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I was sitting in the library at Forks High School, on my own, as usual. This was where I came every lunch time. I hated large crowds of people stuck in one area. It freaked me out. I hated that cramped, no way out feeling. The noise also got a bit much too all these people babbling about spitting out useless information at everyone and everything. Hence, the library. In the library, it was always silent. There was no hustle and bustle just the odd shuffling of chairs as someone would get up to retrieve a book from one of the tall dusty shelves. There was no crowds just a couple of people finishing of their homework or reading. The small stocky librarian Mrs. Capley ruled over the library, her domain, with an iron fist, but if you kept yourself to yourself and obeyed the library's strict silence rule you were okay.

A chair scraped beside me and I glanced up from between the curtain of my hair to see who it was. Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen was Fork's High School's King. Not only was he good looking but he was Captain of the football team. His hair was a warm copper colour and his eyes were a sparkling green. But, he was an ass hole. His looks may have been extraordinary but he knew it. He knew all the girls fell at his feet. He never did his homework because he knew someone would lend him theirs for him to copy so as to stay on his good side. He had a girlfriend, Tanya Denali. Tanya was the captain of the cheerleading squad, so the pair of them were a match made in high school heaven. Her hair was a warm strawberry blonde colour and her eyes a deep blue. She was the girl all the other girls wanted to be and the boys wanted to be with. You wouldn't catch her sitting in the library at lunch time, she'd be at the large table in the middle of the cafeteria, surrounded by an elite few, her arm wrapped possessively around Edwards waist.

Ignoring Edward Cullen, I bent my head back over my book and continued to read as he pulled out a biology book out onto the desk. Cullen let out an exasperated sigh and tugged at his hair. I pretended not to notice the distraction. Thirty seconds later he sighed again and groaned. A minute and a half later, sigh ... groan. Clicking the back of his pen off the wooden desk he flicked the pages of his book roughly. Do you mind?" I whispered impatiently. The continuous tapping of the pen was giving me a headache.
"What's it to you! I can do what I like, you don't make the rules." he replied angrily, his voice raising His voice slightly, before continuing with the incessant noise. Well, fine, I thought. If he won't stop then I might as well just move. Just as I pushed back my seat to move, Mrs. Capley came over.

"Mr. Cullen please stop making that noise, your distracting the other students from their work." she said snootily, her hands folded across her rather broad chest.

"And what if I don't?" he replied a condescending smirk on his god like face.

"Then you'll have no choice but to leave, Mr. Cullen!" said Mrs. Capley, her neck turning red, showing her anger.

"Fine! I will then!" Cullen shouted back, he snapped his book closed with a loud clap and stormed out. Mrs. Capley went back to her desk, silently muttering profanities as she slowly made her way back to her desk by the door. I stared blankly at the well worn pages of the book in front of me, what had Edward Cullen been doing in the library, I didn't even know he knew where it was located! He had arrived, been here about five minutes and was thrown out. Surely he must realise that his behaviour and the way he treated other people was unacceptable or was it that he just didn't care?

I walked to my usual chair in biology. We didn't actually have set seats but everyone tended to sit in the same seats anyway, choosing to sit with friends. I sit on my own right at the back of the class room in the corner. This way people didn't tend to notice me as much, you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind.
I dropped my bag by the corner of my desk and pulled out my biology book. I flicked to our current chapter and began to read over it. There was something distinctly comfortable about revising something you already know. It's like talking to someone you know very well You know everything about them already so nothing they say to you will be surprising, some people may find it boring but I thought it was relaxing.

The final bell rang and a last few stragglers arrived into the class, Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen among them, talking intently. Alice wasn't Edward's biological sister. They had both been adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife when they were younger along with their older siblings who were seniors, Emmet Cullen and Jasper and Rosalie Hale, who were twins. Alice was short and pixie like with short jet black hair. Her and Jasper were going out, Though Jasper was tall and well built with scruffy blonde hair. Emmet and Rosalie were also together. Emmet was extremely tall and muscular. Rosalie was incredibly beautiful and had long blonde hair.

