by pari106

Code: M/L UST; L/A implied
Rating: G

Summary: Max's POV, some time in the future.

A/N: Don't know why I wrote this, really. It's not a drabble…and it's not a story… But, anyway…here it
is. What do you think? Was this post-worthy? Or am I just wasting valuable space on FF.Net's database?
;) Let me know.

"It can wait."

You told me that once. I remember. And you meant what you said. But you didn't say anyhthing about a
time limit. Guess I should have known there was one.

"I just had to get out."

I said that once, too. After we ran into each other, that night at Crash. I was with Rafer…and you were
with her.

"I know the feeling," you said. And you did.

You knew what it was like to have to get out…away from the same four walls. The same lonely space in
the middle.

You know the feeling of having to get out of something. Of wanting to hold on to someone…but having to
let go. Before the holding on makes you lose yourself.

I know you know. Because you're with her now. You're not holding on any longer. And I know you
tried…I know you held on as long as you could. Longer than you should have, maybe. I know you had to
move on, and I know why.

I just don't know why it can't be that simple for me. Why can't I just let go? Why am *I* still holding on
to someone I can't even touch?

Why am *I* still sitting here, staring at the same four walls, filling the same lonely space with the same
broken dreams…instead of moving on like you have?

Why can't I just be happy for you and Asha?

Why do I still love you, Logan?