We spent the last few days deciding whether to confront the Queen or not. The most willing to go up to her were me and Christian.

Probably because we had lost the most.

We also spend the last few days cramped in Dimitri's hospital room, waiting for him to wake up. The doctors said he was in some sort of coma, but they said the more days passed the less chance there was that he would wake up. I swore that I was going to get back at the Queen.

So, when the Queen sent her assistant to come and bring me to her, I saw an opportunity.

"Be careful," Lissa whispered in my ear.

I nodded, then walked out of the door and started making my way towards the Queen's meeting room. But, halfway down the hall, Christian came running up to me, and put his hand on my shoulder.

So, there he was, about to say something, but struggling with words, that I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

I smiled sadly, put my hand over his, and nodded.

"I know,"

Then I was gone.

In the room, the Queen sat on her throne, waiting patiently for me. Once I walked in, the Queen dismissed all her assistants. We were alone.

"So, Rosemarie, how are you doing?"She asked, all calm.

Her calmness made me want to scream.

"Don't pretend like nothing happened," I spit, and she looks taken aback.

"Excuse me?" She said, fiddling with her drink.

I grimiced.

"I know what you did. YOU planted the bomb. YOU killed Tasha. YOU ... YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I cry, my voice filling the empty room. The Queen just stares at me.

I take a deep breath, trying to calm myself. I try not to show any weakness.

I try.

"That's insane. But, for a second, let's pretend that you're right, which you're not, what would YOU do about it?" She asks.

She smiles smugly when I come up with no reply, and I know.

I just know.

I know that she DID plant the bomb.

That she killed Tasha.

That I just lost when I came up with no reply.

"That is all, you may leave," She says, turning away from me and starts walking to a door at the opposite side of the room.

I could have run after her and killed her if I had wanted to, but what would that have given me?

The only way to win this war was to give up comepletly. To lose.

To walk away.

"It's not over," I whisper, loud enough for Tatianna to hear, and I turn towards the other door.

"Oh, but Rosemarie, it is!" Are the last words I hear the Queen say as I shut the door.

When I get back to my friends in the waiting room, they all jump up on their feet and look at me.

"What did you do?" Adrian asks.

I shrug.

"Nothing. I did nothing," I reply, and make my way towards Dimitri's room. Towards Dimitri's unconscious body.

"Nothing? You did NOTHING?" I hear Christian scream. "She killed my aunt, ROSE! SHE'S A MURDERER!" He yells, and by the short huffs I hear coming from him, I know he's crying.

"Yes, she's a murderer. But, there's nothing we can do. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend some time with my fiancée."

I don't turn back to face Christian as I speak.

I just keep walking towards Dimitri's room.

I place my hand on the doorknob, turn and open the door.

Then, I hear the most wonderful thing in the world, in the most beautiful voice ever.



Today is the day, I think. It's time.

Today, I put everything else in the back of my mind.

I don't think about Lissa, who was suppsed to plan this right.

I don't think about Christian, who's walking me down the aisle.

I don't think about Mia, who's grown into such a beautiful women.

I don't think about Adrian, who's always pressed up against Mia, treating her like a queen.

I don't think about Tatianna, who's still on the throne, but hasn't done anything drastic since the bomb.

But most of all, I don't think about the dead.

Mason, with his bright smile and cute face.

Eddie, with his strong determination and will.

Mother, with her talent and lack of parenthood.

Today's the day.

My day.

Suddenly, the tent opens up a slit and Lissa comes in, in the most beautiful dress I've ever seen.

"It's time," She smiles happily.

I nod, to tense to speak, and turn back to the mirror.

My hair is tied up and curled, flowing over my shoulders slightly.

My makeup is perfect.

My dress, white and flowing, drags on the floor behind me.

"You look beautiful," Lissa says, coming by my side and kissing my cheek.

I might look beautiful, but somehow I know it's not enough, because I know of one other person who will look a thousand times more brilliant. Like an angel.

"Okay, let's go," I say and grab Lissa's small hand.

We walk to the entrance of the tent, sealed tight so no one can see inside.

Lissa squeezes my hand, then passes it off to Christian, looking uncomfortable in a tux.

Suddenly the music starts, and Lissa and Mia open up the tent entrance just enough to get out, but not enough for the public to look inside.

But I still see the crowd, and my stomach tightens up.

"It'll be okay," Christian whispers in my ear, his breath warm. He opens up the tent for me.

"Alright, let's go." I say, and step into the light of the sun. The academy, where I grew up, where I got to know Dimitri, stands tall in the background.

We start walking down the aisle, and I can feel the shock of the crowd around me.

I look stunning.

I grip Christian's hand tight, and my eyes search for the one man who always looks more beautiful than I.

My angel.

I see him at the end of the aisle, and our eyes meet. All I see in his eyes is love, and I knew he sees the same thing in mine.

My heart skips a beat at his beauty and love.

Once we get to the end of the aisle, Christian passes my hand to Dimitri's.

As my hand touches Dimitri's, the warmth there is so magical.

I smile up at Dimitri, and he stares down at me.

The Priest starts talking, but I pay no attention.

I keep my eyes on Dimtiri's, as he keeps his on me.

Then, after the Priest says something, Dimitri gently takes the ring out of his pocket and pushes it up on my second finger, left hand.

He then presses his lips ever so softly on my hand, and I know I will never forget that gesture.

The Priest says something else, and Dimitri puts his left hand under my chin, and I feel the beautiful pressure of his lips on mine. I close my eyes. His right finds its way onto my lower back, and he pulls me closer to him. My hands go up o his chest, and I can feel his heartbeat.

The crowd it cheering so loud that I should hear nothing else, but all I hear is Dimitri's heartbeat.

Then, I feel no pressure on my lips but I feel his breath right next to my ear.

I know that this is my day, so while I wait patiently for Dimitri to say something, I lean closer to him.

This is it.

Our life together starts now.

This is my day.

Our day.

His beautiful voice, so soft, fills my head and intoxicates my very being.