A young woman is standing under the awning of a fifth avenue apartment building; her cheeks are flushed with color as a result of the cold January wind. She is wearing a huge black wool coat over the uniform and shoes that the agency had provided her with two days ago; her long black hair is held back by a white and black poka-dotted headband. She has just arrived in New York and is determined to make it on her own. The young girl looks down at the piece of paper in her hand before smiling at the doorman who gives her a wink and opens the door for her.

"You must be here to see the Waldorf's?"

Doroata blushes slightly at the man before nodding.

"Yes they request nanny and house keeper."

He nods and gives her a once over.

"You're the ninetieth applicant, (he smirks) here's hoping you last longer than the others."

Dorota frowns slightly before resolving to keep a positive attitude.

"Nineteenth? I meant for this job then, I just turned nineteen." She replies her English broken by her heavy polish accent.

The door man smiles at her and motions her to the elevator.

"Good Luck."

He cries as she blushes and pulls her coat tighter around her before pushing the button for the elevator and stepping in. When the elevator door opens to reveal the decadent penthouse, there is no one there to greet Dorota. Wide eyed with caution Dorota tiptoes into the foyer her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

"Hello…Mrs. Wal-dorf?"

She walks around looking in all directions her ears perked for any noise. Her eyes fall on the flowerless Chinese vase at the center of the room and she shivers… resolving to convince Mrs. Waldorf to fill all the vases with fresh flowers. After a moment she hears the high pitched screaming of a little girl, and follows the noise up the stairs and into the little girl's room. Upon opening the door she meets a teary eyed-red faced five year old.

"Take it back CHUCKLES take it back!!!!!" She cries yanking Chucks head back by the scruff of his neck violently.

"Ouch!" he cries in pain

"Take it back NATIE LOVES ME NOT SARENA!!!!!!!!!"

"I will-not-he-told-me-face-it-move-on!"

"STOP NOW!" Dorota squeaks charging into the bedroom her arms separating the two struggling children.

"Who are you?" Blair barks forgetting about Chuck and his offensive remarks, her total attention focused on the portly women with the white head band.

"I'm Dorota your new maid."

Blair scrunches up her nose and looks at Chuck who sticks his tong out at her in defiance.

"Apologize to each other and I make you Faworki."

"What…" Blair giggles at the new word and Dorotas polish accent.

"Faworki…it twisted pastry."

Chuck smirks at Blair conspiratorially wanting to see her get rid of another maid.

"Sounds delicious." Chuck purrs his voice laced with mirth.

"You can go now Bass, you've upset me enough for one day!" snaps Blair stepping away from both the maid and Chuck to sit primly at her miniature tea table with all the elegance in the world despite her flushed tearstained face. Chuck huffs in resignation at her before storming out of the room his hands shoved in his pockets head bowed to the floor.

Dorota pulls off her coat and lay's it on the bed before sighing and sitting down beside Blair on the floor with her legs tucked under her, ankles perfectly crossed. Blair scrutinizes the new maid with her doe eyes, her pouty red lips pursed together to form a bow.

"Were your parents?" inquires Dorota

"They're at work obviously… (Blair snaps before looking at Dorota's caring eyes)…I'm not alone the cooks here." She adds after a moment her gaze falling on her china set.

"Oh…so you want to talk about what mean boy say?"

Blair turns her head and smiles at her slowly deciding to give her a chance.

"He said my boyfriend Natie kissed my best friend Serena… when I know that couldn't possibly have happened because Natie loves me."

Dorota smiles at the teary eyed girl and grabs her tiny hand to hold between her own.

"I'm sure everything will work out Miss Blair…no worries…ya?"

Blair nods her head and wipes her eyes smiling.

"Your right I'm just letting that jerk get to me…(her eyes rest on Dorota's poka-doted headband) I like your headband its cute."

"What is cute Miss Blair?"
"It means pretty." Blair replies sweetly.

"You have." Dorota declares removing the headband with a smile. Blair shakes her head in protest but the maid is adamant and places it on her little head.

"There now you ready for your prince charming…ya!" Dorota proclaims happily before standing up to pull her own raven black tresses into a tight matronly bun at the back of her head. The little girl squeals with delight when she sees her reflection in the mirror.

"Oh Dorota it's perfect, Chuck will feel extra horrid when I kiss Natie on the lips at school tomorrow!"

Blair beams up at Dorota and wraps her arms around the woman's hips in gratitude.

"You and I will have so much fun together I just know it!"

Dorota smiles down at the little girl her heart filling with love and compassion for her at once. After a moment she takes Blair's little hand and they walk down to the kitchen to spend a fun filled afternoon making Faworki together.