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I ran through the woods, about to pounce on my prey, when I heard a noise. I stopped in my tracks and listened. I heard the sound of fabric, hair, and the rustle of leaves moved by bare feet. I turned slowly around and saw a woman with strawberry-blond hair, golden eyes, and pale skin. Her scent was all too familiar. Vampire. I got into a crouch and let out a hiss.

She raised up her hands in surrender, stepped forward, and said, "I mean you no harm young one. I just want to talk to you and take you to my home."

I eyed her suspiciously and asked her in my soprano voice, "What if I can't trust you?" While I watched her I got into her mind and made her tell the truth.

"Well, I trust that you will make a decision. You can follow me to my home or I will leave you here unharmed." She was telling the truth. I made her and she was telling the truth.

I straightened up and relaxed my shoulders. I walked over to her at a human pace and when I reached her she held out her hand in a friendly gesture. I took it and she said, "My name is Tanya. Your name is?"

I paused, unsure before saying, "My name is Elizabeth Mason."

"Well, hello Elizabeth." She gestured for me to follow her to her house. It only took us a few seconds to get there. It was a big log cabin that had a lake in the back with three expensive looking cars parked on the side. The porch was arched at the top and had a rocking chair with a small, round table in the right hand corner. In side was even Better. On the right, built into the ground, was a staircase that looked like it went into the basement. On the left was a hallway that went into four other rooms. And in front of me was a sitting room that had a fifty inch flat screen TV, two long black, leather couches, and a black, leather Lazy-boy. Behind the sitting room was a kitchen that had black appliances, Verde Butterfly granite counter tops and rich brown cabinets. The tile was a mocha tan color.

While my eyes drifted across the room they settled on three other vampires. There was a female vampire that had pale blond hair that was strait as corn silk. The other two both had black hair and were holding hands. I knew they were "vegetarian" vampires because of their gold eyes.

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