Edward and I had been in the same class since middle school and when I had first heard him and all his siblings were adopted I made an effort to be friends with him. I lived with my father but rarely saw my mother Renee who travelled a lot with her husband Phil who played baseball, so I didn't really know what it was like to lose a parent but that wouldn't stop me trying to be nice to him, I'd thought. But when I'd gone over and introduced myself to him with a friendly smile, he'd looked at me like something unpleasant you'd find at the bottom of your shoe. I tried to make a few more efforts to strike up a conversation with him, but after about two minutes worth of small talk he had gotten up from the desk where he was sitting and walked away from me without so much as a word. From then on I'd never bothered to try and talk to him again. I didn't ever really get to know his other siblings, Alice was never in my class and she seemed too confident and happy go lucky to actually speak. I expect she's just as snotty as Edward is though.

Edward and Alice sat down at a table near the door and continued to talk, unconsciously I found myself watching them. Edward's eyebrows were furrowed as Alice spoke, her mouth moving surprisingly fast. She looked like she was scolding him about something. Nodding his head at whatever it was that she was saying, he looked around the classroom. Our gazes me for a minute, just long enough for him to shoot me a poisonous look and for my cheeks to turn blood red.

Mr. Banner walked in and a pile of paper onto his neat desk. A saw a visible shudder pass through the class. We'd had a big biology test the week before on all the material we had covered since starting biology last year and yesterday Mr. Banner had informed us that the papers he had corrected so far left much to be desired for.

"Quieten down please class!" he said raising his voice so he could be heard over the hum of conversation in the room. Sentences trailed off as people ended their conversations. Only Edward and Alice Cullen continued as Mr. Banner proceeded to call the registration. "The results in the test were appalling by most, with few exceptions" said Mr. Banner looking around the class while shaking his head, "I gave plenty of notice for this test, you were informed about it last month! Jessica, D!" he said slamming her test down in front of her. "Unacceptable, Mike, a C, passable, Alice a C as well, I expected , better!" He said, his lips pressed tight together. "Bella," he said looking at me, a simpering smile on his face, "Well done, the only A in the class. The rest of you could learn something from Bella here" My cheeks flushed and I stared down at my desk while extending him my hand to return my paper. I felt the rest of the class grumble. I couldn't exactly blame them. This was a regular occurrence, teachers using me as an example to the rest of their students as to what should be done. I didn't really mind any more, but still, it would've been nice if someone besides my teacher was to congratulate me every once in a while. I was happy with my A though. I needed to keep my grades high because I wanted to get an academic scholarship to Dartmouth. There wasn't enough money to send me to college, with Phil being a minor league baseball player and Charlie the Chief of Police. Charlie had the mortgage still to pay off on our house as well as a couple of loans from over the years. Him and RenИ had gotten married when they were quite young so they hadn't a lot of money at the time so they took out a considerable amount in loans to get them started and then I came along causing even more difficulty.
"Edward, this is not good enough!" I was snapped out of my reverie by Mr. Banner's voice assaulting Cullen, "An F, did you try purposely to get that grade? The test wasn't that hard. Even if you hadn't studied, which I take it you did not, I would have hoped you retained some information from class!" Mr. Banner continued to hand out the rest of the papers, occasionally stopping to comment to someone about their mark.
test on the same material and the entire class will be redoing the test next Wednesday. Anyone who gets anything less then a C, will fail this term, got it?" Heads nodded throughout the room. "Now, onto the respiration system." Mr. Banner turned his back to the class and begin to write a heading up on the board.
"Shut up Alice! I know that already!" Every head in the room, including Mr. Banner's turned towards the desk at which the two Cullens were seated. Looking up from between the curtain of hair that surrounded me from the rest of my classmates, I saw that Edward Cullen was glaring intently at Alice while she was looking up at him, her face indignant.
"Mr. Cullen! Is there something you want to share with the class?" queried Mr. Banner, using that sarcastic tone teachers tended to use when they asked students this question.

"No sir, there isn't" Edward replied grudgingly his eyes focused down onto his book. Mr. Banner, apparently satisfied with this answer turned back to the and started to write up the main points of this section.

