The original draft of this chapter was much longer and much more interesting. It was about 12 MS Word pages and only about 2/3rds complete. But unfortunately, my dad never transfered my files like I'd been annoying him about for a couple months and I got tired of waiting and just re-wrote it. Therefore the final chapter only came out to 7 MS Word pages, and I'm not too thrilled with the result. So here it is...the final chapter of Adventure, YES! like you've all been bugging me for. It only took me about 2 hours to write...

"So when we see this Reaper guy, how are we going to convince him to give Floaty back?" Bumblebee asked Jazz.

"Just ask. Maybe he has a soft spot for animals," Arcee suggested.

"If he had a soft spot for animals, he wouldn't have killed Floaty, now would he?" Jazz replied. Arcee shushed him.

Bumblebee felt the ground underneath him jerk again. "Something's tunneling its way out!" he said in a panic, jumping back and hiding behind Arcee.

"Bumblebee, I'm sure nothing's…" Optimus began before a hand popped out of the ground and grabbed ahold of his leg. "OH HOLY SLAG!"

They quickly backed up as everywhere around them, limbs shot out of the ground. Zombies pulled themselves out of the mud, standing up on rotting limbs, facing the four robots standing in the graveyard, and began moaning and groaning and slowly moving towards them.

"They're gonna eat our brains!!" Jazz screamed, jumping up onto Optimus.

"In that case, you don't have anything to worry about, Jazz," Arcee replied.

"Oh, har har!"

They backed away from the zombies, trying to get as far away from them as they could. They then watched as the zombies closed in…getting closer…and closer…and then proceeded to trip over gravestones and walk into each other…

"Uh…okay?" Optimus said when a zombie tripped over his foot. They watched the dead people merely walk around displaying various degrees of stupidity and just looked at each other, shrugged, and continued walking through the graveyard.

"Hey look! There it is!" Jazz pointed out from his perch on top of Optimus. They all looked where he was pointing and saw the old, worn down house in the center of the cemetery where the Reaper supposedly lived.

Optimus, Arcee, and Jazz followed Bumblebee into the old house. They looked around for a sign that someone lived there, but found nothing. Bumblebee sighed disappointedly, when he noticed four glowing red eyes glaring at him from the top of the steps and pointed them out to his companions.

"How did you get past the zombies?!" the eye's owner demanded angrily.

"What, you mean these things?" Optimus opened the curtains so that he could see the zombies stumbling around outside, walking into things, and falling into empty graves. One of them walked past the window on fire and another was seen blowing all its money on lottery tickets and pot. "We just walked right by them. It wasn't that hard."

"Damn Umbrella…I knew I should have paid extra for the Lickers…" the being growled. He looked back at them and glared at Bumblebee. "Why are you bothering me? What do you want?"

"We were kind of looking for this 'Reaper' guy," Jazz explained.

"Why? What do you want of me?" the being grumbled. "And can we hurry this up? I'm kind of busy. Scrubs is on."

"Dammit! You mean I'm missing it?!" Arcee replied.

Bumblebee cocked his head slightly when he recognized the 'Reaper's' voice. "Barricade? Is that you?"

The 'Reaper' averted his eyes. "N-no…I do not know of this 'Barricade' of which you speak…" Optimus flicked on a light switch so they could see Barricade standing at the top of the steps. "Er…pay no attention to the mech at the top of the stairs…"

"Barricade! What are you doing here?" Optimus asked. "Where's the Reaper?"

"You're looking at him," Barricade replied.

"What? You?" Bumblebee said in surprise. "What do you mean, you're the Reaper?"

"Well, see, I got really bored and started to run out of money, so I really needed to get a job, and then when I was looking on Craigslist, I realized that they were looking for a new Reaper. Apparently the last Reaper quit halfway through last hockey season." Barricade explained. "I get paid to kill people. Who could ask for a better option?"

"Do you think you could help a friend out, Barricade?" Bumblebee asked, a little ray of hope in his tone.

"What do you want?" Barricade sighed.

"My goldfishy, Floaty, died. I came all the way here hoping I could get him back," Bumblebee replied. "Please can I have my fishy back?"

Barricade thought about it a moment. "Hmmm…no."

"What? Why not?" Arcee asked.

"If I gave you back your goldfish, I'd have to give back everyone I killed, and then the world would be teeming with unnecessary people again, and there would be serial killers back on the streets, and people would get creeped out at seeing that guy whose funeral they attended last week back out on the streets, and people would be upset that they can't get rid of their mother-in-law and collect the inheritance at the same time, and it just wouldn't be pretty," Barricade shook his head. "Besides, I'm not allowed to give them back."

"It's just a goldfish, Barricade. It's not like we're asking for someone's soul. Can't you give him his fish back?" Jazz pleaded.

