H2O Just Add Water: The Beginning or End?

Ever since we turned into mermaids, I knew it would just be us", Cleo thought. She was staring at her orange, scaly tail, in her bathroom, getting ready for school. She finished drying herself, put on her green top and denim shorts, and converse. She grabbed her cell phone that was ringing and answered. "Hello?" Cleo said. "Hey, Cleo, it's me", Emma said. "Oh, hey Emma", Cleo said in a great mood. Just then she heard beeping. On the other line, Rikki was calling. "Hold on, Rikki is calling." "Hello?" "Hey Cleo", Rikki said. "Hi Rikki, let me put you on three way with Emma", Cleo said. Cleo pressed some buttons on her cell phone, and soon Emma and Rikki said hi to each other. "So did you talk to Lewis?" Emma asked. "Yes, and we will meet him by the staircase" Cleo answered. "Fine by me", Rikki said. "Great!" Cleo exclaimed. She hanged up both calls and went downstairs.

"Cleo?" Don said (Cleo's dad). "Yes dad?" Cleo questioned. "Can I talk to you for a second?" "What's up dad?" "Kim said you haven't been doing dishes, or the laundry", Don started. "Kim!" Cleo yelled. "Ha, good luck with the dishes!" Kim laughed. "Ugh, I will do my chores later dad", Cleo said. "You better, or no allowance this month", Don said. "Why is 'Miss Queen of the Bathroom' getting allowance anyways?" Kim teased. Cleo was about to chase her, but calmed herself down. "See you later, Dad", Cleo groaned as she left outside the door.

As Cleo passed the sprinklers, she saw a girl with red hair, pony tailed, with books in her hand, and a backpack on the other, talking to Lewis. After she finished talking, she turned around and accidentally bumped into Cleo. "Oh, I'm sorry!" the girl said. "It's ok!" Cleo smiled. The girl smiled and said "My name is Charlotte." "Cleo", Cleo said. Both shook hands and passed each other. "See you around", Charlotte yelled. Cleo smiled and walked over to Lewis. "I see you met Charlotte", Lewis said. "Hi to you, too", Cleo said. The both walked until they saw Emma and Rikki walking towards them. "Have you met Charlotte?" Rikki asked. "She's nice!" Emma exclaimed. Cleo just stood there. Am I the only one who doesn't like Charlotte? Cleo thought.