Authors note: Hi. So…Wyatt wants to ask Chris about something but Chris doesn't answer the way Wyatt wants to and the older boy goes off in a huff but now Chris knows about someone his family never wanted him to know about and will go through each family member for answers.

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I'll save you

Chapter 1

The manor was quiet. Years had passed since Phoebe and Paige had moved out of the Halliwell home and into their own homes with Coop, Henry and their children. Upstairs, Piper was still fast asleep in Leo's arms and Melinda hadn't moved an inch since falling asleep the night before.

The only Halliwells awake were seven year old Wyatt and five year old Chris. Both had tumbled out of bed, half an hour previously and had taken it upon themselves to get their breakfast. They were after all growing boys.

Currently, they were sitting eating cornflakes at the table in the dining room and were both pleased to say that they had only spilled a little milk, not a lot and, even better, they had done all of this without using any magic.

Chris Halliwell was up simply because his big brother was and little Chris did not want to stay in bed when Wyatt was up because he didn't want to miss anything important! Because, lots of important things happened around Wyatt. He wasn't sure why but they did so he didn't want to be left out of the excitement.

Wyatt, on the other hand, was up because he had had a terrible dream. A nightmare even! He did not want to disturb his mummy and daddy so he had crept from his bed and padded downstairs. He had not even gotten as far as putting the tv on when Chris had appeared. When Chris had innocently suggested breakfast Wyatt had agreed, to try to keep his mind from his nightmare, if nothing else.

Now Wyatt was just sitting watching his little brother demolish his cornflakes, his own breakfast long forgotten and he wondered if he could talk to Chris about what he had seen in his dream.

He waited.

He waited so long in fact that Chris paused with his spoon half-way to his mouth.

Wyatt watched Chris as he slowly closed his mouth and lowered his spoon to his now milk filled bowl and stared at the older witch lighter, the confusion evident in his green eyes.

"What?", the younger boy eventually demanded.

Bright blue eyes stared back at him for several moments which seemed like a lifetime for the impatient youngster.

"What is it Wyatt?!", the five year old repeated, hoping the use of his name would jerk his brother from whatever haze he was in. Wyatt simply continued to stare at his younger sibling.

"Did anyone…I mean, do you know…I barely remember anything but…I wonder", the twice blessed trailed off into silence, leaving his younger brother to tilt his head with worry and bewilderment.

"Know what? What are you talking about? Wyatt, do you feel ok?", Chris questioned.

Wyatt glanced at the old grandfather clock that he could just see if he stretched back enough. An old memory of his mother leaning on it while he sat playing cars with a dark haired angel flashed before his mind.


"So what colour is this car Wyatt?"

The baby stared at the car the older boy was holding in front of him and concentrated. He knew this one! Mummy told him this colour in the book before nap time. But what was it called?

"Bwue?", he said, eyes wide, and voice so shy, the white lighter holding the car barely heard him.

"That's right little man. Right on!"

Baby Wyatt grinned and looked up to see his mummy standing rubbing her stomach and smiling over them both.

*End flashback*

For Chris, it was like Wyatt was drifting off into his own little magical world again, a world Chris didn't know the specifics of. He tended to do that a lot.

Little boys are not known for their patience and when Wyatt continued to stare vacantly into the hall at the clock, Chris felt like eh should do something to shake the elder Halliwell brother out of his funk.

So he promptly slapped him upside the head.

"Ow!", Wyatt squawked, "What was that for?"

"I asked you a question!", Chris replied indignantly, as if this were a perfectly good excuse for physical assault on a sibling.

"Oh yeah?", Wyatt said, " Well I,…I just wondered…if you knew…because I don't know if mummy or daddy, or the aunts of grandpa told you.", he rambled, eventually stopping and looking down, fidgeting with his hands in his lap.

Chris blinked.

"What ARE you talking about?! I can't tell you if I know if you don't tell me what I'm supposed to have been told!"

Wyatt looked up quickly with wide eyes.

"I don't know! I mean I do but…Did anyone ever tell you about…Chris?"

Chris blinked again. The last word Chris was not even sure he had heard him right.


Chris looked confused, his green eyes wide and then Wyatt's blue eyes were wider to and he clamped his hands over his mouth.

"Chris who?", the younger boy questioned curiously. He was sure that name was significant, his magic told him so, but it didn't tell the youngster why.

"Nobody!", Wyatt squawked quickly.

"Well he is obviously somebody", Chris stated with all the seriousness a five year old could muster.

"It doesn't matter. You obviously don't know.", Wyatt snapped, before sliding from his seat and stomping into the living room.

Chris sat, his cornflakes long forgotten, and thought.

Who was this Chris person?

Why did Wyatt know about this mysterious person if Chris didn't?

Maybe mommy would know. She knew everything and if she didn't daddy would know.

But wait!

He could see Wyatt sitting on the couch with the cartoons on the tv. If Wyatt was asking Chris, and Chris was only five years old, then he must not want mummy to know, the half- elder surmised.

So who could Chris ask about this other Chris Wyatt was interested in?

Who would keep it a secret.

Then he smiled. Of course!, he thought, delighted. He could tell the person that always kept his secrets.

Aunty Paige!


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