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Chapter 18. Big Day

Alice was running down the hall at human speed - due to all the humans - and came up to me. "Come on, Lizzie!" she yelled. "I have to get your makeup done!" I looked at her confused.

"Why? The wedding doesn't start until one! Its six in the morning!" She looked at me weird.

"Why, perfection takes time, silly girl." she said. "I wont be done 'till ten, than we have to get you into you dress and do your hair." I stared at her wide eyed. She laughed and pulled me through the hall way, up the stairs, and into her bath room. She set me down and got to work.

~ Flash Back ~

After we all got inside I sat down and talked with the others. Alice looked slightly happier than usual and was jumping. I would give her looks but she would just ignore them.

Not long after that Ethan asked my if I wanted to go to the lake. There was a beautiful lake that had huge trees and flowers every where near the house. I said yes and followed him there. Once we got there I noticed that there was a blanket next to the lake. I sat down next to him and leaned against his shoulder. I smiled, taking in the scenery.

Ethan Shifted next to me. I looked up at him. He was smiling and had a twinkle in his eye I never saw before. He moved from his spot and keeled down on one knee in front of me. I gasped. He took out a black satin box and opened it. In side was a ring. The ring was silver and had two little diamonds on each side of a beautiful shaped diamond. It was simple yet elagent.

"Will you marry me, Elizabeth Adelaide Mason Cullen?" he asked me. I noticed what the twinkle was. Love. He loved me and I could tell.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. I pulled away and hugged him well whispering, "Yes. I would love to marry you." He hugged me back before pulling away and placing the ring on my finger.

We set there the rest of the night talking, lauging, enjoying each others company.

I was going to marry Ethan Carter. My name was going to be Elizabeth Adelaide Carter. I felt the happiest ever in that very moment. I had my family and I was marrying the mad that I love.

~ End Flash Back

Alice is done now and she's pulling my gown over my head. Rose and Bella are doing my hair while Alice is pinning my dress in the back. When they were done they looked ecstatic. Alice pulled me to the mirror and showed me what I looked like.

I gasped. My gown was white and felt like satin. It flowed beautifully over my curves and had thin straps at the top. It flowed to the floor making a small little train. There were little diamonds embroided on the left side of the gown and gave it a bit of shine. I loved it.

My hair curled down over my shoulders, the red in it shining. The sides of my hair over my ears were puled up into a clip on top of my head and a little crown placed in front of it. The veil layed on the back of my hair.

My makeup was done simple. You can't do a lot to a vampire. I had mascara on, light lip gloss, and light eye shadow. It gave some sparkle to my face.

I turned to them and hugged them. "Thanks you!" I said. Alice looked a bit mad and fixed my hair back. I just grinned. "I love it." I said sincerely.

"Yay!" Alice jumped up and down, clapping her hands. Bella and Rosalie just beamed. Nessie came in then, saying that every thing was ready.

Bella was my Maid of Honor. I mean, she's like, my best friend - besides Alice - and my sister-in-law. Alice and Rose were my brides maids, Nessie was my flower girl, and I thought that one of the boys next to Ethan could hold the rings.

All three of them were wearing simple but beautiful gowns. They looked similar to mine but not as elegant. Nessie was wearing a cute little dress that had a few flowers on the bottom of it.

Alice, Bella, and Rosalie lead me to the staires. (Alice decorated everything. She did splendidly.) I walked down the staircase and waited for my cue. Since I didn't have my real dad with me Carlisle said he would walk me. When it was time we walked down together. He handed me off at the altar and I stood next to Ethan. I smiled when I saw him. He smiled back and took my hand.

We said our I do's and kissed.

"You are now man and wife." I smiled and looked at Ethan. He was smiling bigger than I've ever seen him. He kissed me again and we walked off and was greeted by swarms of people. Emmett picked me up and said something like, "My 'lil sis is growing up," and Rose hugged me saying congrats. Bella gave me a huge hug and Edward looked over joyed. He picked me up and hugged me.

"I'm happy for you, sis." he said.

"Thanks." I said, smiling.

We were greeted by several more after that until we got to the dance floor. We danced together, my head on his shouler. I was happy. Every one on the room could tell. I gues this is what you could call a "Happily Ever After." I would live for ever with this man and my family. I was content. I was over joyed.

The End

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