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Chapter 1

"Everyone got plans for the holidays?" John Stillman asked his team as they prepared to go home for the night.

"I'm spending it with Veronica and my mom" Kat smiled.

"Me an' Jeffries are heading to Jones' Tavern, a lot of the old guys head there for Christmas" Vera said putting on his coat.

"What you doing boss?" Jeffries asked.

Stillman told them he was going to spend the holidays with his daughter and grandson, the asked Scotty where he was for Christmas.

Scotty smiled, "Going over to my brother's. Christmas is always a huge deal over there"

"Anyone know what Rush is doing?" Kat looked more at Scotty than the others.

"Lil just changes the subject when I ask her" Scotty sighed.

Stillman shook his head, "She's never really been one for celebrating family holidays; obvious reasons. Anyway, I will see you all on Monday."

Scotty was the only one left when Lilly reappeared, "you planning on staying here all night?"

Lilly gave him a dry look, "maybe."

Scotty rolled his eyes; his workaholic partner was something else, "so, are you coming to the party tomorrow night?"


"Jesus Lil, that the only word in your vocabulary today?" Scotty took a calming breath and tried again, "come on, Mike and Allie keep asking if you're coming and the boys really want to see you."

Lilly looked at her partner; she wasn't overly fond of the festive season, had never really celebrated Christmas growing up. It had been better when Ray was in the picture and there were a couple of decent times with friends but now there didn't seem much point. Her mother had died, and her sister, well Christina was another matter entirely. Her team mates all had their families or friends, but to her it was just another day.

The past couple of weeks Scotty had been on at Lilly about his brother's party; she had thought about going then decided against it. Everyone would be talking about Christmas and what they were doing over the holidays and Lilly hated to say that she wasn't doing anything as that often resulted in people feeling sorry for her, and she couldn't stand that.

"Ok, I'll come by for a bit" Lilly finally relented under the influence of her partner's irresistible puppy- dog expression.

Scotty grinned, "I'll pick you up at seven, ok?"

"Whatever" Lilly grinned back and watched the dark haired detective walk out the door.

Just before seven Scotty arrived at Lilly's, after knocking with no reply he tried the door.

"Hey Rush, what I tell you 'bout locking this door."

"I'll be ready in a minute" she called back, having purposely left the door unlocked for him, "and I only just unlocked it, so don't get your panties in a bunch!"

Gaping at her comment he made himself comfortable on the sofa as Olivia and Tripod came to investigate the newcomer, "you calling me a girl, Rush?"

"You're fussing like one Valens."

Scotty was about to send by a witty retort but his words stuck in his throat as Lilly came into view. Although she was dressed casually in jeans and a smart top, there was just something about the colour of the top that accentuated the already startling blue colour of Lilly's eyes.

"You clean up good Rush."

"You're not so bad yourself" Lilly took in her partner's attire; she'd always thought he looked good in work, it was hard not to notice him, but Scotty seemed all the more eye- catching in the dark shirt that complemented his Latino looks.

"What?" Lilly asked self consciously, noticing her partner's extended gaze.

"You really do look hot" Scotty grinned.

Lilly smacked Scotty on the arm, "you quite finished?"

"Hey, that's assaulting an officer" Scotty had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"What you gonna do Valens? Arrest me?" the look on the blonde detectives face equalled his own.

"Maybe" he replied before making his way to the door, leaving Lilly roll her eyes then follow him out.

The party at Mike and Allie's was going well, they were glad Lilly decided to go, as were Scotty's nephews Emilio and Ricardo. Lilly, despite her concerns didn't mind being there; she had a niggling feeling in the back of her mind that it had something to do with her partner, who didn't seem to want to let the blonde detective out of his sight.

"Incoming, three O'clock" Mike teased as he walked past Scotty and Lilly making them look over.

"Looks like your type" Lilly added to Mikes teasing as they noted a woman with bordering on inappropriate clothing, making a beeline for Scotty.

Scotty ran his hand through his hair, shifting uncomfortably, "funny, she lives across the street. I think she watches for me."

"Scared Valens, a ladies man like you?" Lilly continued, quite enjoying the situation.

But her teasing abruptly stopped when she felt Scotty's arm slide around her waist pulling her into his side. Bending his head he whispered into her ear, giving the appearance of intimacy.

"It ain't nice to tease, Rush."

Seeing this display of affection the woman in question veered of her path towards Scotty and in search of another unsuspecting male.

Sometime later whilst they were talking to some of Mike and Allie's friends it occurred to Lilly that at some point Scotty had once again managed to slip his arm around her waist.

Thinking about it, she also realised that he'd taken to doing so whenever any guy started talking to her. What surprised her even more was that she didn't mind; in fact Lilly the feeling of being held by Scotty.

As the evening wore on Lilly found herself leaning more against her partner when they were together; which was most of the time.

Scotty smiled as Lilly rested her head against his shoulder; when he'd put his arm around her earlier he'd been worried that his partner would turn around and knock his lights out, but she'd let him close to her all evening. Usually Lilly Rush wasn't one to show much affection in public, and he felt honoured that she trusted him enough to do this.

Finally the party had ended, Lilly and Scotty stayed behind to help clean up the mess. The soft sound of Christmas songs floating from the radio was a contrast to the vast array of sounds that had accompanied the party.

A small tap on her leg caused Lilly to look downwards, "hey little guy, shouldn't you be in bed?"

Ricardo looked up at her, his face showing that he obviously had a burning question, "are you coming for Christmas Aunt Lilly?"

Lilly looked wide- eyed at the child, what on earth has possessed him to ask that? "Where did you get that idea from?"

As Lilly sat on the sofa, Ricardo climbed into her lap, and answered in all his five year old innocence, "well mommy says that Christmas is for spending time with the people you love, and daddy says that Uncle Scotty loves you. And we love you, so you should come here for Christmas…and New Year" he finished with a final nod.

Lilly felt the sting of tears in her eyes; in Ricardo's eyes everything was so clear and straightforward. Also, that had been the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her. Not knowing how to answer him, Lilly settled for putting the child back to bed; then she needed some fresh air.

"Hey, you Ok?" Allie Valens found Lilly out on the back porch looking up at the stars.

"Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for inviting me tonight" Lilly smiled.

The two chatted for a while before Allie had to ask the question that was trying to burst out of her, "I have to ask, is there something going on with you and Scotty?"

At Lilly's questioning look Allie continued, "it's like you've been different tonight, both of you. You seemed happier, and Scotty wouldn't let go of you, so I thought that maybe something had happened."

"No, nothings going on with me and Scotty" Lilly said hoping Allie would leave it at that as she shivered slightly due to the winter's air.

Luckily she was saved from any further questioning by the appearance of Mike and Scotty from the other side of the house. Unfortunately the brothers were mid snowball fight and thought that the girls were way too irresistible a target. Before Lilly and Allie knew what was happening they were being attacked by flying clumps of snow.

"Valens, you are so dead" Lilly shot, feeling the cold snow melt through her top.

Gathering up snowballs of their own, the girls launched their own attack. Soon enough both parties were soaking wet and freezing cold, so Scotty and Lilly left to go home and thaw out.