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Chapter 3

"You Ok?" Scotty noticed Lilly looking a little cold in the cab on the way home.

"It's colder tonight" Lilly gazed out of the window at the clear sky.

Scotty pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing his hands up and down her coat covered arms "better?"

Lilly smiled softly as she leaned into him, "yeah."

Arriving at her house, Lilly invited Scotty in for coffee reluctant for the night to end. They held onto each other as the two navigated their way up her front steps; the ground had become a bit icy.

When they got in Lilly and Scotty were promptly greeted by Olivia and Tripod. After making a fuss of the cats Lilly put the fire on and went to make coffee.

Standing in the kitchen, Lilly kicked herself for not putting the heating on timer; it was freezing in the kitchen. The cats had probably been asleep on her bed, nice and warm, she was so engrossed in her thoughts that the blonde detective didn't notice her partner walk into the kitchen and see her shivering.

Scotty noticed his partners arms wrapped around herself to keep warm and before her knew it had walked up behind her and slipped his arms around her, pulling Lilly back against his chest.

Startled at the contact, Lilly took a quick breath then relaxed into Scotty's embrace; she could stay like that all night, feeling safe and protected, with little tingles shooting through her body.

Scotty breathed in her scent as Lilly relaxed against him, was she just thankful for the heat, or did she actually feel something more that friendship for him? Scotty dared to hope it was the latter.

The beeping of the coffee machine broke the trance the two of them were in, and Scotty reluctantly let his partner go.

Sitting in front of the fire drinking coffee, the firelight made Scotty look even more dark and tempting than usual; Lilly found it hard to keep her attention on what he was saying.

"Are you listening to a word I'm sayin'?" Scotty grinned, noting the far away look on his partners face.

"Sorry Scotty, I don't know where I was" she replied shyly, a sudden shiver running through her.

"Still cold?"

"A little"

Moving to sit behind her, so she was sitting in between his legs, Lilly looked back curiously, "Scotty, what are you doing?"

"Don't be impatient, I'm gonna warm you up" He winked making Lilly's heart jump.

"Think you can Valens?" she had a twinkle in her eye.

"Watch me Rush" he gave her the same look.

Once again slipping his arms around her, Scotty pulled Lilly close as he leant against a chair. Lilly rested her head back against his shoulder as his hands found hers.

"Warmed up yet?" Scotty whispered against her ear.

"Maybe" she looked up at him, "Is every Christmas and New Year the same with your family?"

"Pretty much" Scotty wondered where she was going with this.

"Thanks for letting me be a part of it" Lilly said quietly.

"Anytime Lil, even if I have to convince you to come" he grinned wickedly.

When Lilly remained quiet, staring into the flames Scotty continued, "I know what Ricardo said to you…just before Christmas."

Lilly's breath hitched, "he tell you?"

"Nah, I heard it. Saw the little guy get up; when he came to you I was just curious" Scotty admitted.

"You eavesdropped on a 5 year-old?" Lilly glanced up at him.

"Kid listens to conversations he shouldn't" Scotty defended.

"Following his uncle" Lilly quipped.

Scotty squeezed her playfully, "anyway, what he said…"

"It's Ok Scotty, he's 5 years old. He didn't really understand what he was saying" Lilly put in before Scotty could tell her that none of it was true.

"Would you let me finish?" Scotty insisted, taking a calming breath and wondering if this was the dumbest thing he'd ever done continued, "as I was saying, the kid had a point."

"What?" Lilly turned around so she was facing him.

"I care about you Lil. Probably more than I should" Scotty looked away from her striking blue eyes, "I didn't say anythin' before 'cause I didn't want to screw up our friendship. And I know your way outta my league, but these past couple of weeks have been…" Scotty ran his hand through his hair, "I should go before I really mess things up."

Lilly was reeling; he actually thought she was out of his league? She thought it was more likely to be the other way round. And he cared about her! Lilly's heart rate fluttered uncontrollably, as it did whenever he put his arms around her, or smiled at her.

Scotty moved to get up but Lilly stopped him, "where do you think your going Valens? You can't say something like that then bail on me"

She wasn't mad, or freaked out…or ready to kick his ass? Scotty allowed himself a moment to hope that maybe she felt the same.

Lilly watched the myriad of emotions flicker across her partner's handsome face, "Scotty, I'm not out of your league, you're out of mine; you deserve so much better than someone who's a complete emotional mess."

"You don't have to make excuses Lil" Scotty sighed.

Lilly cursed herself; in the interrogation room she was never without words, but when it came to relationships they completely deserted her.

"I didn't, I'm not making excuses, and I've loved the past couple of weeks; I never had much of a family life, but this Christmas, with you has meant so much to me…" she was babbling and she knew it.

Scotty was confused, one minute it sounded like she didn't want anything between them, the next he wasn't so sure, "Lil, I'm havin' a hard time keepin' up here. You know how I feel 'bout you, but I have no idea how you feel 'bout me, if anything."

Lilly looked straight into Scotty's deep brown eyes, "Scotty, of course I care about you! I'm not used to people getting through the barriers I put up, but with you it's as if they're not there anymore…and I'm starting to like that."

"Still not really getting it" Scotty looked right back at her.

Lilly was getting frustrated with herself, why couldn't she just tell him how she felt? Forcing herself to calm down, Lilly decided that if she wasn't able to tell him, she'd show Scotty how she felt.

Doing what she'd only dreamed about doing Lilly brushed a ghost of a kiss across Scotty's lips.

Scotty was momentarily frozen to the spot. Had Lilly Rush just kissed him? Looking into the blonde detective's beautiful blue eyes, Scotty moved his hand to Lilly's face, gently caressing it.

"Lil" he whispered before covering her lips with his, their long – simmering feelings reflected in the growing intensity of the kiss.

All thoughts went out of Lilly's mind as she gave herself over to the dizzying sensations flowing through her as her partner continued to kiss her senseless.

Scotty prayed this wasn't a dream as Lilly returned his attentions with equal passion. Feeling the need for oxygen assured Scotty that it was indeed real. Dragging in a breath Scotty trailed his lips across Lilly's cheek and down her neck, making her gasp.

Bringing his forehead to rest against hers, Scotty gazed at his partner who looked back into his endless brown eyes. Both were breathing heavily and looked dishevelled from their actions.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time" Scotty ran his hand through Lilly's hair.

"Me too" Lilly closed her eyes as Scotty's hand moved to her cheek.

Lying on the sofa with Lilly in his arms, Scotty realised that if he didn't go home at that point then he would want to at all; he didn't want to rush things with Lilly no matter how much he wanted her.

"Lil, I'd better go. I don't wanna rush things; I wanna do this right."

Lilly lifted her head to look at him, reaching out she softly touched his cheek; she couldn't believe this was happening, Scotty Valens wanted her. Lilly didn't want the night to end, but also didn't want to rush things.

"Don't go" Lilly felt safe and loved in his arms, she'd wanted this for longer than she'd allow herself to admit, "please Scotty, stay with me. I don't want to rush things either, but I…" Lilly took a breath, "will you just hold me."

Smiling gently Scotty dropped a soft kiss on her forehead, "anytime."

The two moved upstairs to Lilly's room, noticing that it was around 4 am, both glad that they didn't have to get up for work in a couple of hours. Climbing into Lilly's bed beside her, Scotty took his partner in his arms and held her close; this was the perfect start to the New Year.

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