There was only one way down from the hill and that was the road she was currently on.

When she got to the gas station, she used the payphone to call the cops and tell them what had happened. There was no way she was letting this creep get away with what he did to her. She bet that she was not the first one he had tried this with. It wasn't until after he was thrown in jail that Cheri Cole found the courage to tell Abby she was not alone.