Author's Note: The man of my dreams just broke my heart and left it in a crumpled heap. Excuse me if the story ends up somewhat bitter, or just badly written.

Disclaimer: Twisted Badger does not own Bleach or any of the following characters.


I let out a sob as I came.

All over my hand, and his stomach.

It took him a few more thrusts to come inside of me.

He moved to pull out, and I pulled him closer.

I wanted it to hurt in the morning.


"You awake?"

No, I'm still sleeping.

"C'mon Grimmjaw, you're crushing me." He moaned, as he tried to push me off.


I moved myself until my entire body draped over his.

He groaned.

"Fuck you!" He muttered as he tried to make himself more comfortable.

With no luck; I might add.

I let out a soft chuckle.

Before going back to sleep (of course).


I wasn't surprised to wake up alone.

I stretched my body, making sure to take as much space as possible.


My ass hurt like a bitch.

Most of my muscles ached.

I felt gobs of blood and come dripping out of me.

I smirked.

"Fuck" I moaned out, as I stood and made my way to the bathroom.

I needed a shower.

As I made my way there I realized that there was a note on my dresser.

Aw, how cute.


I picked it up and read it sceptically.

"Be back soon."

I rolled my eyes.

Like I really cared.


When he came back I did though.

Bruises, cuts, bite marks, limping.

Definitely limping.

"What the fuck Ichigo?" I said trying not to smirk.

Trying to take this seriously.

He looked at me with tired eyes.

"Your dad."

I felt something pound erratically against my chest.

For some reason I didn't exactly like that.

"What did he do?" I asked; my tone harder.

"He needed my help with taking some boxes into his car," he said slowly, "they were really heavy and I ended up dropping the fucking one filled with glass. I had to pick every fucking thing up."

I really didn't know what to say to that.

Or what facial expression to make exactly.

"You got all those lifting boxes?"

"Heavy boxes." He muttered.

Although it wasn't what I was expecting, I still didn't like that.

I didn't know what I was feeling.

But, I did like the way his body looked with those bruises.

Really sexy.

"Come here" I ordered gruffly.

He sighed, "not before I take a shower."

My skin still throbbed angrily from the shower I had just taken.

"No" I growled, before shoving his body against the dresser.

He let out a yelp as I crushed our lips together.

"Fuck, Grimmjaw" he tried to mutter as I forced my tongue into his mouth.


I loved physical pain.

Knives, burns, extreme sports…

Things like that.

Any pain concerning Ichigo, however.

Was sort of different.

I loved hurting him almost as much as hurting myself.

Punishing him.

Hitting him.

Oh, God. You should see some of the faces he makes.

"Grimmjaw" he sobbed, as I bit his nipples.

I forced my fingers inside of his tight hole.

I wasn't going to fuck him.

But, I knew how that would make him feel.

He turned and thrashed angrily.

Unsure if he wanted more, or less.

I finger fucked him for a short while longer, before grabbing his cock and forcing it inside of my ass.

He moaned underneath me.

I laughed hotly, before riding him.

My balls hit his stomach with every thrust. In out, in out.

It made me dizzy with pleasure.

More blood.

I moaned, and arched my back.

Harder now.


I almost didn't register the door being slammed open.

I let out an angry sob as Ichigo continued to thrust into me.

Blissfully unaware.




He grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me out.

Ichigo tried to pull me back, but my dad wouldn't have it.

He yanked my hair harder.

Pulling some of it out of my scalp.

I still had an erection.

Ichigo's eyes were saucers as he realized I wasn't trying to push him away.

A sinking feeling.

My dad was going to rape me in front of Ichigo.

"Wait," I muttered "not here."


My dad laughed.

"Fuck you" he slurred, before unzipping his pants and ramming himself inside of me.

He was bigger than Ichigo.

Rougher than Ichigo.

I sobbed.

Ichigo didn't move from his spot.

I watched him the entire time.

After my dad came, he pulled out.

Done, finished.

Not before flipping me over, and spanking me.

Hurting me.

Beating me.

In front of Ichigo.

Doggy position.

Still spanking.

Beating my cock.

I couldn't see Ichigo from this position.

But I could feel his eyes against my skin.

Almost done.

Hopeful again.

I couldn't wait until the aftermath.

Until I saw Ichigo cry again.


My dad spit on me before leaving the room with a satisfied smirk.

I lay on the floor and stared at the ceiling.


I turned to see Ichigo looking down and trying to hide his tears from me.


I sat up with shaky legs, and moved towards my dresser.

I opened the first drawer.


Rape, razor, rest.

He studied me carefully.


I took out my razor and walked over to him.

"W-Wait" he sobbed.

"I'm not killing myself, idiot." I muttered.

I smirked at him.

"Just feeling." He took the razor and cut along my stomach.

My dad's come mixed with the cut and I winced.

Ichigo's hands were shaking.

Blood everywhere.