Barricade looked back at Bumblebee, who was now giving him Bambi Eyes. He sighed again, giving in. "Fine. I'll give you back the damn fish. Follow me," he nodded behind him before turning around. They all quickly followed behind while he led them to a room in the back of the house. Barricade went to the back and started rooting through a filing cabinet, leaving them to wait on their own.

Jazz noticed a huge book about three feet thick filled with names. "Wow, all these people died?"

"It wouldn't even be that big if kids would stop trying to reenact the stunts off of Jackass," Barricade called back. He pulled out a file from the back of the cabinet. "Here we go…Floaty the fish. Which Floaty is it that you wanted back?"

Bumblebee was silent a moment. "What do you mean, which Floaty? I only had one goldfish…" Optimus looked away silently.

Barricade looked through the file again. "Bumblebee, according to this, you owned 14 goldfish by the name of Floaty, and a guinea pig named Nermal that Jazz ground up in the garbage disposal."

"NERMAL!" Bumblebee started crying, burying his face into Arcee's shoulder. She held onto him and patted him gently to comfort him.

"It was an accident! I was trying to turn on the light so we could see while we gave him a bath! I hit the wrong switch! So sue me!" Jazz replied when Arcee shot him an angry look. "Anyway, what do you mean he owned 14 fish by the name of Floaty? I only remember one."

"Me too," Arcee agreed.

"I've only owned one that I know of," Bumblebee replied, wiping away his tears.

"Er…" Optimus added. Everyone slowly looked in his direction. "The real Floaty died…like a long time ago…" he explained.

"What?!" Bumblebee, Jazz, and Arcee all said in unison.

"I kept replacing him without telling you every time he died. I didn't think you'd be able to handle it after what happened to Nermal," he continued. "I would have replaced him this time too, except I didn't know he was dead until you told me."

"So all this time Floaty's been a lie?!" Bumblebee said in shock. "You know, I always did wonder why he turned into a black moor goldfish for a couple of months…"

"Yeah, they didn't have the orange ones that time…I was hoping you wouldn't notice…" Optimus shrugged.

Barricade began to grow impatient. "Okay…so which of the fish do you want?" he asked.

"What do you mean, 'which one'? I can't choose between my babies!" Bumblebee protested. "I love them all!"

"Look, I'll even throw in that gerbil Jazz killed if you just hurry the hell up and pick one," Barricade added, hoping that would entice him to pick faster so he could get back to his show.

"Guinea pig…" Jazz corrected.

"Whatever. I can't give you all of them for nothing. If you want them all, you're going to have to trade me something."

Arcee and Bumblebee exchanged glances. "So what's something that we'll never miss?"

"I wonder what Sideswipe's going to say when he realizes we traded his brother for a bag of goldfish?" Jazz said, holding up the bag containing Floatys 1-14 and watching them swim around. "I sure hope your tank is big enough…" Nermal clung to his helm and hung down in front of Jazz's face, looking at the bag.

Bumblebee piggy-backed Arcee along the way back. They both glanced back at him. "Eh, I'm sure he won't notice," Arcee shrugged.

"The second we get the Floatys back into your tank, I'm taking a long nap," Optimus sighed, walking past them. It was already starting to get dark and they were only halfway there.

Jazz glanced over at Bumblebee and Arcee when a thought occurred to him. Arcee was being awfully nice to Bumblebee when his goldfish died…and when he got upset about Nermal…and she seemed very worried about him while ignoring everyone else…and now he's carrying her the rest of the way…and then it hit him like a ton of bricks… "Arcee…didn't you get a camcorder last Christmas?"

"Yeah. Why?" she asked. Bumblebee froze.

"I KNEW IT!" Jazz replied.

"What? I don't get what's going on…" Arcee said, confused at why Bumblebee seemed very uncomfortable and Jazz seemed triumphant about figuring something out. Optimus shook his head, not even caring to know what was going on.


Jazz and Bumblebee sat together in front of the TV, watching cartoons, when Arcee walked into the room sadly, carrying a shoebox. She sat between the two and stared at the box she was holding.

"What's wrong Arcee?" Bumblebee asked.

"My bunny died…" she answered, still staring at the shoebox.

"You know what that means?" Jazz asked.

"ROAD TRIP!" they all screamed excitedly. Optimus slammed his head against the table in the other room.

Story time! Story time! I once had a pet peppered corydoras (it's a kind of catfish) in a tank full of fish. He was my favorite fish out of every fish I owned and I named him Sven. I always said goodbye to him before I went to school in the mornings. Apparently Sven died one night and I got upset when I couldn't find him in the tank before school. So, while I was at school, my dad went to like 7 different petshops looking for one that sold peppered corys and finally found one that had a tank full of them. He had to request the guy dig through the entire tank of fish for a tiny one at the very bottom because it was the only one that was the same size as Sven. He then rushed it home, put it in the tank, and picked me up from school. When I came home, I was like, "Hi, Sven!" and I never even knew that Sven died until my dad told me the story a couple years ago when we went to the pet store to buy a betta fish and saw a tank full of peppered corydoras.