Class progressed with the slow pace it usually did. The only abnormality was that everyone was concentrating today because they were hoping that some small amount of the information would sink in and hopefully benefit them in the exam. The bell rang and people began to pack their things quickly, seeing as it was last class of the day people were filled anew with energy and charged out the door.

"Bella a word, you to Edward. "Requested Mr. Banner as he wiped the board clean with a cloth. What could he want with us? Please say he wasn't going to use me as and example again. Resting against his desk Mr. Banner began to speak,■ I▓ve been thinking, Bella, you wish to go on scholarship to Dartmouth next year, yes?" I nodded my head as continued, not really getting where this was going. "Edward you are on the football team, now you will be thrown off the team if you don't receive adequate grades, is that correct?" I glanced over at him, his face had just about drained of all it's colour. "Bella, being a junior I know it's a while yet before you really need to be thinking about this but a presume a bright girl like you all ready has, I know you'll be needing letters of recommendation from various people and it would be my pleasure to write one for you, but I have a small favour to ask you first." For the first time I saw where this was going a glanced towards Cullen he had a look of pure disgust on his face. "Would you be interested in tutoring Edward in his biology for the make-up test." Reaching out he stroked my arm. "You'd be doing me a personal favour. I looked down at my arm. He was definitely crossing the usual teacher student boundaries by doing that.
"I don't need anyone to tutor me, I can learn stuff for myself." I used this distraction to discreetly pull my arm away from Mr. Banner's grasp and back to my side. "And I sure as hell don't need to learn anything from a social reject with no friends or personality!" I looked down at my feet and scuffed one of my shoes against the ground, I knew what he was saying about having no friends was true, but I didn't need that fact pointed out to me. As for having no personality, how could he even know whether that was true or not, he didn't even know me. Today was the first time he'd spoken to me all year, and we were in a lot of the same classes.

"Mr. Cullen, you will be tutored by Ms. Swan till the test and if I see some marked improvement then she will continue to do so for the rest of the year!" My head snapped up. He could have asked me if that was okay with me. No, I thought, he knows how much I need that letter of recommendation. "And if I don't?" Edward said with a sneer.
"Then no more football!" said Mr. Banner as he smiled triumphantly at Edward. He knew he had him where it hurts. "Fine then!" said Edward as he stormed out of the room. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll come around to the idea. How could he not like you, you're such a sweet little girl." I tried to hide a shudder as I grabbed my bag up from the floor and walked hurriedly out of the room. As I walked out of the classroom I thought about the way Mr. Banner had just acted towards me. It had definitely been strange. Normally he was extremely friendly but I'd presumed it was just because I was of the few students in the biology class who stayed quiet and just did my work.

I tossed my bag into the passenger seat of my red truck and buckeled my belt, being the chief of police's daughter had taught me to never take risks where the road was concerned. I'd long ago lost count of the amount of times Charlie had been home late because ther'd been an accident and he'd had to go down.
I began to reverse out when I saw a hand tap on my window sharply. It was Cullen. I rolled down my window for him.

"What's your number," he demanded his expression surly.
"Ugh, w-why d-do you want m-my number?" I stuttered nervously.
"Why do you think? So I can call you to organise our 'study session'." he said his tone showing his obvious boredom. I looked into my rear-view mirror, Tanya was leaning against Edward's shiny silver Volvo pouting her lip glossed lips in our direction.

"Am, i-it's 0873428997." I rattled off carefully in case I messed up the numbers.

"I'll call you tonight then." Edward said as he slouched back to his car. I saw through the rear-view mirror Tanya throwing her tanned arms around Edward's neck and pulling his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. I sighed. I only ever stuttered when I got really nervous. But why had I to stutter in front of him. I had wanted to show him that I was mature and we could do this tutoring thing without too much difficulty from either of us. But he'd insulted me earlier, so of course I was going to be embarrassed to speak to him.

As I drove out of the car park I could see that the rest of this year was going to be very interesting. How were Edward and I going to last with this tutoring situation. I know we both needed it for our own reasons, him to keep his football and me to get my letters of recommendation. But I don't know how long it will last until one of us cracks first and quits.

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