I straddled Ichigo's waist and his eyes were wide.

"Fuck me until I fall asleep." I ordered.

He gripped my hips with shaking hands.

Violently shaking.

I let out a small laugh.

He fucked me.



More desperately than before.

He wanted me to forget.

I could see the desperation in my eyes.

He wanted to be my saviour.


I woke up a few hours later and headed off to work.

I left Ichigo a note though.

So, I guess it was alright.


On my way home from work, I passed a tattoo parlour.

I smirked.

I walked in and looked around.

I needed money for this kind of thing, right?

I reached into my pocket and dug around.

I had a hundred dollars.

"Can I help you?"

Asked a red head.

Tattoos adorned every expanse of his skin.

I smirked.

"I want a tattoo, duh. Where's the most painful place to get one on the body?"

He looked at me curiously.

"There are four: top of your foot, behind your ear, your pubes, and your chest (depending how skinny you are)."

I laughed.

Pubes? Top of my foot?

"What about your face?"

I asked curiously.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?"

I sighed.

"Well, you pick one and I'll be waiting in that room to get it done."

"Excuse me?" Incredulous.

"Oh, and try to chose something with lots of colour."

I said before going into the room to wait.


I decided to go to Ichigo's house first.

That was most likely where he would be.

I knocked his front door with a smile on my face.

I wonder what he would say

I had ended up getting a tree branch tattooed on my side. A giant tree branch that went all the way from below my armpit to my hip. It didn't have any colour in it, but, he said if I wanted anything added I just had to go back.

Pretty fucking awesome.

It had taken him seven hours.

Ichigo answered the door with heavy eyes.

"Grimmjaw, it's three o clock in the morning." He moaned.

"I want you to see something," I said excited.

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the bathroom.

He sat on the toilet and waited.

He was exhausted.

He looked at me somewhat curiously as I pulled my shirt over my head.

His eyes widened.

"What the fuck?" He practically sobbed.

"What do you think?"

He put his face in his hands, and rested his arms on his knees.

"Its good."


I said with a smirk.

I moved down to kneel in front of him (still topless), and wrapped my arms around his waist.

He moved his arms around my neck.

We stayed like that for a while.

He wrapped his legs around my waist, and I carried him to his bedroom.

We slept with our limbs entwined.


I woke up to feather-light kisses along my jaw.

Along my neck.

My ear.

The sensation eventually changed into a curious tongue.

Lapping at my skin.

I chuckled softly.

I immediately felt Ichigo pull away.

"Good morning."

He blushed.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Shut-up." He muttered, before digging his face into my neck.

I chuckled softly.

"Hey," I murmured before kissing his neck and nibbling it softly.

He leaned into my ministrations.

Good boy.

I massaged his scalp with my fingers and he let out a contented sigh.

"So, are you gonna get your ass up and make me breakfast?"

I felt him glare at me.

I laughed.


It was a couple of hours before we had to go to school.

On the way I was genuinely surprised to find him holding my hand.

I gave him a sceptical look.

He really was a pussy sometimes.

I saw some of his friends wave him over, and I took this as an opportunity to leave.

I needed a smoke.


I went to class (and this is how you knew I was a fucking masochist)

And my teacher wouldn`t stop screaming at me.

I apparently had some semen on the last research paper I handed in.

That was completely not my fault but I took her bullshit.

I also took that little slip of pink paper and made my way down to the principal's office.

I felt Ichigo's eyes on mine as I made my way down with a smirk.

Oh, well.

I wondered what the principal would say.


"What do you think your father would say, Grimmjaw?"

"I think it was probably his" I muttered to myself.

"Excuse me?"

"I don't see how my sex life is any of your business"

He sighed.

I had detention for at least a month after this.

I'd have to tell my boss.




"Your dad?"

"Yeah, it was his."



He sighed as he nuzzled against my chest.


Everything became a routine after a while.

Ichigo, cutting, boiling shower, another tattoo, school, work.

The cycle repeated itself.

Oh, and I almost forgot my dad.

He was getting more aggressive and more violent lately.

It was easily ignored though.

The violence was easy to get used to.

Just an extra set of bruises.

I ran my hands down my body, as I stared at myself in the mirror.

Tattoos, cuts, bruises and burns.

I let out a shaky breath.

I wasn't gonna be able to take it much longer.


"Ichigo. What the fuck is going on?" I asked; my voice controlled.

His eyes were wide, as he tried to hide himself from me.

It was too late.

I already saw what he had done to himself.

Cuts adorned his skin.

All along his chest, and stomach.

And before I could hide myself he had seen my erection.

His eyes were wide as he threw his hands in the air incredously.

"Are you SERIOUS?"

I slowly began to pull of each layer of clothing.

He was shaking in front of me.

What did he think my reaction would be?

I crushed our bodies together, and felt the blood spread against my own stomach and chest.

I groaned, as I pressed my lips against his.

Life was the best it could be for a sadomasochist.