Hey, all! Name's Raynn. I'm not a veteran writer of fanfictions, but I've written my fair share of work. I'm a veteran reader, however. I've read many Zuko and Katara fics where they have a baby. I've never seen Azula. So, I decided to give her a chance of motherhood.

Ladies and Gentlemen, A Change of Heart For Another!


I always believed that everyone was out to get me. I could take anything, whenever I wanted. No one would dare oppose me, Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation; daughter of the mightiest man in the world. Besides my father, I'm the most important person in the world. I am a master warrior and Fire bender.

And yet… Nothing else matters now. It's all him. He's the most important person to me now, though I know not why. Every movement, no matter how small, intrigues me. Again, I know not why. His eyes of molten gold always bring a smile to my lips; a real smile that really shines through and one that I can show genially.

I've never felt that I could ever be this happy. The Fire Nation becoming the supreme element; the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes crumbling before my feet and burning to the ground… It's strange, but I don't feel that way anymore. I can't.

Is it strange how much I care for one being?

It is to me.

Ugh. Gods, look at me. Here I am, guzzling about worthless feelings. I shouldn't even be talking about them. It doesn't become of me.

But… Why can't I stop caring about him? Why is he so superior to me? I don't feel the things that I normally feel. My hatred and remorse… He takes it away, just from a glance to his beautiful face. I don't understand it. Why do I feel so much happiness whenever he's near?

So many questions, but must they go unanswered?

Yet another question.

When I hold him, I can't help but hold him even closer. I feel like we're the only people in the world. Everything and everyone is too vague to remember.

For one so strong, how could I have easily fallen?

I know it's short, but I thought it would be good enough. Review, and let me know. I'll work on the first chapter, if I get some feedback on this story. A little OOC, but it's a little hard to be thinking in the mind of a crazy, power-hungry person. ^-^;;

3 Raynn