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"I can't believe you went behind my back!" Gibbs yelled at Abby.

"It was the only way I could get in on this!"

"I don't want you in on this! It's too dangerous."

"You were gonna send Ziva!"

"She's trained!"

"Gibbs, it wasn't working with her. She would be pegged for a cop in an instant!"

"I am standing right here," Ziva said.

They were down in Abby's lab. Gibbs wanted to send Ziva undercover into an underground club of the Gothic persuasion. Abby had spent an hour, or two, trying to get Ziva to look the part, but she just couldn't seem to get it completely right. It wasn't just the look either, but they way Ziva talked as well. She knew nothing of the 'culture' and no matter how much Abby tried to help her, it wasn't working. Abby and Ziva both finally got fed up with the whole thing. Abby went up to Director Vance and asked if she could be put on the assignment instead. She hated going around Gibbs like that, but knew he would never agree. This was for the best for everyone. All she had to do now was deal with Gibbs' wrath.

"I don't like this," he said.

"Of course you don't. It wasn't your idea."

"That's not why I'm saying this, Abby. Jones has killed 4 women. I would rather you not be the fifth!"

"You know, the more I hear, the more concerned I am," Ziva said. Gibbs and Abby looked at her. "You did not throw a fit about my safety!"

"Ziva, I know you can take care of yourself. You've been trained to do that. But Abby-".

"What about me? I can take care of myself, too, Gibbs!"

"That's enough," said a voice from the doorway. Director Vance walked farther into the room. "Gibbs, Abby knows more about this scene than the rest of us. I have every confidence in her and her ability to defend herself. Plus, you and your team will be watching from outside. If anything…what's that word you used?"


"Right. If anything hinky were to happen, you will all be right there."

"And what if the 'hinky' thing is Abby getting her throat slit?" Gibbs asked stepping up to Vance.

"That won't happen."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because, Gibbs, you would never let it."

Gibbs, Tony, and McGee sat in a van across the street from the club. Ziva had been sent home. Abby suspected it was because she let Abby take her spot in the undercover assignment, but Gibbs said it was because they didn't need her tonight. Abby was already inside the club and McGee double checked the video feed and the microphone, both sending and receiving.

Abby walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. "Just one!" Gibbs voice reminded her. After getting her drink, she leaned against the bar and scoped out the room. There was no sign of Jones yet. It did not take long for him to appear though.

He made his way to the bar, just a few seats down from Abby, but there were people sitting in those seats. Abby had to somehow get his attention, so she pretended to knock over her drink. "Oh! Damn!" She grabbed some napkins off the bar and tried to sop up the mess. "Can I get another one?" she asked the bartender. He nodded.

"I said one, Abby." said Gibbs through her ear piece.

"Too bad I didn't get to drink that last one," she told the bartender when he handed her the fresh one; though it was directed at Gibbs. "It looked really good."

"I got this one," came a voice from behind her. It was Trevor Jones. He handed his money to the bartender for Abby's drink.

"Thank you very much!" she said. "I can be a real klutz sometimes."

"Not a problem. Especially when its for a beautiful girl such as yourself. Wanna dance with me?" Abby nodded and headed to the dance floor with her drink in hand. No way she was leaving it unattended! "What's your name?" he shouted over the music.

"Gail. Like Abigail, but without the Abi."

"Cute. Trevor." They danced together on the floor for a while. For a second or two, Abby got lost in his green eyes. In fact she almost forgot -- .

"He's a killer, Abbs!"

Until Gibbs reminded her, of course.

Abby was dancing with her back towards Trevor. She felt something brush against the back of her neck then a small weight being lifted from her chest. Her hands shot up, but it didn't catch the necklace/camera in time. It crashed to the floor and Trevor stepped on it. "Oh God!" he said bending down to get it after he felt it crunch beneath his heel.

"Abby! What's going on? We lost the video feed."

"I am so sorry," Trevor said handing Abby's broken necklace back to her. "Can your necklace be fixed?"

Abby took it from his hand. "It's alright. Just some cheap costume jewelry anyway."

"Well, let's go over there," he said pointing towards the well lit end of the bar. "At least let me see if I can fix the clasp." They headed over and then Trevor gestured for her to walk through the swinging door at the end. He held it open for her while she walked through. She was in a dark hallway with dark lighting. It was perfect for the club. Not so much perfect with a serial killer.

"What are we doing in this back hallway?" She wanted to make sure Gibbs knew where she was, even if he couldn't see her.

"Are you alright? Do you need-".

"Hey!" Abby shouted as Trevor stood behind her and tore the ear-bud out of her ear. He used what was her necklace and wrapped it around her neck, pulling tightly. Abby tried to get her fingers under the chain, but only succeeded in scratching herself.

Not being able to loosen his grip, and starting to feel the chain break her skin, she stomped on Trevor's foot hard with her big boot. It didn't seem to phase him. She then swung her elbow back and jabbed him in the ribs. She felt him lean on her as he involuntarily bent forward. The chain loosened enough for Abby to maneuver her elbow to his face. The chain fell away completely. She heard shouting, but that didn't stop her from sending a knee to Trevor's groin.

Gibbs pulled Abby away and she leaned against the wall, rubbing her hand against her neck. "Are you alright? Abby?"

She softly nodded. "I'm just going to sit down for a second." She slid down the wall to the floor. Tony and McGee handcuffed Trevor and read him his rights. He shouldn't have any rights, Abby thought.

Gibbs squatted down next to Abby. "Are you sure you're okay?" He saw the scratches on her neck, both from the necklace and her own hands. Abby nodded again. "God, Abby I told you this wasn't a good idea," he said gently. "You could have been his next victim." Abby lifted her gaze from the ground to meet Gibbs' eyes.

"I am nobody's victim."

~The End~