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Chapter 5

Perhaps the boys had known what the outcome would be. Each clue Chris had found told him that perhaps Wyatt's dreams, were not just dreams. Wyatt had obviously known something was wrong and it had been a shock to find out that he was right. That he had indeed been evil at some point, in another life time.

It made the manor awkward.

Chris didn't know if he should pretend nothing happened, because he was only a little boy and it was difficult for a little boy to know these things. Piper and Leo were faced with the dilemma of whether to speak to the children or leave them to deal with the situation by themselves in their own way. It wasn't something they ever thought they would have to think about while the boys were still young.

Melinda was oblivious to what was going on but that didn't change the fact that there was an atmosphere in the ancestral home.

Wyatt was just confused. He had just hoped that maybe he was wrong and that his dreams, were not true. It scared him. Even though mummy said that it would be ok, and that he hadn't been hurt like before, so he would be ok, he was still scared.

What if Chris didn't want to play with him anymore?

What if his mummy was wrong and he did end up a bad person?

What would happen then?

Wyatt knew he was strong. That he had lots of magical powers. Bad men came after him. They wanted to steal his powers and use them to hurt people. That wasn't what Wyatt wanted. Wyatt wanted to help people like his mum and his aunts did.

The twice-blessed always thought that he was a good big brother. He helped Chris do things, he played with him and Melinda and he even protected them from the bad men and told them he wasn't scared, just so they would stay calm, even though he was terrified.

Chris had been different since they had spoken to their mummy. It was almost like he was afraid of Wyatt and he didn't like that.

He would have to talk to him to see what was happening and find out if they were still friends.


A few days later when Leo had taken Melinda to the park, Wyatt asked his mum for some cartons of juice and two cookies and went off in search of his brother.

He found him in the sun room, surrounded by power rangers and a fire truck. He was happy to see that Chris smiled when he noticed him and thanked him for the cookie and juice when Wyatt sat down.


"Hey.", Chris chirped in return.

"Can I talk to you?"

"You are.", Chris giggled.

Wyatt frowned and flopped onto the floor next to the younger witch lighter.

"Very funny. I mean I need to talk to you about…."


"About me and what…….mummy said."

Chris just smiled and hopped up to his feet, noticing his red ranger was missing and getting ready to head upstairs and retrieve it. He took a moment to brush the crumbs from his jeans and slyly sweep them under the love seat before smiling at Wyatt,

"It doesn't matter.", he stated simply before heading off through the dining room towards the stairs.

Wyatt immediately leapt up to follow him, jogging after his younger brother, frown firmly in place.

"Chris! Wait! What do you mean? It matters! I was….evil!"

Chris stopped on the third step, turning slightly on his heels to offer his brother an innocent smile,

"But your not evil now right? You're a good person so it's ok.", he stated with childlike logic.

He turned and continued up the stairs but Wyatt followed, catching hold of Chris' sleeve to hold him in place.

"But Chrissy…what if I was….what if I…change?"

Chris tilted his head, scrutinising his brother with solemn jade eyes before nearly whispering,

"It doesn't matter Wy. It would be ok."

"You don't know that.", Wyatt said, folding is arms and pouting, his childish innocence re-appearing despite the seriousness of the conversation.

"I do. It wouldn't matter Wyatt. I'd make it ok again. I must have done it before it your good now right? Don't worry Wy even if you get mean, I'll save you."


Chris was already walking up the stairs again in search of his red ranger after pulling himself free of Wyatt's grasp.

"No. I'll save you, I'll always save you."

The End.

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