Ha! I can't believe I stole this locket from Rikki! Oh, wait! I can! Now time for phase two. Charlotte thought so evilly of her plan. She was admiring her "new" locket. She then was interrupted by a ringing noise. Her cell phone. She checked the caller ID. To her surprise, she just opened it and put the phone by her ear.

"Listen, we know you took Rikki's locket, so give it back!" Cleo growled, Charlotte never knowing that side of her.

Perfect Charlotte thought. Phase two complete. She then turned her attention back to Cleo, who was still on the phone, waiting for an answer.

"Oh Cleo—" Charlotte stopped. We? She thought. Her plan only needed Cleo, not Emma, or maybe even Rikki, who might be conscious now.

"What?!" Cleo grumbled loudly.

"Cleo", Charlotte began, thinking of another devious plan. She then hatched a new one. "Cleo, are you sure I took it? I mean, you blame me on everything there is to know of and well, your just jealous of me." Charlotte smugly smiled to herself.

Cleo hesitated. "Look, people may think I'm crazy, but I don't care if it's you, my dad, OR Lewis! At least I know Rikki and Em—" Emma cut her off. Charlotte then heard Emma asking for the phone and then heard the thud when it slammed into Emma's hand.

"I'm sorry Charlotte, but she's had a lousy week", Emma apologized. Charlotte smiled deviously. Her plan was in action. She even heard Cleo gasp in shock. She grinned even more.

"Oh, well, I think Rikki might've dropped it on the grounds of Mako—I mean Cleo, since she was carrying her", Charlotte lied.

"Well, I don't trust you", Emma started. "But then again, she did drop Rikki….wait, how do you know?"

"Emma, who would you believe?" Charlotte asked innocently, avoiding Emma's question. "A lousy friend who blames me for everything, or a loyal yet pretty person?"

Emma scoffed with a mix of a soft chuckle. "Ha! There's two problems with that theory. First, your not pretty!" Then Emma paused to laugh, while Charlotte glared at the phone. "Second, your never loyal, and I know you lie!"

"Those are three reasons", Charlotte corrected her.

She could hear Emma smack her forehead in annoyance, then said "Look, either way, either you or Cleo is right. I'm not going to pick sides until I see it to believe it."

And then the call ended.

"No problem", Charlotte said to herself. "I will drop the necklace where they will see it, and see whose right!"

~At the JuiceNet Café~

"Oh great", Charlotte murmured quietly to herself when she saw Lewis. She shot him a grin in his direction, but Lewis pretended he didn't see it.

Charlotte frowned, but still walked toward him anyway.

"Hi!" Charlotte said, a bit too flirty.

"Thief", Charlotte heard Lewis murmur.

"What did you call me?" Charlotte asked grouchy.

"Look at your neck" Lewis demanded.

Oh shoot! The locket Charlotte thought. She quickly ran from Lewis and to his boat she parked there. She started pressing buttons, turned a key, and again, was off to Mako Island.

~At Mako~

Charlotte slowly crept to where she was spying on Rikki, Emma, and Cleo.

She saw them by a mysterious waterfall, shimmering a bit since it was around six o'clock pm.

She saw Cleo, staring at her locket, Emma looking at Rikki's bare neck, who was now awake from her consciousness, and Rikki staring back at forth from Cleo to Emma to her neck.

Charlotte stared at the locket, saw a mud puddle to where Cleo was around, and slowly crept up to it. She quickly threw the silver locket so it would make a splash and she could make her run.


The locket went everywhere, almost touching the girls. Cleo then furiously gazed around, where she couldn't find Charlotte. Rikki looked more furious than Cleo. She walked up to the puddle, and then glared at Cleo. It even made it worse when Cleo's hands were opened in front of her, looking like she could've threw something.

"You didn't!" Rikki growled through her teeth.

"I didn't!" Cleo exclaimed. "It must be Charlotte. She could be anywhere."

Rikki still angrily glaring at Cleo while Emma quickly shifted, her arms in the space between Cleo and Rikki, and crouching.

"You, ruined, my, LOCKET!" Rikki screeched. Then Cleo jumped from her spot before Rikki landed on her and ripped her throat. The locket, still glowing, but covered in mud, was still in the puddle, where Cleo accidentally fell in.

"Ugh!" Cleo groaned in disgust, then jumped quickly to the boulders with the short waterfall.

Charlotte smiled deviously as she approached the boulders. Suddenly, she fell back in a hole.

She slid down all the way, till her face landed and buried in to the sand. "Ugh, sand!" Charlotte groaned, and wiped her face.

'7:59 pm' Charlotte checked her watch. She then walked around to where she saw a glow. She then saw a mysterious pool, bubbling a little on the west side. Just then, the moon came out from the hole upward in the volcano, and the light aluminates on the pool. Not to mention, it had three colors from the moonlight: Green, Red, and Blue. Charlotte couldn't help to dive in.

~Next Morning at the JuiceNet~

"Lewis, I want to show you something."

"What?" Lewis grouchily asked.

Charlotte led him to the docks, positioned her hand into a fist, with her thumb sticking out. Then, the sun's light hit the water, heating all the boats. Lewis felt like he needed to faint.

Author's Note: So did you like it? I know, I can't believe Charlotte has powers, but this is how the story gets all juicy. Lolz. Ok. Now the next chapter will be a mixture of mermaids: Cleo, then Rikki, Emma, and Charlotte. It will really heat up! Please review!!!!