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Edward's lips pressed soft against mine parting my mouth slightly. His hand reached up to cup my cheek, his thumb rubbing small circular patterns against the skin there. I moved one of my own hands up and placed it on his chest feeling the strong muscles there while my other hand wound itself into his hair. I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip delicately and I opened my mouth to allow him entrance. I heard a quiet moan as his tongue stroked mine and it took me a second to identify the noise as my own Gently, Edward pushed me onto the ground leaving my back resting against the cool grass. He pulled back slightly and looked at me. His lips were parted and slightly swollen, his eyes dark. He had never looked so beautiful to me.

"Bella." He whispered my name as if it were a prayer before leaning over me and placing another rkiss on my lips. Too soon, his mouth moved from mine and I was about to protest when I felt his warm lips land on the soft skin just under my ear. His tongue darted out and he licked the skin there before beginning to trail a line of gentle kisses down along my jaw to the hollow of my throat. I suppressed a moan when he buried his face there inhaling deeply.

"You smell so beautiful. He said, kissing the small hollow. I smiled ant him and he raised his head and smiled back at me with his trade mark crooked grin that I had grown to love so much. He pushed himself up onto his arms to that his face hovered mere inches from my own. I felt myself blush under his unwavering gaze but I could not find it in myself to look away. He laughed and placed a quick kiss on my lips before flopping down on the grass beside me.

"That was my first kiss." I admitted shyly, mentally kicking myself while I wondered why I had just admitted that to him of all people. I'm sure he was able to tell! He laughed happily rolling onto his stomach.

"You're amazing, do you know that?" He said reaching over to cover my hand with his. His hand was warm.

"So are you." I answered intertwining our fingers.


The next day at school Edward greeted me by knocking on the window of my truck.

"You getting out?" he asked smiling as he opened the door. I nodded and giggle as he bowed with a flourish as I got out. "At your service miss." I rolled my eyes. He scooped my hand into his and he led me towards the science block for first period biology. People started as we walked past, the girls murmuring and the boys nudging each other. I wonder what we must look like to them. Plain boring old Bella and the school heart-throb/sex god Edward Cullen, a far cry from the perfect match. I was painfully aware of Tanya's glare as Edward and I walked past her but she didn't look for long. Turning on her heel she stormed down the corridor, he many minions following her, no doubt to the girl's bathroom where they all could discuss the latest development and plan when to send the flying monkeys.

"People are staring." I muttered to Edward, trying unsuccessfully to avoid the stares on either side of the corridors by staring at my shoes.

"And?" Edward asked. "If they want a real show I'm sure we could give them one." Edward raised an eyebrow and I rolled my eyes laughing at him.

"I think I'm going to pass on that for now seeing as I would probably get assassinate before you could try anything. I seriously think Jessica Stanley is considering taking me down." It was Edward's turn to roll his eyes now. The door to the biology room was open and Mr. Banner was at the board writing up questions. His back was to us as we sat down. Lauren and Mike came in together chatting loudly and Mr. Banner shouted at them to shut up without turning around. Great, I couldn't help but think, what a wonderful start to the school day.

"Gooks out. Open chapter three. Questions are on the board. Mr. Banner turned and I could not help but gasp. On his cheek was a large dark bruise. It looked painful and fresh. His lip was swollen. I looked over at Edward and noticed that he did not look shocked so much as his suspicious. I watched as his brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed.

"Bella…" Edward started his eyes never leaving Banner.

"Mr. Cullen, did I give you permission to talk? Do you want detention?" Edward shook his head. "Didn't thinks so. Ms. Swan, a moment please." Mr. Banner crooked a finger at me and walked outside the door. I pushed my seat back and it scraped loudly on the linoleum floor causing several people in the room to wince.

"Bella, I'm getting a bad feeling off of Banner. Be careful, okay?" he said reaching out to squeeze my hand as I stood up.

"I'll be fine Edward, don't worry. He probably just wants to ask how the tutoring is going." Edwards sighed but nodded and let my hand go.

"Yeah, you're probably right, I have a tendency to overreact." I walked out the door well aware of all the whisper behind me. I didn't care though, well, not as much as I used to. I was happy.

"Miss Swan." Banner started as soon as he had closed the door of the classroom. "How are things progressing with Mr. Cullen?" I swallowed carefully before answering. He must have noticed Edward's and mines recent closeness. But what problem of his was it?

"F-Fine. He should do well in the test if he continues to improve as he's been doing. He really is very smart, he just doesn't put in the work." I explained.

"I'm sure," Banner said with an cool edge in his voice. He looked at me carefully as though studying my face. "Are you feeling okay Bella?" He reached forward and rested his hand on my foreheads. I flinched and resisted the natural urge to take a step backward and out of his reach. "You are looking slightly pale."

"No more so t-than usual." I said faking a smile. He gave a short burst of laughter at my answer.

"Are you sure? I can drive you home if you would like." He moved his hand from my forehead and placed it against my arm, slowly rubbing it up and down. I shook my head vehemently.

"That's okay." I squeaked, retreating towards the door and laying my hand on the door. "I'm fine, really." I smiled to reinforce my 'fineness'. Banner sighed loudly and rubbed his cheekbone, the one that was not covered by a deep purple bruise.

"I fell down the stairs." Banner said I turned back to face him.

"What?" I asked confused.

"My face. That's what happened to it." H smiled at me, a smile that made nervous. Why did he feel the need to explain.

"Mmn. Okay. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad."

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